Can Russian Blue Adapt To The Change In Home Environment?

can Russian Blue Adapt To The Change In Home Environment

Russian Blue Cats, also known as an “Archangel Blue”, were believed to be found in Archangel in Northern Russia. They are short-haired cats best known for the shimmering blue coat and emerald green eyes. Similarly, their elegant smile is often considered as a “Mona Lisa Smile”. The Russian Blue makes a great pet. They are suitable for households as well. And with a human-like personality i.e. shy, social, loving, loyal, they love cleaning themselves as well. They are easy to get along with. But what about the changes? Can Russian blue adapt to the change in home environment?

Well, the Russian Blue is a highly trainable cat. They can be trained and are a good candidate for training. With good intelligence, they easily learn tricking behavior. Despite those, they resist the changes in the environment like any other cats. This article highlights some glimpse of why and on what basis these Archangel Blue are not good in adopting the change.

The lifestyle of Russsian Blue

The Russian Blue cats are very high profile cats. They are high-maintaining in nature. Be it the time of eating, sleeping, or playing, it must be on time. Apart from this, they are a tidy breed who loves cleanliness. Here are a few details of the Russian Blue Cats that’s reflects their physical structure and their basic built up:

Weight range Male: 10-12 pounds

Female: 7-10 pounds

Eye Color Kitten: Green rims

Adult: Bright Green

Life expectancy 15-20 years
Social Yes
Characteristics Shy and Loyal
Color of Coat Dark gray tipped with silver
Coat Length Short
Allergenic Less

Personality Traits of Russian Blue

You can define the personality of Rusian Blue as Loyal, Sweet, and Shy. They are one of the most loyal cat breeds. If you own a Russian Blue, be prepared that you get a lot of affection, and attention and care as well from your pet. Likewise, it’s not surprising to you if your Russian Blue comes around to wait for you at the door. Moreover, this cat is known to follow their owner wherever they go as they become attached to you very quickly. Besides this, they also expect the same level of affection from your family in return.

Playing and spending some quality time with them makes them feel special. Thus, they are a social cat. However, meeting with a stranger is not their comfort zone. Though Russian Blue is social, it gets limited to your family only. Their shyish nature comes around when contacting new people.

Do Russian Blue Loves Travelling?

Russian Blue  Cat is often considered a social pet only in presence of the family. They are quite a reserved breed and prefer spending time with only the closed ones. Thus, whenever you are on travel with your Russian Blue Cat, they do not create any havoc and loves traveling. So traveling to a new place is not a problem for the cat as well as for you. But make sure that they travel in the presence of the closed ones.

Can Russian Blue Adapt To the Change in Home Environment?

Unlike other pet, Rusian Blue are highly engaging and lively. They are very easy to take care of and you can also get along with them easily. But what about the adaptation? Do they adapt to the change in their home environment? Many pets feel insecure and are highly reluctant to change their home environment. And Russian Blue is no exception to this. They are also not easygoing in adapting to the new home environment.

The Rusian Blue is not a typical cat. And, they do not adapt well to the change as well. Sticking to routine and daily schedule, they like everything the same. Not only the home environment, but these cats also want as per the schedule even in other activities. They should be fed at the same time, sleep at the same time, and even want to play at the same time. So, do not be surprised if your Russian Blue is used to eating early or refused to let you sleep in.

One of the most important things you must consider while changing the home environment is their health. Change in the home environment means your cat has to adapt to the new place. And, for this health might make your cat’s life a bit harder. Besides, these cats are highly prone to eye diseases and other health issues. Furthermore, you must consider their cleanliness as well. Do change to the home environment where cleanliness is of top-notch. As a human, your Russian Blue is quite a tidy cat and loves to stay only in a clean environment. Well, this does not mean you should stick to a single environment only.

Things To Consider For Change in Home Environment

  • Time Schedule of New Environment
  • Cleanliness of the Home Environment
  • Health Factor
  • Presence of Family Members

Are Russian Blue Social Cats?

Russian Blue is a highly social cat. You can consider these breeds as the most loyal and sweet among the cats. Similarly, these cats expect love and affection from the family. Though they are shy in nature to the stranger but are childish and social within the family. Apart from this, using the vocals to communicate indicate that they are not a reserved cat. She will let you know when to be fed or play. Likewise, they require some snuggles on the couch or in the bed. These traits make them a social cat.

Despite these habits, Russian Blue becomes extremely shy when meeting with other people. But they do love to be groomed properly though.

Things You Should Know About Russian Blue

So, are you planning to pet a Russian Blue cat? Or do you have Russian Blue as a pet? If yes, then there are some interesting things you should know about them.

Require Clean Environment

Due to the dense double coat, the Russian cat requires brushing constantly. They are quite tidy cats and also love cleaning themselves. So, if you think of bringing a Russian Blue into your home, then be prepared to keep their litter box spick ad span.

Highly Intelligent Cats

You can say that your Russian blue is a highly intelligent cat. Not only they are active in training but also have a strong hunting instinct as well. However, for maintenance, they require a regular hygiene routine and regular vet visits.

Grooming and Health Needs

Regular nail clipping, brushing, keeping them indoors, and away from loud noises are some of the health tips. Similarly, giving them a balanced diet is necessary to keep their coats shiny and making them comfortable. Likewise, Russian blue is known to have problems with bladder stones so taking preventative measures is a must.


Russian Blue is easily trainable. So, they like to train like humans. Make sure that your space has plenty of climbable surfaces. Also, they love playing with toys to keep their mind occupied.

Is Russian Blue a Rare Cat?

Russian Blue is not a rare cat. They are found easily in the US and are common for reputable breeders. However, the cat was nearly extinct during world war II. But luckily, it gained popularity soon. The breeders joined together to rebuilt the breed by crossing the Russian Blue with other blue breeds. Though it’s not a rare cat, they are extremely high in price. The Kitten is priced at nearly $400-$600 in the US.

Russian Blue and People

As already mentioned, these cats are super friendly with the people who have regular interaction with them at home. However, with the stranger, they do not respond well. So, if you have a lot of guests incoming to your home, then these cats are not an ideal breed for you. They prefer to play with you and spend some quality time as well. So, be sure that if you wish to pet a Russian Blue, then you must be able to spend some time with them to play with. Though they can spend an hour watching TV or playing with props, for a certain time, they expect affection and attention from you as well.

Getting a Russian Blue

You can get a Russian Blue from a breeder for adoption. But before doing it, do look for the home environment where your cat grows and live. Likewise, fulfilling the basic requirement is a must before you pet them. Also, since they are vulnerable to diseases, so cleanliness should also be kept in high priority.  They enjoy good cat food. Thus, you will have to take good care of their diet as well. Though they beg for extra food, stick to the recommended diet plan for your cat.

Final Words

Adapting to a new environment is not an easy task. We, as humans, do not feel secure and comfortable going to a new home environment, then what about the pets? Moreover, we become nervous and it takes us some time to adapt to the changes. Similar is for your Archangel Blues. They are not too easy-going with the changes,  They want to have every activity in a routines time. Furthermore, they are social creatures who get attached to humans easily. But are quite uncomfortable with strangers.

Also, they will not mind if you are away from your home for work, but they expect some time for playing though. Thus, you must create a proper environment for the Russian Blue to become comfortable in a new home environment.

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