Why Russian Blue Cats Are Expensive | Cost of Russian Blue Cat

Why Russian Blue Cats Are Expensive

Russian Blue Cats are a beautiful cat breed. These wonderful felines have a beautiful blue coat, emerald eyes, and sweet temperament. Judging by their beauty and nature, you might wonder if Russian Blues are expensive. Russian Blues are, indeed, an expensive breed of cats. But, why is that so? Today, I will try to clear your confusion. Stick with me to find out why Russian Blue Cats are expensive.

Russian Blues are rarer than domesticated cat breeds. The low availability (or rarity) adds to the cost of a Russian Blue.

Moreover, the Pedigree Russian Blues costs more. This is because Pedigree requires time, effort, and money to be produced. 

Female Russian Blues demand more price as they can produce a litter and make a profit for the buyer. 

Even after the initial costs of buying the Russian Blue, you have expensive daily expenses like food, grooming, etc. 

Are Russian Blues Expensive?

Yes, Russian Blues are indeed an expensive breed of cat. Many cats cost average. While the kittens of Russian Blues generally cost between 600$-1200$ and even more!

Russian Blue Cats fall under an expensive breed of cats.

Some pedigree and show-quality cats cost more. While some are mixed Russian Blues which might come at a lower price.

You might have a question as to why there is a wide range in price. Well, the range is caused by several factors. You will know why Russian Blues are expensive below.

Why Russian Blue Cats Are Expensive?

You might be wondering why it is so expensive to buy a Russian blue cat? So these are the reasons.

Pedigree Russian Blue Cats Are Expensive

A pedigree cat means the cat is selectively bred for desirable traits. Thus, if you get a Pedigree Russian Blue, it might get expensive.

It requires lots of effort from the breeder to produce standard features like a silky blue coat, emerald eyes, etc. For a good pedigree Russian Blue, a breeder should breed two pure pedigrees of Russian Blue.

Since it is a lot of effort, money, and time to create desirable features, Russian Blue Pedigree Cats are expensive. If the cat’s parents are winners of cat shows, expect the price to soar even more!

However, not all expensive Russian Blue means pedigree. Some breeders might trick you into buying a “Russian Blue” that only looks blue and has no features like a Russian Blue at all. This is why you must get the pedigree papers from your breeder.

Mixed Russian Blues are cheaper compared to the Pedigree Russian Blues. You can mostly find mixed Russian Blues in the shelter homes. It is rare to find a Pedigree Russian Blue at the shelter homes. Moreover, mixed Russian Blues are also found in a breeders’ litter who has bred mixed Russian Blues.

Usually, the breeder will reduce the price if you are buying a mixed Russian Blue. However, a pedigree Russian Blue is expensive.

Coat Color And Quality

Russian Blues were hunted for their luxurious coat in the old days. Moreover, Russian Blues are adored for their luxurious blue coat even today.

When the breeders breed two pure Russian Blues, there is the creation of pure Russian blue kittens. The pure Russian blue kittens have a beautiful coat like their parents.

The pure Russian Blue has a dense double-layered coat. The lower layer is soft, downy. While the upper layer is blue with tipping which gives off a shimmering effect to the coat.

When you touch the coat of a pure Russian Blue, it feels soft, silky, and smooth. Moreover, the coat leaves a mark when you trace lines on it. The line disappears when you smooth it out.

But, when the pure Russian Blue is bred with a mixed Russian Blue, the litter might be both Black and Blue. This is because the mixed Russian Blue has a dominant black gene which results in a black kitten. Even if the Russian Blue from the litter looks blue, the coat isn’t of good quality like the pedigree (pure) Russian Blue.

Thus, the coat of Russian Blue is so hard to make right.

If the breeder demands more pricing for the quality blue coat of a Russian Blue, don’t be surprised! Because indeed, the Russian Blues’ coat is a prized possession.

Females Russian Blues Are More Expensive Than Males

Female Russian Blue gives birth to kittens. And these kittens can be sold for a good price. Some people buy good-quality Russian Blues to produce a litter and earn a profit. Thus, the breeder sells female Russian Blues at a high price.

The breeder also is at a disadvantage since he sold the female kitten and cannot produce the kittens to make a profit.

Furthermore, young female Russian Blues have a long time to reproduce multiple times. This is also the reason why breeders demand a bit more on a young female Russian Blue.

