How To Train Chartreux Cats? Training Guide, Tips & Tricks

Chartreux Cats are clever animals. We can train them, and they may educate us in return. For example, cats understand that if they perform something that we enjoy, we will provide them with a prize or clean their litter box.

Chartreux is generally trained in the same way as most house cats are: by offering praise and positive reinforcement when they do things that please their owners.

Therefore, you should attempt to teach your cat what you want it to accomplish by rewarding it for performing the tasks you desire. There are many methods of training a Chartreux Cat so read on to find out how!

What Is The Best Age To Train A Chartreux Cat?

The best time to train the Chartreux is when they’re kittens. Train them right away after bringing them home if possible! If not, then try teaming up with their mother (if she’s still around) or another cat in the family to learn basic tricks. Never do this around children because they may not understand our pet’s feelings.

Instead, use treats or toys for inspiration once the kitten gets accustomed to their new environment.

Ways To Train Chartreux Cat

Training a Chartreux cat might be a difficult job for inexperienced pet owners. Therefore, we all know that “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” In that case, here are some helpful ways to train the Chartreux:

Introduce A Harness 

First, you need to introduce a harness to your cat. Since the Chartreux is known for its love of climbing and jumping, it might be not easy to hold on to them with just a collar. That’s why we recommend buying a harness that will make transport and control easier (for both of you).

Slowly Venture Outside

Simply open the door when you feel confident that your Chartreux is ready to take a walk. Let it be, and don’t force it if it walks around inside or outside of its own free will. If the cat starts running away from you, scream “No!” and show it where you want it to go with a treat in your hand.

Behavior Modification

If your Chartreux has stress-related behavior issues, such as excessive meowing or licking, you can modify the cat’s behavior by playing with it for at least 10 minutes once or twice a day. This way, you will keep your mind off of negative thoughts and focus on positive emotions instead.


Reinforcement training is ideal for verbal or physical rewards to keep your cat focused on the task at hand. Yelling “No” when it makes a mistake can also be an effective behavior modification method to train any pet in the right way, and so should exercise and fresh air!

Speak Your Cat’s Language

You can also speak your cat’s language, which means understanding it and acting accordingly. For example, letting Chartreux explore the surroundings on its terms is an excellent way to bond with your pet cat.

We suggest that you take things slowly and reward your pet whenever it chooses something good (treats or affection) vs. something bad (scoldings).

Listen To Your Cat

Listen to your cat when it seems stressed, frustrated, or anxious. Also, try to figure out why your pet is behaving in a certain way and see if there’s any particular pattern. In this way, you can avoid engaging with it when you think that the behavior will escalate into something more serious.

A Secret Language Of Meows

When the Chartreux meows, it isn’t easy to know what frustrates them. Therefore, you should listen to its various meows and figure out when your pet is stressed or wants something in particular.

Eye Contact 

When you want to show affection, make eye contact and hold your cat’s gaze for a few seconds. This will show that you care and understand its feelings (or frustrations). Like any other pet, we suggest helping the Chartreux avoid stress as much as possible.

Tail Signals

The Chartreux has a long and fluffy tail. When it keeps its tail in a certain position for several seconds, it means that it is stressed or anxious about something specific.

What Types Of Training Do Chartreux Cats Need?

The training you give your Chartreux cats will depend largely on their age and temperament. Although it is beneficial to begin training as early as possible, you can adopt a kitten and train it at any time. So, here are some types of training methods that can be used to train your pet Chartreux cat:

  1. Litter Box Training
  2. Target Training
  3. Clicker Training
  4. Leash Training

Litter Box Training

As a new cat owner, you should begin training your Chartreux cats to use the litter box. This will help to prevent it from using other areas of your house as its bathroom and give you control over where your pet relieves itself. All you need to do is put the cat in front of its designated restroom and give it a treat when it goes to the litter box.

Step By Step Litter Box Training For Chartreux Cat

Train Chartreux Cat With A Litter Box – Step By Step Process:

  1. When you first bring your Chartreux cat home, place it in its litter box for a few minutes. Then, take it out and put it somewhere else where no other cats are around. This will enable the cat to identify the litter box as its bathroom.
  2. Now, pick up the cat gently and place him in the litter box. Please give it a reward when it uses the litter box to eliminate waste.
  3. Do the following until your Chartreux cat uses its designated bathroom area in the litter box. Once that happens, start to give your cat treats every now and again (but not all of the time).
  4. When your Chartreux cat is comfortable going in and out of the litter box, take off Its collar. This will help prevent accidents from occurring outside its designated bathroom area.
  5. Reward your Chartreux cat with a treat every time it uses the litter box after this change has been made.

Target Training

To have a well-behaved pet, you must first teach it the boundaries. To train Chartreux Cat is a simple way of doing just that. All you need to do is pick a word or phrase that your Chartreux will use to mean “go in this direction.”

For example, many people say “over” when gesturing toward the left, and “under” when gesturing toward their right. So, you may want to teach your Chartreux cat that “over” means in front of it or to its left; then, you can use this target word to stop it from roaming around or playing with something dangerous.

