Is Russian Blue Cat Right For You | Pros and Cons Of Keeping The Cat

Is Russian Blue Cat Right For You? | Pros and Cons Of Keeping The Cat

Have you ever wanted a cat but were scared of their short-tempered attitude? Is the Russian Blue Cat right for you?

If you choose a cat over dogs, but you want a socializing one, then you will undeniably love the Russian Blue Cat. Having a pet is not just about enjoying their attractive visuals, but it is also about having a companion. Due to this, you have to consider whether your personality matches with the pet or not!

Does your personality match with your choice of pet? Is your pet easy-going? The points to consider just add up the list.

But here is a solution to all your questions to consider before you decide to get a Russian Blue Cat.

Background About Russian Blue Cat

Weight Male: 10-12 pounds

Female: 7-10 pounds

Height 2 feet approximately
Coat Short and thick
Coat Colour Blue
Color of eyes Green
Life expectancy 15 to 20 years
Less Allergenic Yes

People complain about allergies because they breed a Russian Blue Cat imposter. However, to decrease the risk of such exposure, it is essential for you to understand how your feline friend should look like. Is your pet the right Russian Blue Cat?

First of all, check the color of their eyes, which is a miraculous green. Second, check their coat; they generally have short hair but a thick coat. The outer fur is gray while categorized as a cat blue.

Moreover, you can discover it undeniably by its ever-famous smile compared to those of Mona Lisa’s as they have a slightly upturned mouth.

What is the History of the Russian Blue Cat?

Formerly known as Archangel cats, the Russian Blue Cat was considered royal. These cats are more preferred by royal families and Russian czars. Russian Blue Cat gets its name from its origin that is Russia’s Archangel Island or Arkhangelsk. Moreover, it is a dilute gene black-gray cat.

Considering the amount of intelligence, Russian Blues were participants of the first cat shows around Europe!

Folklores even believe that this cat was kept in a room with toddlers to protect them from evil!

Russian Blue Cat: Attractive or Not?

The Russian Blue Cat is a heart robber. Russian Blue Cat comes in a variety of colors, from slate grey to shimmering silver. If you are a lover of darker shades, you will even get the ones you love. How good can it get?

In a sense, the Russian Blue Cat is your dream come true. It has short hairs with dense coats of fur, making it impossible to stop admiring its gorgeousness!

Moreover, it is a classic Russian beauty. What more? The loyalty Russian Blue showers you added with gentle behavior make it even more attractive.

Similarly, you will adore this cat if you have allergies to some other breeds majorly because it has very few allergens that are found in other breeds.

Have you ever wondered if your cat has changed into a snake because of the way it sheds its hair? I understand how painful cleaning up can be. I have adored other breeds of cats until I see short hairs even floating in the air.

The excellent news is Russian Blue Cat does not give you any trouble in this area! This fact makes it instantly more attractive than other breeds like Ragdoll or Cymric cats.

Is a Russian Blue Cat Friendly?

Friendliness depends on who you are talking about. A Russian Blue Cat is simply a member of your family. It can blend into your family like it was always there, to begin with.

Significantly, it is demanding for love and is attractive as well. The Russian Blue Cat loves to play with you when you are home.

Moreover, a secret to the cat is that it grows fond of one single member. However, such cats are not opposed to others in the family.

You are sure to love a Russian blue cat because of how friendly it is. A huge part of having it as a pet is how affectionate it can be.

Do Russian Blue Cats Get Along with Dogs?

You can imagine how affectionate it is as I personally raise a Russian blue cat without any problems with my dog. Both of them seem to get along well, which was my first concern when I was looking for a cat.

My dog seems to be over-excited and playful with birds when we go to the park. So, I was pretty worried if they would squabble or that I would regret my decision. Gladly, I never did, and you should not too!

Is a Russian Blue Cat Kid-friendly?

Having children at home is a significant concern for pet owners. If you have a child or if you already have one at your house, you do not need to worry about a Russian Blue Cat. For a fact, its kid-friendliness is relatively higher than many pets.

A Russian Blue cat is an intelligent breed and often seen to be friendly with all family members along with children.