However, in some places, it is illegal to sell Russian Blues without registration. Some immoral people buy Russian Blues to produce litter and earn a profit. This might result in the overflowing of impure Russian Blues. To ensure the pure line of Russian Blue, the breeder has to do something.

Thus, the breeder neuters the male cats before selling them. The breeder even gives contraceptive injections to the female Russian Blue before selling. The neutering and injections might somewhat add to the price.

Reputable Breeders Can Ask For More Price

Reputable Breeders are known for giving good quality pets who have great health. These kinds of breeders look for quality and customer feedback more than money. Therefore, they produce quality pets by taking their time and knowledge. The higher quality results in soaring prices.

You can ask reputable breeders to give you a socialized Russian Blue kitten. This might add to the extra cost of the Russian Blue. Socialization is important so your Russian Blues don’t have any aggression or socialization issues in the future.

The reputable breeders spend a lot of time to take care of Russian Blue. The breeders spend money on vaccination, health monitoring, and daily expenses like food, litter, etc. Some breeders even take DNA testing of Russian Blues to detect their purity which costs a lot of money.

Furthermore, to be a reputable breeder, one must be registered from a cat association. This, too, requires money.

All of this adds to the soaring price of Russian Blue from a reputable breeder. Furthermore, you will get a registration certificate and health guarantee certificate from the breeder. You won’t go wrong on spending more money on a reputable breeder.

However, there is a low chance of getting quality Russian Blue kittens when you buy from a random site on the internet.

Location Affects The Price

Russian Blues are in high demand in the USA, Russia, etc. However, Russian Blues are not high in demand in several countries.

Thus, shipping should be done. Shipping adds to the price of Russian Blue.

If there is no Russian Blue breeder near your city or country, you have to ship Russian Blues from abroad. Furthermore, the farther the breeders’ location, the higher the shipping price. The shipping price ranges as low as 80$ to 200$ or even more depending on location.

If you buy a Russian Blue from a local breeder, you won’t have to spend money on shipping charges. Moreover, the breeders have to compete with each other thus they sell you Russian Blue at a lower price.

Demand Vs Supply

You need to understand this business model. This might be a headache but you’ll know the reason why the price of Russian Blues spikes up.

If more people demand Russian Blues, the supply should also increase the same way. However, the supply of Russian Blues will remain the same in amount because it takes 2-3 months to bear kittens. Furthermore, Russian Blues are difficult to perfect into the desired traits.

This results in a limited supply of Russian Blues. The rarer something is, the more valuable it is. Therefore, the breeder asks for more price from people because the quality kittens are so limited.

Cost Of Bringing Up A Russian Blue

Russian Blues are a natural breed. They don’t suffer from cross-breeding genetic problems. Thus, Russian Blues live for a long time. Some even live for 24 years. That’s why the cost of bringing up a Russian Blue increases.

You have to buy a litter box, food dish, a fountain for water, premium food, toys, scratch posts, brush and comb, nail cutter, harness, cat tree house, blankets, etc. This costs somewhat more.

You should also be ready to have a yearly check-up visit to the veterinary. Visiting a veterinary and vaccinations might result in more expenses.

However, the Russian Blues are low maintenance cats and don’t suffer from health problems often. Thus, visiting a veterinarian and spending lots of money seems unlikely.

However, daily expenses might cost you a little money. Especially, you should give premium cat food to your Russian blue (premium cat food is of good quality and costs expensive).

Is The Price Of Russian Blue Worth It?

Yes, the price of a Russian Blue is worth it. Russian Blues might cost a little expensive, that’s true. But, they are a long term investment for you!

The price spiking up for Russian Blue is worth it for me. Their coat seems highly regal and unique. Besides, the loving nature of Russian Blues makes them so worthwhile. The emerald eyes and graceful stature is also a big plus as to why they’re expensive.

Moreover, the breeder spends quality time to breed a quality Russian Blue. This also requires pure lineage Russian Blue parents. And I think that this dedication to preserving the lineage of Russian Blues is a commendable effort.

In conclusion, I think that the high price of Russian Blues is worth it.


I hope you understood why Russian Blues are so expensive by reading through this article.

The coveted coat, emerald eyes spikes up the cost of this lovely feline. Not to forget that Russian Blues are somewhat exotic cats and their low availability.

Furthermore, a reputable breeder asks for more money which spikes up the price. Not to forget the vaccinations, DNA testing, location, and availability. Also, female Russian Blues are expensive because they reproduce.

I hope you got the answer to your question now.

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