Do Russian Blue Cats Like To Cuddle [Find Your Perfect Answer]

Russian Blue Cats are plush-haired, shimmering pale blue-gray cats, with vivid green eyes and a sweet smile. Seeing the beauty and elegance of Russian Blue Cats, many people have become devoted followers of this breed.

As Russian Blue Cats are conservative by nature, you may wonder whether they like to cuddle or not.

Regardless of being conservative, Russian Blue Cats are very affectionate, lovable, and playful. They get shy at first, but once they are comfortable, they will snuggle and want to sleep with you. Russian Blue Cats are not clingy, but they seek attention and make a wonderful cuddle buddy.

Read the article to know the attributes of Russian Blue cats and why they can be a good company.

Temperament and Cuddling Traits of Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue Cats are calm, gentle, and sweet, who develop a deep connection with only one person. They are excellent companions, generally following their owners around the house.

Russian Blue Cats get along with everyone including children. And, especially with the children who do not scare them, their personality does best. Also, if raised with cat-friendly dogs, they get along well with them too.

Moreover, Russian Blue Cats are very smart. They do not run into guests without carefully observing them first. Also, they get fearful and anxious whenever their owners ignore them. They get hurt if they do not receive the same affection they give.

Russian Blue Cats are well-behaved and intelligent cats who are easy to train. However, they do not like change. Also, you can freely leave them alone at home, as they can stay hours playing with themselves and their toys.

Moreover, Russian Blue Cats vanish whenever strangers appear, but once they know someone, they love cuddling and attention. They are cats with gentle nature, who enjoy cuddling, and also, they make good lap cats.

Nevertheless, Russian Blue Cats will come to you for a cuddle, but they will not follow you around the house. And, they strictly don’t want too many humans picking them up and cuddling without permission. They will come to cuddle, once they have decided their favorite human.

How Well is the Behavior of Russian Blue Cat with Children?

As mentioned above, the Russian Blue Cat easily gets along with children. But, as he is very calm and shy, he is not so good with children who scares him.

However, if you raise him with your child, then he does best with him/her. So, for a family whose major concern is the behavior of Russian Blue with their child, there is nothing to worry about. Just, make sure your child won’t scare the cat.

Does Russian Blue Cat Get Along with Other Pets?

The Russian Blue Cat is known for its love of playing fetch. As prior mentioned, due to his lovable nature, he can be a great family member who gets along with other pets too, including dogs.

If you have a dog in your home, make sure he is cat-friendly. Then, you will see the dog and the cat sleeping together and even following one another. You may see them not playing sometimes, but you won’t see them fighting.

However, raising a cat and a dog together can be the best idea.

If you want to know in detail then you can follow this article “Do Russian Blue Cats Get Along With Other Cats.

Are Russian Blue Cats Aggressive?

Generally, Russian Blue Cats are sweet and cuddly at every opportunity. They tend to form a strong bond, but around strangers, they are shy and quite aggressive.

Russian Blue Cats are very strict about their routines. If they do not get food on time, they tend to show aggression.

Besides, Russian Blue Cats also get aggressive when they do not get to play, and also if another cat moves in their favorite person.

As they have passive aggression, it’s not that bad.

Do Russian Blue Cats Get Bored?

Russian Blue Cats are curious and smart cats, who will get bored. If you or any of their toys are not around them, they will start using your sofa as a scratchpad.

Moreover, if you don’t want your cat to be bored, provide stimulation and enrichment on time. Give them puzzle-toys or feather teasers which will keep them entertained and also your bond gets stronger. Cat toys will keep their brain in shape and also prevents them from boredom.

Are Russian Blue Cats lap cats?

Russian Blue Cats are shy and very sweet breed, who make good lap cats.

Once the Russian Blue Cat has decided that you are his favorite person, he will appreciate lap time and snuggles.

Also, he stares at you for a minute or two if he wants to climb on your lap. At that moment, you may have to get rid of whatever you have on your lap because he might climb whether you like it or not.

Do Russian Blue Cats like To Be Held and Touched?

Holding, touching, and petting your cat will help to develop a lovable relationship between two of you.

As Russian Blue Cats like cuddling, like to stay in a lap, in the same way, they are very happy to be held and touched gently.