Is a Russian Blue Cat Easy to Pet?

Most people find it hard to have time for their pets. The busy schedule causes blame games in most houses, which makes it seem that raising a pet is more of a job than fun!

Hence, you should choose a pet that is easy to put up in the first place, isn’t it? It is where the Russian Blue Cat steps up the game.

Russian Blue Cats are friendly creatures with high intelligence. Moreover, all you have to do is provide it some food and play with it sometimes.

It is incredible how easy cats are to pets. Adding to this, shedding hair is low in their case. You are almost provided the cherry on top with its easy-going nature.

Living With a Russian Blue Cat

As Russian blue cats are intelligent animals, they require specific exercise or playtime. Living with Russian Blue cats is more of a normal day with a family only adding a little bit of fun to it!

They are pretty amazing to live with. Many Russian Blue cat owners believe that they are trained by their cat instead! Imagine what it would be like to come home to a Russian blue eagerly waiting for you at the door with a smile that can melt hearts! Doesn’t it sound amazing?

Toys and Play Time

Since Russian Blue Cats have some hunting instincts, they tend to enjoy toys of such nature. The intelligence of Russian Blues requires them to capture their mind with mentally stimulating games.

Is it right to play with the Russian Blue cat with made up toys? Yes, you might find fishing rods with a toy attached to the net helpful. To be very honest, you will enjoy this along with the cat itself.

It would be even more interesting to watch your cat go for a treasure hunt. The treasure here would be hidden treats for the cat. More attentively, you will get addicted to your own circus show of letting your Blue jump over hoops or sit on the chair on request!

Safety Measures

Although Russian Blues are pretty mindful, they still require some help from you. After all, that is why they are called pets, right?

Starting with toys, you will have to keep the toys out of reach when you are not playing with the cat. More often, cats tend to play all by themselves. It may cause some trouble if they swallow the feathers or strings of the toy.

Moreover, they might also tear the toy apart, which requires you to buy a new one. After all, you would not want a massacre in your house!

Small particles that your pet might swallow can cause digestive problems disrupting its overall health.

Food and Health

Russian blue cat loves food. Who doesn’t? But you, as a parent, need to make sure that it does not overfeed itself. Many potential health problems can be dodged simply by this step.

Moreover, make sure that you do not budge when it asks for food multiple times a day with its charming personality. I agree that it will be hard to resist, but you have to be firm.

A trick here is to schedule the feedings and measure them before you provide them. The same amount of food given daily is much more preferable. You might want to avoid too many cat treats.


Grooming is an essential part of having any pets. It might be fun at the first part. However, if your pet is not cooperative, then it can be more of a headache.

So, what are the right equipment to groom a Russian blue cat? As simple as petting any other cats, you require a toothbrush and toothpaste that are cat-friendly.

Importantly, you will require a medium-toothed comb. The abundant hair involves grooming it once every week. This step also decreases a lot of the hair fall for the rest of the week. For a fact, combing a Russian Blue cat’s luscious hair is what makes the feline look royal.

To be extra cautious, you shall use a cotton ball instead of a cotton swab to clear out its ears if you find any dirt in its ear.

Does My Personality Suit With a Russian Blue Cat?

For this particular topic, you should first check what your personality is. Do you want a companion pet? Do you want a loving pet? Moreover, are you attracted to an affectionate pet or a more subtle one?

It does not matter since all these things are jumbled up with Russian Blue Cats. Russian Blue Cats want the right share of attention from you. You will not find difficulty in this part because it is lovable indeed.

However, it is not as needy as it sounds. For instance, just picture the perfect relationship in your mind. Does it sound fabulous to have someone to love you but yet give you the space you need?

Well, Russian Blue Cats uniquely blend such things to its personality and give you the best times of your life. While you are home, you can play and pet it all you want. In contrast, while you are away, the Russian Blue Cat remains subtle in its own world!

What’s more? The sweet-tempered cat provides you an equal amount of loyalty and follows you everywhere. However, shying away when visitors are at home is its thing.

You can say that it is a bit of an ambivert persona. Since it requires quiet time alone when sleeping but appears to be friendly with you when needed, Russian Blue Cats are quite the right choice for you.

