What is the Best Toy for Your Russian Blue [Entertain Them Everyday]

Best Toy for your Russian Blue

As a cat owner myself, the first thing I want to warn you of is that there is a definite possibility that your Russian Blue might destroy any toy you get for them. However, there are some interesting qualities about a Russian Blue that might help you narrow in on exactly which toy to get for them.

First off, it is important to understand that your cute and cuddly ball of fur, your Russian Blue, loves expending their energy by doing something entertaining. This cat breed is not meant to laze around whatsoever! Hence, it is best to get them a toy, which will not only keep them busy but will also stimulate them mentally!

To make it easier for you, below is a collection I have made, of the best toys for your Russian Blue.

Collection of the Best Toys for Russian Blues



Product Names


Cat Charmer Cat Charmer or Cat Teaser
Laser Pointers
Crinkle Balls or Fur Balls
Food Dispenser Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser
Scratching Post Scratching Post
DIY Catnip Toys All you will need is a paper bag and some spare Catnip!

The Best Toys for your Russian Blue

1. Cat Charmer or Cat Teaser

Cat Charmer

This is one of the best and inexpensive toys for any cat, let alone a Russian Blue. For instance, I can clearly recall one of my closest friends playing with her cat with a cat charmer in her hand. The joy in both of their eyes was a sight to see!

Russian Blues love to be around humans and love interacting with them. Hence, purchasing a cat charmer for your Russian Blue will allow you to get to know your cat’s personality and will make them even more attached to you.

Furthermore, your cat will not only be entertained but will also develop a stronger bond with you. Hence, in the end, seeing your cat happy and entertained will surely be worth your wallet shedding some weight!

However, make sure that your Russian Blue is not left alone with a cat charmer, as it could be hazardous to your cat’s health. This applies especially if you have a Russian Blue kitten!

For instance, the feather at the end of the cat charmer could prove to be a choking hazard. Moreover, the fabric at the end of the wand or stick could wrap around your kitten’s neck and suffocate it.

Hence, always ensure that your Russian Blue plays with the cat charmer while IN your presence!

2. Laser Pointer

This is definitely a classic and best choice as a cat toy for your Russian Blue! Again, laser pointers are inexpensive and extremely entertaining and are sure to wear out your Russian Blue. Moreover, the best news is that most laser pointers in the market today do not require you to keep pressing a button to keep it on!

Furthermore, everyone knows that cats love to chase laser points that are pointed at random spots on the floor. The question, which remains, is why do they like chasing laser points?

A simple answer to this question is that Russian Blues, as do other cats, exhibit predatory behavior. This means that they love to chase and hunt anything that presents a challenge to them. Hence, a fast-moving laser point will be just the thing to excite your Russian Blue enough to get it going and start chasing it around!

However, it is not groundbreaking news that lasers are hazardous, especially to one’s eyes. Furthermore, since this applies to both humans and cats alike, it is important to note that you are not pointing the laser beam directly at your Russian Blue’s eyes! Keep those pretty and bright green eyes safe!

3. Crinkle Balls and Fur Balls

Crinkle Balls

Now, these will definitely be a go-to for you and your Russian Blue!

Not only are crinkle balls and fur balls super cheap, they are easily available not only online but also at any pet store near you!

These crinkle balls and furballs can be used anytime you want to play fetch with your cat, or if you want to keep them occupied. Your Russian Blue will surely enjoy hiding these around the house and then going back to find them eventually. Hence, it will turn out to be a toy that your cat can play with on their own while you are away!

However, there are some cheap plastic toys in the market, which may prove harmful to your Russian Blue. For instance, anything with a bell hidden inside it, or little parts that may come off the toy, which your cat may eventually swallow, are a big no.

4. Interactive Toy and Food Dispenser

Food Dispenser

An interactive Toy and Food Dispenser is a genius hack to get your Russian Blue some exercise, be fed, and improve its alertness!

This particular product from the brand Slim Cat is perfect as it lets your cat enjoy their mealtime. Furthermore, you can also adjust the openings on the toy in order to control how much of a challenge your cat has to face before the treats are expelled from it.

Hence, if you are looking for your Russian Blue to be stimulated mentally, enjoy itself, and be fed, this interactive toy and food dispenser is the best option for you!

5. Scratching Post

Scratching Post

Now a scratching post is an absolute must for your cat. Although this item is a bit pricier than the other toys mentioned so far, it will be a go-to for your Russian Blue.

A scratching post is a wooden post, which comes in different shapes and sizes, covered in rough material. Hence, they are used by your cat to scratch themselves against if need be. And rest assured, they do love to scratch themselves!