Clicker Training

A popular method of training many animals is using a clicker, which emits a clicking sound when pushed, to reinforce good behavior. For example, this can be used to teach your Chartreux cat tricks such as giving you their paw or going into a carrier.

Step By Step Clicker Training For Chartreux Cat

Training Your Chartreux Cat With A Clicker – Step By Step Process:

  1. It would be best if you start by teaching your Chartreux what the clicker means. For example, if it is eating out of its bowl, you can push down on the clicker to make a noise as it eats. Then, please give it a small piece of its favorite food.
  2. If your Chartreux starts looking at the bowl, pushing down on the clicker, and rewarding it with a treat when it looks at it, you will teach it to look at you whenever the clicker is used.
  3. If your Chartreux is running around in circles or climbing on something dangerous, use the clicker to emit noise as soon as it stops.
  4. If your Chartreux does something right, you can push down on the clicker and give it a treat. Then, when it is doing the behavior again, you should emit the clicking sound (without giving it a treat) to reinforce its action.

Things To Be Mindful Of When Clicker Training

  • Don’t click the clicker for every single action. Only use it when your pet is doing something positive or desirable.
  • Train on a specific behavior until your cat performs it at least 90% of the time, then you can move on to another trick. This will ensure that the training method is effective.

Leash Training

If you want to take your Chartreux on walks, you must first leash train it. The best way to initiate this training is by letting your cat wear the leash (with no tension) while relaxing in a familiar room. Then, use treats or their favorite toy when giving direction or encouraging movement.

Step By Step Leash Training For Chartreux Cat

Training Your Chartreux Cat With A Leash – Step By Step Process:

  1. Let your cat get used to the leash and collar by wearing them while relaxing in a familiar area. This will decrease their anxiety and increase their level of comfort.
  2. Once your cat is comfortable with the sight of its new accessories, attach the leash to its collar while it is still relaxed. Remember not to add tension so as not only to keep things positive but also to avoid injury or further stress for your pet.
  3. If you teach your pet to move closer to what it wants, then it will want a treat. You can use treats as encouragement for your pet to stay in one place. Say “No” and hold the treat up, then give it a treat when your pet stays put.

Training A Chartreux Cat To Come To You On Command

To train Chartreux cat to come to you on command, you must create the association between its action and a treat. For example, when eating or playing with a toy, place a few treats in front of the cat’s paw.

Once the pet has finished eating or playing with their toys, you can call their name and then give them a treat when it comes to you.

What Are Some Benefits Of Training Chartreux Cats?

Trained Chartreux cats can provide their owners with a ton of benefits. For example, we suggest that you train your pet to:

Be Safe And Healthy

First and foremost, trained Chartreux cats can be safe and healthy in the long run because they won’t scratch everything in sight or chew on dangerous objects (such as electrical cords). Train them early, and follow important training tips such as those mentioned above.

Greet People Better

Secondly, they will learn how to greet people better and avoid accidents when meeting pets they’re not familiar with. Once again, this means less stress for both of you!

Provide A Great Companion

Train your cat to perform certain tricks and get along with other pets in the family. Train it to sit, stand on two legs, and “beg,” for example! Also, train your pet to stay calm when you’re busy (even if the cat is excited), which means cooperation, trust, and affection.

Be Entertained

Last but not least, train your Chartreux so that they can entertain themselves indoors while their owners are away or busy doing chores. Train your cat to play independently, for example, and it will be occupied with a toy for hours!

What Are Some Of The Challenges That You May Face While Training A Chartreux Cats?

Even though cats, in general, are very smart and can learn a lot, Chartreux cats may face some challenges when it comes to training. For example:

Shy Cat May Need More Attention

Train shy Chartreux cats by playing with them for at least 10 minutes each day to feel more secure and safe in their environment.

Forgetful Cats Can Be Difficult To Train

Another challenge is that these cats tend to forget everything after a while. Therefore, keep basic tricks on the top of your mind (such as how to sit or stand politely) and make sure you practice them often!

The Cat May Not Train With You

In some cases, Chartreux cats can become stubborn and refuse to train altogether. In this case, we suggest that you reward it with a treat each time it follows your orders. Make sure to be enthusiastic and patient at all times!

When you train your pet, always reward good behavior instead of punishing bad behavior. This will make them repeat the good behavior more often. Train your Chartreux Pet slowly, listen to its meows and tail signals, and take things one step at a time. Then, train every day for the best results!


How Is Training A Cat Different Than Training A Dog?

Dogs are much more dependent on their owners and far less independent than cats. Train a dog how to behave in a certain environment, and it will follow the routine every day.

However, train a cat, and you’ll need to do so at least once per day to make sure your pet stays interested.

Are Chartreux Trains Good?

Chartreux cats are extremely intelligent and quick learners. Train your Chartreux Cat with ease, listen to its meows, look for specific tail signals, and reward good behavior accordingly. Train your cat for fun or take it to training courses; either way, you can teach them tricks (such as how to walk on a leash).


All in all, we hope that these tips will give you an idea of how to train Chartreux cats. We’re sure that you’ll find them very helpful as they were for us when we tried training our pet cats. Train them successfully, and you’ll be much happier with the results.

Train them slowly, allow your cat to take things in at its own pace, and take things one step at a time! Then, train every day for the best results!

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