Different Ways to Let Russian Blue Cat Outside [Important Safety Tips]

Ways to Let Russian Blue Cat Outside

On one hand, Russian Blue Cat is gentle and doesn’t mind being inside as long as he has the toys around. But, on the other hand, he is very curious and playful who enjoys the outside environment too.

Taking a cat outside or not, is one of the very difficult decisions for all the cat owners. And, specifically, in the case of the Russian Blue Cat, there are lots of characteristics that we need to consider before taking him outside.

In this guide, I will take you through different safe ways to let Russian Blue Cat outside.

Are There Any Reasons In Favor Of Letting Russian Blue Cat Outside?

Russian Blue Cats are intelligent, smart, and independent by nature. Being such a lively creature, he will want to play, run, hunt, and enjoy the way he wants.  You must give him space to entertain, or else he will feel bored, which results in aggression.

Moreover, letting your Russian Blue Cat outside and playing with him makes your cat happy, and the bond between you two gets stronger.

What Are the Risks In Letting Russian Blue Cat Outdoor?

Although Russian Blue Cats are intelligent and smart, the outside environment is quite dangerous for them. There are many immoral people out there, who may feed something bad that might make your cat vulnerable.

So, you must understand the risk factors before letting your Russian Blue Cat outside.

Unsafe From Theft, Trap, and Predators

Being a purebred cat, Russian Blue Cat is very expensive. Seeing such an expensive cat, any unethical person can take him away.

Moreover, visualize someday you let Russian Blue Cats roam, and they lost their way or got themselves trapped, and didn’t return. Then what?

Some cats might be specially trained and can have directional skills, but not every cat has that ability.

Besides, assume you happen to take out your phone to check messages, and within a blink of an eye, your Russian Blue is hurt or killed. Depending upon where you live, there can be many wild animals; wolves, foxes, raccoons, and many others. Even a cat attacks another cat.

Risks of Rabies and Getting Parasites

Unlike other pedigree, Russian Blue Cats are a healthy breed that isn’t likely to any infections, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get infected at all.

Russian Blue Cats are susceptible to viral infections. For instance, Rabies. Rabies can be easily transmitted with a bite from an infected animal. Also, all kinds of parasites can invade your Russian Blue Cat’s body inside and out.

Diseases and Health Issues

Russian Blue Cats can get sick and catch lots of diseases just by going outside and coming in contact with other infected felines. They can get infections from Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), or even cat flu.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) in cats is equivalent to HIV in humans. It spreads through bites and scratches by other infected cats. And, if this virus infects your Russian Blue Cat, he has a low immune system and is more prone to other diseases.

Similarly, Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV) spreads through saliva and close contact with other infected cats. It is also another serious and fatal disease, Russian Blue Cat can suffer from.

Also, by going out, Russian Blue Cat can be at the risk of getting the flu, or other bacterial infections as well.

Poisoned From Pesticides

Russian Blue Cat exposes himself to lots of harmful substances, such as pesticides and other toxic chemicals, once he goes outside. If he comes in contact with any poisonous substances, it can lead to different serious health issues or even death.

Lifespan Reduces

Every time your Russian Blue goes outside, he is at the risk of getting killed or harmed. Even if the predators don’t kill him, but the exposure to an unhygienic environment results in weak immunity, and this eventually shortens his lifespan.

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Safety Measures to Be Considered Before Letting Russian Blue Cat Outside?

Although Russian Blue Cat is very calm and gentle, he has a very playful and curious nature. If you are having a hard time seeing your cat continuously starring out through the windows, and have decided to take him outside, then I have mentioned some safety tips.

Make sure you strictly implement the mentioned measures before thinking about taking him out.

Wait For At Least a Year

I suggest waiting for Russian Blue Cat to become a year old so that, he is mature and sensible enough to deal with the environmental changes. Otherwise, he is just a small silly cat who can easily get lost, trapped, or injured.

Perform Neutering/Spaying Procedure

You don’t want your sweet Russian Blue Cat getting involved with other cats. Do you?

So, the best thing you can do for your Russian Blue Cat is to have him neutered (spayed in case of a female). Neutering includes surgically removing testicles, and spaying includes surgically removing ovaries, usually the uterus.

Neutering/spaying your Russian Blue decreases the likelihood of getting male/female cancer as well as eliminates unwanted pregnancy. Not only that, this procedure particularly decreases the undesirable occurrence of urine spraying and marking behavior in males.