Additionally, a scratching post that has different levels to it, or a “nest” on the top, will be perfect for them to rest on. Moreover, if you place the scratching post against a window, then your Russian Blue can enjoy their downtime on these scratching posts, and maybe even soak in some sunlight!

Furthermore, scratching posts are ideal for small to medium-sized cats. Hence, since a Russian Blue will grow to be approximately 10 inches tall, and weigh 7-15 pounds, most of the scratching posts will be suitable for them!

So, this is also the best toy for your Russian blue to make them busy.

6. Anything with Catnip Will Do!

Firstly, this will prove to be the easiest little DIY project for you if you are interested, and if you have some spare catnip lying around.

You can simply place some of the herb Catnip, inside a paper bag and crumple up the bag to make a ball out of it. The smell of the catnip will be enough for your Russian Blue to want to chase and play with it for hours!

Hence, not only is this the cheapest toy for your cat, but it will also be one of your cat’s favorites!
Furthermore, there are other essential items/supplies for your Russian Blue that you should stock up.

Worst Toy Ideas for Your Russian Blue

The main thing to remember here is that Russian Blues are extremely intelligent cats and look for mentally challenging and stimulating toys. Hence, if you provide them with a toy that does not present them with any challenge or mental stimulation, then they will definitely get bored very quickly.

Moreover, since Russian Blues in general are a moderately active cat breed, you do not have to worry about them being destructive. However, as they do require some mental stimulation, they might get a little excited about any toy you provide them.

Hence, if you are planning to purchase an expensive cat toy for your Russian Blue, you may want to rethink it. As long as your Russian Blue is not at risk of choking on some spare parts due to the low quality of the toy, it is not necessary for them to get the best quality toys.

Understanding your Russian Blue’s Personality Type

If you have recently purchased a Russian Blue, congratulations! You have simply added an affectionate and gentle furry friend to your home.

Russian Blues are known for being elegant but not too attached to their owners. Hence, they will give you the space you need, but will also want your company at times. Therefore, if you are someone who works away from home and loves to come home to your cat, then Russian Blues are the perfect fit for you!

However, it is important to note that Russian Blues are not as friendly when around strangers. Although they will not be aggressive towards strangers, they will definitely take their time to warm up to any new company. Hence, if they start acting aloof in the presence of strangers, it is simply because they are a bit on the reserved side!

Therefore, once you understand your Russian Blue personality it will be much easier to decide what type of toy they will enjoy the most.

Other Necessary Items for Your Russian Blue

Below, I have listed some of the necessary items that you will require to provide your cat with the best care.

1. Litter Box

litter pan

If your Russian Blue is a kitten, then you might want to remember to get a litter box with high sides. This will ensure that the litter does not spill.

However, if you have an adult Russian Blue, then you can opt for a high-sided litter box or a fully covered box with a roof and just one opening too.

The most important thing here is to make sure that you clean the litter box every day. If not, your Russian Blue may not want to use it because it is dirty, and will choose to use some other part of your house!

2. Food Bowl and Water Feeder Dispenser

Food Bowl

As for the food bowl, make sure not to choose a plastic one! Plastic food bowls will harbor bacteria much more easily compared to stainless steel or ceramic food bowls.

Hence, it is best if you can opt for either stainless steel or ceramic non-tip food bowls, which will ensure that your Russian Blue does not tip it over if it gets too excited while eating.

3. Cat Brush

cat brush

You can definitely consider yourself lucky that you have a Russian Blue as they do not shed as much fur as many other cat breeds!

Therefore, as long as you brush your Russian Blue once or twice a week to remove excess hair on the surface of its coat, you are good to go. However, remember to brush them more frequently during the spring shedding season!


To keep it exciting for your cat, it is best if you experiment with new toys occasionally. However, you need to know your cat’s personality type before you purchase any toys.

For instance, if your Russian Blue is more reserved, they may want to play with toys like Crinkle Balls, or Catnip Toys. However, if your Russian Blue is more outgoing, then playing with a laser pointer, cat charmer, or an interactive toy and food dispenser might be their favorite pastime!


Once you understand your Russian Blue’s personality traits, it will be very easy for you to choose the best toy, which will give your cat optimum pleasure.

Furthermore, keep in mind that they deserve the right type and quality of toys, but without you spending too much of your money on it. Because as the saying goes, your Russian Blue is as “curious as a cat”, and will most likely get bored with the toys you have provided them.

However, do make sure to spend quality time with your cat, as no toy will ever be able to give your furry friend the same satisfaction as your company!

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