Russian Blue Cat Vs Domestic Shorthair [Full Comparison]

Russian Blue Cat Vs Domestic Shorthair

Cats are one of the loving pets. Talking about the Russian Blue and Domestic Shorthair cat, they both are combinations of great looks and wonderful characters. Both cats have their own history and unique features. Also, they do have some differences. Based on the size, characteristics, health, lifestyle, etc. both of the cats have their […]

Russian Blue Cats Vs Maine Coon Cats [Full Cpmparison]

Russian Blue Cats Vs Maine Coon Cats

You saw a man carrying Russian blue and Maine coon at the corner of your street. Your eyes suddenly to both of the cats abut somehow you only want one of them. So, how do you choose between Maine coon and Russian blue? How do you know which one is best for you? Which can […]

Russian Blue Vs Chartreux [Full Comparison]

Russian Blue Vs Chartreux

When you plan to pet a cat, it becomes quite essential to compare breeds so that you can take the correct decision. The lifestyle you have, the household you stay in, and you, all of these factors matter while picking the right breed. So,  Russian Blue Vs Chartreux, which one is ideal for you? Although […]

Siamese Cats Vs Russian Blue Cats [Full Comparision]

Siamese Cats Vs Russian Blue Cats

Are you confused over Siamese cats and Russian blue cats? Which one is the perfect pet for your home as well as for your children’s? If so then you will clear out your all confusion over these two loving cats in this article. Here you can find a full comparison of Siamese cats Vs Russian […]

Does Russian Blue Cat Make Their Territory With Poop and Urine?

Does Russian Blue Cat Make Their Territory With Poop and Urine

Does Russian Blue Cat make their territory with Poop and Urine? What should I do? what other way do they use? Like all cats, Russian blue cats are also territorial, meaning they are marking territory by leaving their scent, mostly at places where they feel safe & secure. Quite often, Russian blue gently rubs itself […]

When Are Russian Blue Cats Fully Grown | When Do They Stop Growing?

When Are Russian Blue Cats Fully Grown

It is okay to wonder when your Russian blue cat will attain its maximum weight, height, and size. And how can you know when are Russian blue cats fully grown? When will these Russian blue cats stop growing? What are the factors that influence the growth of Russian Blue cats? Russian blue cat reaches adulthood […]

Russian Blue vs British Shorthair: Which Is The Best?

Russian Blue Vs British Shorthair

Russian Blue vs British Shorthair is a difficult choice. At first glance, even the resemblance between the two cat breeds is unreal. With a blue coat and warm nature, you may find it difficult to clarify who is who. Today, I am here to clear the differences between these two felines. Sure, both the Russian Blue […]

13 Best Supplies To Stock Up For Your Russian Blue Cat [Pet Essentials]

13 Best Supplies To Stock Up For Your Russian Blue Cat

Corona pandemic has not only raised issues for humans but also their pet friends like Russian Blue Cats. The most important question is about stocking up pet essentials for your Russian blue. Is stocking up essential? If yes, what are the best supplies to stock up for your Russian Blue Cat? The answer is simple; […]

Russian Blue Cat Size | How Big Do Russian Blue Cats Get?

Russian Blue Cat Size

Russian blue cat might be one of the most adorable and affectionate cats but that won’t erase the stress about their health. You often see your cat gaining weight through the process of growing up leaving you with many questions. What is the average size of a Russian blue cat? How big Do Russian blue […]

Lifespan of Russian Blue Cat: How Long Do They Live?

Lifespan of Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue cat is well known for its dazzling green eyes and shimmering silvery bluish-grey coat. Though the breed acts cautious and shy, once they feel comfortable, they are affectionate and playful. The Russian cat is also a naturally healthy breed with firm muscles as it tends to have little to no inherent genetic disease. […]