Cat Microchip

A microchip for a cat is an electronic identification chip that is implanted under the skin of the cat.

Get your Russian Blue Cat microchipped so that it will be easy for you to track him in case he gets lost. It is a painless procedure that lasts only for a few seconds, so you don’t have to worry about your cat getting hurt.

Complete Vaccination is Very Important

Diseases such as rabies, Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV), Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV), are preventable through vaccination. So, it is imperative to speak to the veterinarian about the advised vaccination schedule for your Russian Blue Cat and make sure you stick to it.

Also, a complete vaccination is very important to avoid various unwanted diseases.

Avoid Letting Out in Night-Time

Letting out Russian Blue Cat in the night time is very dangerous. You may not see predators coming to hunt due to darkness. In addition to that, Russian Blue Cat is itself dark in color. He can easily get lost.

Nevertheless, taking your Russian Blue out at night means calling unwanted dangers.

Alternative Ways for Free-Roaming

There are other ways for letting your Russian Blue outside, but you have to compromise on his complete freedom.

Here, I have explained three ways where your Russian Blue can enjoy the outside environment and at the same time, he can be safe too.

Leash Walk

You can buy a leash/rope to take your Russian Blue Cat out every evening. In that way, your cat gets familiar with the outside environment, and also, there is no risk of him getting lost or trapped. His control will be in your hand so, you can protect him however you want.

Full Cat Enclosure

Full cat enclosures come with a roof and a door and are very safe. Some even have double doors which minimize the chance for your Russian Blue to escape whenever the door opens or closes.

Besides, these cat enclosures come in different shapes and sizes, and also with comfortable sleeping areas. Cat enclosure is movable, so you can easily take the enclosure with you, even if you changed your house.

A Cat Garden

Another practical way to introduce your Russian Blue Cat to the outside world is by building a cat garden. I say this is the best idea to let your cat enjoy nature without being harmed.

Furthermore, you can secure the garden to avoid unwanted creatures around your Russian Blue Cat. I will suggest you some work that you have to perform while building a safe cat garden.

Metal Fence

Metal Fences are not that awful as they sound, rather you can get beautiful metal fences in the market, which will keep your Russian Blue Cat confined to the garden. Make them tall enough, so that he cannot get the grasp to climb over those fences.

Besides, you have to build the metal fences completely all-around your garden for your Russian Blue Cat’s absolute safety.

Spiky Strips

Spiky strips go at the top of the metal fences. The spiky strips will prevent Russian Blue Cat to climb on the top of the fences. Also, they will avoid other cats or even other animals to climb over your garden.

Fence Rollers

If you don’t want scary spiky strips, fence rollers can be another great idea. With this, your Russian Blue cannot pass out no matter how hard he tries.

Choose Safe Plants

Before adding plants to the garden, you must check if the plants are safe or not. Some plants and flowers are very poisonous and harmful for the health of Russian Blue, such as Oleander, Kalanchoe, Daffodils, and many more.

Things to Install In the Cat Garden

Here, I have listed out some things that you can put in your garden so that, your Russian Blue Cat doesn’t miss any activities.

A Cat Tree

You can add a cat tree for your cat to climb, and also, to provide the shelter for your cat.

Outdoor Toys

Russian Blue Cats like to play with toys. So at one point, he will feel bored of climbing and will search for its toys.

A Cat House

Russian Blue will eventually feel tired by playing, so he will want to rest. Having a cat house will give him space to sleep and rest.

Some Related Questions on Ways to Let Russian Blue Cat Outside

Is It Possible to Train Russian Blue Cat to Roam Freely Outside?

There is very little possibility to train Russian Blue to roam freely. They are smart, curious, and intelligent with docile nature, and due to that reason, you may get success in training your Russian Blue at one point.

But, he is not a human who will go and return at the exact time you want. Also, he is more at risk of predators, theft, and other poisonous substances.

What Can Be the Outdoor Playful Activities For Russian Blue Cat?

Russian Blue Cats like playing intelligent games like searching for hidden treats. You can hide some treats behind the trees and they will enjoy searching for them. Also, their favorite game is fetch, where you throw toys or other objects and they will easily retrieve them.

However, Russian Blue Cats are always ready to play, so you can try playing various interactive games with them. They will enjoy it a lot.

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