Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat: Which Cat Is Right One For You?

Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

When you plan on petting a blue cat, it gets quite confusing which breed to adopt? There are so many options like the Korat, Russian blue, etc. Russian Blue Cat Vs Korat, how can you decide which one is ideal for you? What are the differences between the Russian blue cat and Korat? Russian blue, […]

Russian Blue Cat Vs Burmese Cat: Which Cat Breed Is Right For You?

Russian Blue Cat Vs Burmese Cat

Out of all the blue cats, you don’t know which one will be better for you. Russian Blue might be your go-to cat but Burmese is another blue breed that can be appropriate. So, the question remains as well as the war of choice between Russian Blue Vs Burmese too. Russian Blue or Burmese: Which […]

Russian Blue Cat Vs Domestic Shorthair [Full Comparison]

Russian Blue Cat Vs Domestic Shorthair

Cats are one of the loving pets. Talking about the Russian Blue and Domestic Shorthair cat, they both are combinations of great looks and wonderful characters. Both cats have their own history and unique features. Also, they do have some differences. Based on the size, characteristics, health, lifestyle, etc. both of the cats have their […]

Russian Blue Cats Vs Maine Coon Cats [Full Cpmparison]

Russian Blue Cats Vs Maine Coon Cats

You saw a man carrying Russian blue and Maine coon at the corner of your street. Your eyes suddenly to both of the cats abut somehow you only want one of them. So, how do you choose between Maine coon and Russian blue? How do you know which one is best for you? Which can […]

Russian Blue Vs Chartreux [Full Comparison]

Russian Blue Vs Chartreux

When you plan to pet a cat, it becomes quite essential to compare breeds so that you can take the correct decision. The lifestyle you have, the household you stay in, and you, all of these factors matter while picking the right breed. So,  Russian Blue Vs Chartreux, which one is ideal for you? Although […]

Siamese Cats Vs Russian Blue Cats [Full Comparision]

Siamese Cats Vs Russian Blue Cats

Are you confused over Siamese cats and Russian blue cats? Which one is the perfect pet for your home as well as for your children’s? If so then you will clear out your all confusion over these two loving cats in this article. Here you can find a full comparison of Siamese cats Vs Russian […]

Russian Blue vs British Shorthair: Which Is The Best?

Russian Blue Vs British Shorthair

Russian Blue vs British Shorthair is a difficult choice. At first glance, even the resemblance between the two cat breeds is unreal. With a blue coat and warm nature, you may find it difficult to clarify who is who. Today, I am here to clear the differences between these two felines. Sure, both the Russian Blue […]

9 Cats From Russia: Cats Besides Russian Blue

Cats From Russia

So, I was lying in my bed when I read that 60 percent of Russians own at least one cat, making them the most feline-friendly people in the world. Then, it just occurred to me that there have to be dozens of breeds of cats from Russia other than only the Russian Blue that I […]

How to Calm Your Hyperactive Russian Blue Cat [ Best Tips]

Calm Your Hyperactive Russian Blue Cat

Has your Russian Blue cat seemingly randomly started running around your house, chasing or attacking you, or simply displayed restlessness? These are all signs of a hyperactive cat. So, if your Russian Blue cat is hyperactive and disrupting the peace in your home at random times, how can you calm them down? The answer lies […]

Why is Russian Blue Shedding Too Much?

Why is Russian Blue Shedding Too Much

Do you feel like your Russian Blue cat is shedding too much nowadays that you only see its fur ball everywhere more often? See, any cat breed, including the Russian Blue, generally sheds. But if you notice your Russian Blue shedding more than it actually should have, then knowing the reason behind it is significant. […]