To top all the personalities, its intelligence level is very high. Most owners prefer to say that Russian Blue Cats tend to train them instead.

Is Russian Blue Cat Right For You and Your Busy Lifestyle?

Yes, if you are troubled by a busy lifestyle, Russian Blue Cat will fulfill your dream of having a pet with the right timings. The feline can take care of itself while you are away. It has a knack for self-entertainment and exercise.

You do not need to worry about the outcry that can cause other pets like dogs trouble when they get scared of the separation. The best part is that a warm smiling pet will greet you at the door after a day of a tiring schedule.

Even better is the fact that you can travel with it in cars. Russian Blue Cats love to travel for long trips!

Pros and Cons of Raising a Russian Blue Cat

After knowing about Russian Blue Cats, let us list down the pros and cons of having them in our house as pets!

Pros of Raising a Russian Blue Cat

  1. You will always be fond of how much attractive and affectionate Russian Blues are.
  2. The Russian Blues have a naturally smiling face bringing you in a good mood.
  3. They need less time and care.
  4. They are perfect indoor cats.
  5. The high intelligence and clean habits of the cat make it easy to groom.
  6. They are less allergenic.
  7. The feline creatures get along well with other pets and people.
  8. Less hair sheds are a lifesaver.

Cons of Raising a Russian Blue Cat

  1. They are slightly less outgoing in nature. Hence, they are indoor cats.
  2. They are not recommended for extremely allergic people.
  3. Difficult to maintain weight as this cute furry animal makes adorable requests for food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Russian Blue Cats Hypoallergenic?

The answer to this particular question is more of a 90-10 statistic. Although no cats are ultimately fully hypoallergenic, certain breeds work well with allergic people.

Russian Blue Cats are one of the breeds that allergic people will find their liking to. The basic idea here is that these fluff balls produce less Fel d 1. However, it is not entirely free of them. So, you might find it easy to deal with cats if you are not much allergic.

The additional tip here is that Russian Blues produce dander, causing skin irritations. So, make sure you spend some time knowing what you are allergic to before you decide on buying the felines.

Do Russian Blue Cats Have Health Issues?

Apart from naturally occurring health issues, your furry friend might be the target of obesity as it is fond of food. For this, you will have to take extra care of its food and not give up on the demands of treats.

Since Russian Blues are not crossbreeds, they are naturally healthy creatures. It has no genetic disorders. However, it can be vulnerable to bladder stones and other urinary tract issues. If you take appropriate care of its food and water, then you do not have to worry about its health issues.

Are Russian Blues Good Indoor Cats?

Yes, Russian Blue Cats are quite fond of their surroundings indoors. It is a friendly animal, but it still prefers its regular home to live in. Precisely, your Russian Blue cat will always follow you around in your house and prove to be the best pet.

You will often find Russian Blues hide from new guests to observe them with its vibrant eyes quietly.

Similarly, it will seem a bit off with new guests in the house in the first place as it is not used to them. Though once Russian Blues find their liking to your guests, its playful feature will come back in place!

Why Are Russian Blue Cats Called Blue Cats?

Russian Blue Cats come in a variety of colors, as we have mentioned above. However, why are they called Russian Blue Cats? Funny, right?

People say that these cats are bright blue (as a generalized specific color in some cats and dogs) tipped with some silver hair. In contrast, these words are just spoken in cat show terms.

Russian Blue Cats are even helped by their thick fur coat, making it look sparkling! Russian Blue Cats always remind you that it is in fact ‘pet time.’

Last words

At last, Russian Blue Cats are just those customized gifts that make you extremely ecstatic. You get everything you want from a pet starting from attractive looks to a friendly nature.

Additionally, their loyal characteristics are sure to melt your heart without a doubt. If you really are looking for more of a family member than a pet, you have found your match. If you were ever a fan of the cartoon sensation Tom and Jerry, then you have got a Tom at your house!

Russian Blue Cat will always make you believe you made the right choice.

We will be more than happy to hear about your experiences with your Russian Blue Cat. Make sure to leave comments below!

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