Are Russian Blue Cats Chatty?

Russian Blue Cats are indeed very vocal. Whenever they want to play, eat, or snuggle, they communicate with their owners using voice.

Since they are not that clingy, they do not chat at every little thing. They are easy-going, however, their desire for affection won’t be demanding and overwhelming.

So, don’t get surprised if they strike up a conversation.

How to Keep Russian Blue Cats Happy?

If you want to keep your stunning Russian blue cat happy, play with him, snuggle him, hold him in your lap, and more of all take proper care of him.

If you don’t know the exact steps of taking care of your Russian Blue Cat, just kindly go through these steps.

Feed Russian Blue Cats Twice a Day

Russian Blue Cats love foods and try to trick you into overfeeding. But, don’t let this happen. Overfeeding might lead to many health problems including diabetes. You have to stick to the schedule of feeding. In that way, you can examine the food intake.

If you notice your Russian Blue is eating less, you can immediately take the required action, as it can lead to major health issues.

Besides, you can feed your Russian Blue grain-free and dry food such as Halo, Royal Canin, or Acana. Also, protein-rich food can be the best.

Provide Water Time And Again

Water is a very important part of a cat’s diet. You must provide enough water throughout the day to prevent kidney or urinary tract problems.

Keep them clean

Russian Blue Cats will not enter in the box if it is dirty. So, clean his box time and again. Not only that, you can comb him, brush him to reduce different kinds of smell and odors.

Take care of the cat, and he will be happy.

Do Russian Blue Cats Like To Play With Toys?

Russian Blue Cats are very playful not only with humans but also with toys. Their favorite pastime includes playing with toys, playing fetch, and chasing through windows.

As I mentioned earlier, you can give them puzzle-toys or feather teasers to play with. Also, you can give them plush stuffed toys. They are quite soft for your gentle Russian Blue Cat.

Therefore, keep plenty of toys around, for your cat to play and enjoy. Here, you can get the other best toy for Russian blue.

Is Russian Blue Cat a Right Pet For Me?

Russian Blue Cats make a great pet due to their loyal, calm, and gentle nature. They are smart and intelligent which makes you very easy to train them. You can also teach them tricks including high-five and play dead.

If you are a busy person, you can also leave them alone with toys. They do not get stressed and will be happy to see you back home. But, as Russian Blue Cat is medium active, if you want a cat who is full of energy and keeps on jumping and playing, then you have to think once more.

Furthermore, Russian Blue Cats unusually can understand human emotions. So, if sometimes you are sad, they also try to snuggle and cheer you up.

However, the bottom line is, Russian Blue Cats serve a wonderful breed for any household. If you are ready to give all the care he requires and craves, he will enhance your life in many ways.

Some Related Questions On Do Russian Blue Cats Like to Cuddle

Are Russian Blue Cats Indoor Cats?

Although Russian Blue Cats are curious, they are slightly reserved. So, people usually say that this breed is an indoor breed. Russian Blue Cats are indeed suited to be full-time indoor cats, but they are very intelligent and requires lots of challenge.

Besides, people take them outside to play games, to comb them, and they are just fine. Generally, the masters get nervous as Russian Blue Cats are very sensitive and gentle, but the cats seem to enjoy so much outside.

Thus, we cannot say that Russian Blue Cats are indoor cats, as they are quite playful and happy outside too.

Can The Russian Blue Cats Be Left Alone?

Yes! You can leave them alone.

As I mentioned before, Russian Blue Cats are social breeds, but they enjoy alone time as well. They don’t mind if you are out all day. They are happy playing with their toys and sleeping quietly. But, once you’re home, they want some playtime with you.

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What Russian Blue Cats Like To Eat?

As prior mentioned, Russian Blue Cats love food. You can feed them dry foods such as Halo or Acana. They can also eat different types of homemade meals. Being an ancient breed, it is very important to give them protein. However, they eat chicken, turkey, fish, and other seafood as well.

Above all, you should properly maintain your Russian blue diet.

Final Words

Russian Blue Cats are blessed with beauty. Their captivating eyes and well behavior makes them a special breed. Although they like to stay clean, they are not high-maintenance cats, so you don’t have to worry about their maintenance.

Anyway, as they are curious and like to play games, it will be very fun to have them in your home.

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