Breeding Russian Blue Cat – How to Properly Breed Russian Blue

Breeding Russian Blue Cat

The most beautiful Russian blue cat is the cat that most cat lovers want to have. But, due to the unavailability of a pure breed of Russian blue cat, it is exceedingly rare to find one. So, few of us have and want to breed them with pure genes for pure Russian blue kittens.  You […]

Homemade Food For Russian Blue Cat [Best Nutritious Food]

Homemade Food For Russian Blue Cat

One of the most stressful things about petting a cat is what to feed them and how to feed them. And if you have a cat like Russian blue who is quite prone to get obese, you need to be extra careful. Whether you can switch from commercial to homemade foods or not can be […]

What Do Russian Blue Cat Eat? [Recommended Russian Blue Food]

What Do Russian Blue Cat Eat

While you keep the Russian Blue cat at your place, there are various phases to look for properly. Amongst many of the aspects, feeding the right food source for them is most significant. But are you aware of the right food for the Russian Blue cat? If not, don’t worry! I will be explaining to […]

Overweight Russian Blue Cat | Do Russian Blue Cats Get Fat?

Do Russian Blue Cats Get Fat

Are you seeing your cat a little over the top with its weight? Obesity can be a nightmare for cat owners as it a nutritional disease and one of the growing problems related to the cat. Russian Blue cats are right on top of the competition when it comes to gaining weight faster. So, it […]

How To Nurture Newly Born Russian Blue Kitten [Complete Guide]

Nurture Newly Born Russian Blue Kitten

There are things you need to do when your Russian blue cat gives birth or you decide to adopt a new kitten. You need to know what are the do’s and don’ts that come with the newborns in the house. You need to know how to nurture a newly born Russian blue kitten? What to […]

How to Play With Your Russian Blue Cat?

How to Play With Your Russian Blue Cat

Isn’t it wonderful to have a pet like Russian Blue Cat, Calm yet curious? But Russian Blue might be low maintenance, they feel bored too. You, as a cat mom/dad, need to make sure they have something to do and get engaged in. You can even play with your Russian Blue, both of you will […]

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix: An Introduction

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix

It is quite rare when you come across a mixed cat between a Russian blue and Maine coon mix. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a Russian blue Maine Coon Mix Cat at home? But what are these Russian blue Maine coon mix cats like? Where can you find mixed breed from Russian blue and […]

Nebelung Cat: Complete Breed Profile and Information

Nebelung Cat

Did you hear about longhaired Russian blue? Have you seen a cat look exactly like a Russian blue cat? Then you have encountered a Nebelung cat which is a rare pedigree breed of the domestic cat. In this article, I am going to talk about the Nebelung cat. All the cat lovers out there will […]

Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat: Which Cat Is Right One For You?

Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

When you plan on petting a blue cat, it gets quite confusing which breed to adopt? There are so many options like the Korat, Russian blue, etc. Russian Blue Cat Vs Korat, how can you decide which one is ideal for you? What are the differences between the Russian blue cat and Korat? Russian blue, […]

Russian Blue Cat Vs Burmese Cat: Which Cat Breed Is Right For You?

Russian Blue Cat Vs Burmese Cat

Out of all the blue cats, you don’t know which one will be better for you. Russian Blue might be your go-to cat but Burmese is another blue breed that can be appropriate. So, the question remains as well as the war of choice between Russian Blue Vs Burmese too. Russian Blue or Burmese: Which […]