Can Russian Blue Cat Have Yellow Eyes?

Can Russian Blue Cat Have Yellow Eyes

Russian blue has a few distinctive characters that can help you distinguish them from other blue cats.  One of the main features is their eyes. But they have two different eye colors in their whole life. What are the two eye colors Russian blue has in their lifetime? Is green the permanent eye color of the Russian blue cat? Can Russian Blue Cat have yellow eyes?

Yes, a Russian blue cat can have yellow eyes when it is still a kitten. But the yellow color starts to fade away welcoming green color in the rim of the iris after 4 months of age. This green color will takeover eventually giving the most unique emerald green color eyes to these Russian Blue Cats.

This is just a superficial answer and it is important to know the whole detail about Russian blue eye color. The answer to the most probable the when, the how, the what related to eye color of Russian Blue is given below in this article.

So, let’s get started and know a little more today.

Can Russian Blue Cat Have Yellow Eyes?

Yes, here is the answer you are looking for, aren’t you? But, yes there is a ‘but’ too, only Russian blue kittens can have the yellow, not adults.

russian blue cat with yellow eyes

Russian blue cats are one of a kind when it comes to eye color. It may be the yellow eyes of the kitten or the emerald green eyes of the adult.

Both of these eye colors look so beautiful on your beloved Russian blue as it is one of its kind. Korat may have a little yellow on their iris but cannot top the yellowish color Russian blue has while it is still a baby.

Why Does Your Russian Blue Cat Have Yellow Eyes?

You might wonder how a breed that is quite famous for its green eyes can have yellow eyes and is considered normal.

There are a few reasons why your Russian blue has yellow eyes that are listed below.


Eye color starts to develop when the eyes start to get pigmented after a while. But right after birth, most cats’ eyes are not at all pigmented and hence the blue color and yellow in the case of Russian blue.

Melanocytes, pigment cells, develop within the first three months while the kitten is growing. The presence of melanocytes is what gives cats’ eyes their color.

So, if you see your Russian blue with yellow-colored eyes, then understand they are still developing these pigment cells.

It will take time and run its course before giving you the final look of the emerald green eyes. You have to have patience for a few months and will deal with yellow eyes till then.


If the white part of their eyes is yellow rather than the iris or lens part, it might be due to jaundice. Jaundice builds up bilirubin in the cats’ organ system and hence causes the yellow discoloration of their eyes along with other parts of the body. Here you can learn more about Russian blue cat disease and its prevention measures.

What Does It Mean If Your Russian Blue Cat Has Yellow Eyes?

There are different meanings to your cat having yellow eyes. Before careful here, your worst nightmare might come true.

The first thing that Russian blue yellow-colored eyes can mean is your cat is still developing pigment cells.

You still don’t have an adult cat but a kitten who hasn’t yet reached the age when the yellow color present in the eye fades.

And the next meaning can be your blue cat isn’t Russian blue at all. Chartreux and Russian blue have similar personalities and fur color with a visible difference in eye color.

Chartreux has yellow eyes and the Russian blue cat (adult one) has emerald green eyes. So, there is a chance you are raising a Chartreux rather than Russian blue.

You need to ask the pet shop or the adoption center clearly about the breed your cat is. Sometimes, color change takes time a little more than expected, hence patience is the key.

Are Russian Blue Cat Born With Yellow Eyes?

Most cats are born with blue eyes but your dear Russian blue becomes one extra-ordinary kitten with yellow eyes.

Yes, Russian blue cats are no doubt, born with yellow eyes making themselves the most unique yet beautiful.

Cats take 9 to 14 days to open their eyes after birth, thus you’ll not notice their eye color before that.

You have to have patience in every step with Russian Blue whether it is the introduction phase or kittens’ after birth phase.

Likewise, the question may arise, why are these Russian blues born with yellow eyes?

Here is the reason why: The pigment cells, as already mentioned above, only develop after the birth of a kitten and within the first 3 months of its life.

Will the Yellow Eyes Of Russian Blue Fade Their Color To Become Green After A While?

Yes, the yellow eyes of the Russian blue will fade their color to become green after a while. As we all know, Russian blue is known for its beautiful emerald green eyes.

But they are not born with those green-colored eyes and will take a certain time before you can see the emerald green color.

It will take time but your Russian blue looks equally loving and attractive with yellow eyes as they will look in green ones.

Firstly, when the pigment cells start to develop, you will see a green rim appearing around the iris of the eyes.

Yellow color will still be there covered with the green rim around them. After a while, the green color will take over giving the final look of the grownup cat with emerald green eyes.

At What Age Does Russian Blue Cat Eyes Turn Green From Yellow?

What Age Do Russian Blue Cat's Eye Turn Green

Although you will start to see the hint of green after 4 months of age, the full emerald green will appear after full maturity.

One of the most captivating and unique qualities of Russian blue is how they change their eye color from yellow to green within months.

You will see the subtle change for the first few months and a green rim appears around the iris after 4 months. The green color becomes aesthetically intense, vivid, and bright along with the age of the cat.

So, they start to develop a green color at the age of 4 months and will graduate to emerald green as she matures. Here, you can learn more about the Russian cat green eye color.

Why Do Russian Blue Cat Eyes Color Change?

As we have already discussed why these cats have yellow eyes and how it changes with time. So, the answer to this question is also within those answers.

Pigmentation is the main reason why every cat changes its eye color with time. The pigment cells, namely Melanocytes, start to develop in the body of the Russian blue.

Thus, produced pigment cells will change the eye color of Russian Blue from yellow to green. Yellow is the unpigmented eye color whereas emerald green appears when the pigment cells do their work.

Hence, the production of melanocytes is the main reason for the eyes to change color along with the age of Russian Blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can have more queries and questions related to the yellow-colored eyes and Russian blues. So, you can find answers to some FAQs you might have in mind too.

How Long Does It Take For A Russian Blues Eyes To Turn Green?

4 months. Here is the shortest answer to the question you asked. It takes 4 months for Russian blue to develop the pigment cells properly. Henceforth the eye color will start to turn from yellow to green.

What Breed Of Cat Is GREY With Yellow Eyes?

Chartreux cats are one of the blue cats that have blue/grey coat with yellow eyes. They are quite similar to Russian blue and people often mistake Russian blue kittens with yellow eyes with Chartreux.


In conclusion, if you come across Russian blue with yellow eyes, remember it is because that cat might still be a kitten. That kitten is still in the phase where its body is developing pigment cells to convert yellow into emerald green. Or there is a thin possibility your cat might be of a Chartreux breed. Have a little patience and wait till your cat reaches the age of 4 months. S/he will start to develop a green rim around their iris of their eyes after that period. Do not panic over simple things that are a natural phenomenon, nature doesn’t work according to you. It will take its time before you can see Russian blue with green eyes, till then pet your kitten with yellow eyes.

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