Russian Blue Vs Chartreux [Full Comparison]

Russian Blue Vs Chartreux

When you plan to pet a cat, it becomes quite essential to compare breeds so that you can take the correct decision. The lifestyle you have, the household you stay in, and you, all of these factors matter while picking the right breed. So,  Russian Blue Vs Chartreux, which one is ideal for you?

Although both Russian blue and Chartreux are house cats and very friendly, Russian blue is barely social with strangers whereas Chartreux is. Both of them are blue breeds but Russian blue is originally from Russia whereas Chartreux is French.

There are certain differences between them that you’ll know when you will closely study both. Once you know what are these Russian Blue and Chartreux like, it will be easier to choose the right one for you.

Let’s read about both of them separately and then together without any delay, shall we?

Russian Blue Cat Vs Chartreux

Before anything, you need to know about the physical difference these cats have. They may look similar at first glance but they aren’t.

Let’s start with basic things, shall we?

General Appearance

As already said Chartreux is French whereas Russian Blue, as its name says, is Russian. Coming to their general appearance, they both look quite similar as they are both blue breeds.

Both of them are known for their ever-smiling face and doubled coated fur bodies. They look exactly the same if you look from afar.


Chartreux color ranges from blue-gray to ash to slate, however, the bluish tone with bright, unblemished with the iridescent sheen in the overall body is quite preferred. Clarity and uniformity of color are more emphasized than the shade itself.

Russian blue does have the same shades but a brighter blue color than Chartreux. These cats have a more lustrous appearance as well as has definite contrast between tipping and ground.

These both have silver-tipped hair but the shine is more on the Russian blue side however the color of Chartreux appears more bluish in light.


Let’s talk about the Russian blue first. The coat, with no doubt, is the best thing about these blues with all those short, fine, dense, and plush textures. The soft and silky feel these coat has; will make you play with them all the time.

And now coming to Chartreux, these cats have short but medium-short as well as woolly coat texture. Their coat is known to break around the neck and flanks like sheepskin.

Both of these have a double coat in their body where Chartreux has one undercoat along with a protective overcoat. But the body and coat of Russian blue stand out due to the dense texture.

The Shape Of Head

Chartreux has a round and broadhead however Russian blue smooth and medium-sized head. They both have a beautiful face but Chartreux steals the show with their fluffy cheeks.

Chartreux has a high forehead with soft contour and their nose has medium length and width along with a stop at eye level.

The muzzle these Chartreux cats have is another better story. It is tapered yet small and narrow with slight pads. Although the muzzle of Russian Blue is pretty blunt, it is a part of the total wedge with no such pinch or whisker break.

Chartreux has a special quality that makes them a little more special and that is their sweet and beautiful smiling expression.

Ears And Eyes

Chartreux has small to medium ears but Russian blue are known for having large ears generally. The ears are quite round in the case of Chartreux whereas blues have pointed ones.

Also, the length between two ears is shorter in Chartreux than Russian blue but sits high on the head in both.

Now coming to eyes, the most possible way to distinguish these cats is the first look. Chartreux has eye color ranging from copper to gold and Russian blue’s eyes have a distinctively green color.

Both of them have round eyes and are basically wide apart giving an alert vibe whenever you look closely.


The robust and well-proportioned physical feature of Chartreux makes them differ from long and firm Russian Blue. Russian blue has a fine-boned yet muscular body with a lithe and graceful carriage and outline.

Chartreux is known for being slightly short-legged whereas Russian blue has long, fined-boned legs. Both of them have rounded paws though.

The body mass of Chartreux makes them look like they have dainty foot and the Russian blue looks chunkier due to thick fur.


Chartreux has lively and flexible as well as moderate length tail but Russian blue has a longer tail proportional to their body.

Both of these cats have a thick base around their tail with an oval tip generally.

Character of Russian Blue Vs Chartreux

Once you know what these cats look like you need to know about their temperament. Without knowing about their characters, you cannot decide which one is actually for you, now can you?

Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue, also fondly known as archangel cat, are one of the quiet, shy yet friendly cat. They are very gentle and loving with their known human family and might act weird and scared among strangers.

They are very playful and enjoy their alone time independently but have no drama or destructiveness. These are indoor cats and don’t give you headaches about open windows and doors generally.

Russian blues are active but won’t make you sweat about it. They will snuggle up to your lap when they prefer but only with their favorite human friend.

These cats are not talkative and will not vocalize much but when they do, they are very quiet with a soft voice.

They also like climbing around and you will find them around bookshelves as well as want attention and affection.


If you are looking for a cat who loves lap time more than anything and is actively playful, go for Chartreux.

They are very friendly and pretty demonstrative and will ask for a hug and snuggle as soon as you are around.

These cats can be troublesome too as they prefer to explore the outside world and will jump as soon as they see open doors or windows.

They also get themselves into trouble by getting themselves stuck in the smallest place possible. You need to be there for rescue time and again.

The power to find treats and foods around the cupboard is their ultimate power. Even if you hide it in the secret locker, they will find it. They are very loyal and intelligent but tend to get very clingier as well.

Size of Russian Blue Vs Chartreux

Now it is turn about how big these cats can get and will you be able to carry them throughout their life.

Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue cat is a medium-sized breed that weighs between 3 kgs to 6 kgs depending on the diet and care.

This cat is famously called ‘the Doberman pinscher’ cat due to its lean and slender configuration with a lanky and athletic physique.

They show very less sexual dimorphism where the females are slightly smaller than the male species after maturity.

You need to feed the Russian Blue diet properly and plenty of good quality food to the kittens as they tend to grow faster with growth spurts. Here are some of the best food for Russian blue kittens.


Chartreux is also a medium-sized breed and this lap-loving cat should weigh as little as possible. They are smaller than their British hair cousins with weighing between 3 to 6 kgs.

Here the sexual dimorphism is very impactful as the female weighs healthily between 2.5 kgs to 4 kgs. Any more than that they are considered obese and it is wise to check their diet.

Now the male species are considered healthy when they weigh between 4.5 to 6.5 kgs and any more than that is obesity.

These Chartreux cats are very lithe and compact although they are thickest and stocky.

Health of Russian Blue Vs Chartreux

The health factor plays a vital role when you are getting a cat. What if you are not there much and your cat is one of the most sensitive breeds and gets sick often.

You can’t pet the cat like that, can you? So, let’s have a look at the health factor of these cats.

Russian Blue Cat

Russian blues have got the boon in this case with no serious health issues to look for. They have very fine hereditary genes with no illness transfer.

You just need to look out for common Blues diseases that most felines suffer from. They have a very amazing and pretty impressive lifespan between 10 to 20 years.

25-years old Russian blue has also lived in this world so the care and diet are all that decide their lifespan.

You need to look out for one serious issue though i.e. obesity. Obesity can be a huge problem when it comes to these foodie cats. Lookout and be careful with that!


Chartreux, although, was together with most of the things with Russian blues but lagged here. These cats are prone to many diseases that will probably make you think twice.

Note that these diseases are not recurring or common among them but there is always the slightest chance. Patellar luxation is one of the greatest issues you might encounter with these.

This condition occurs when the kneecap slides out due to a joint deformity. This can be treated with simple surgery and will even do fine without one as well.

Another problem is one of the common problems among cats i.e. the kidney stone results due to no love for the water. This can be prevented if you are clever enough to make your cat drink water or feed wet food.

Now comes the rare yet dangerous villain of directly attacking the kidney, the one, and only polycystic kidneys.

This one, here, is a pretty serious case with no cure to date. It is manageable as well as treatable but kidney failure is always a threat clinging back and happens anytime.

However, this disease doesn’t stop your cat to enjoy or stay happy till they live. So, keep them happy and well-fed.

Price Comparison of Russian Blue Vs Chartreux

Okay, now coming to the price range these cats go to and how much will your wallet have to lose. Russian blues are very cheap compared to the Chartreux.

Let’s talk about the price range in the US, you can get a Russian blue kitten at a modest $400 to $600 whereas a Chartreux kitten hit the board with $1000.

In Australia, you can get Chartreux kittens for AUD 1000 and Russian blues tops here with AUD 850 to AUD 1200.

Now, let’s go to the UK, shall we? Pedigree kitten of Chartreux go for £500 to £1500 but Russian blue babies are below £1000.

Care And Maintenance of Russian Blue Vs Chartreux

You need to take care of your Russian blue cat whether you want to or not. You can’t compromise with these aspects, so please adopt or buy a cat if you can’t afford the luxury to pet it properly.

Here is what you need to do with each of them if you genuinely want to be called a good cat mom/dad.

Russian Blue

They are quite easy to care for and you need to do very basic things for them. You need to comb them with a metal comb once or twice a week and brush their teeth daily. Learn more, why you should brush your Russian blue teeth.

If you are a busy human being, make sure to give them love and affection along with attention when you are with them.

These cats are known for their overeating habit and tend to gain weight pretty sooner. So, make sure you monitor their food intake and provide them sufficient and quality food only.

They don’t prefer drinking water much, so train them well to drink water or feed them wet food only. This will help to decrease the chance of kidney/urinary stones. So, how much water should a Russian blue cat need to drink in a day?


Chartreux also asks for similar care as well as proper attention. You need to comb them once a week rather than brush them.

You need to brush them daily and shouldn’t skip any day. They are very clingy cats, so make sure you are giving them enough love and attention.

Also, they have a high chance of developing kidney diseases that’s why it comes down to you to make them drink much water.

Go for wet foods that are specifically made for these cats. Feed them on time and in proper quantity with good quality food.

You need to give these cats more attention than Russian blue as Chartreux stuck themselves so often.

Compatibility of Russian Blue Vs Chartreux

Now, it all comes down to compatibility. If the cat you want doesn’t do well around human beings or other animals, can you think about adopting it?

No right. So, it is necessary to learn what these cats are like with kids, dogs, and even with other cats.

With Each Other

These two cats have similar temperaments although Chartreux can be a little mischievous. Because of their similar temperament and proper introduction, they will make a great companion for each other.

With Other Cats

Both of these cats will go with a cat that is peaceful and playful like them. They are not fussy about having another companion unless you mess up the introduction part.

With Dogs And Kids

Russian blue and Chartreux, the both, are house cats and will readily agree with small children as they are cuddly.

Russian blues are very friendly and match the enthusiasm kids carry. They prefer social and affectionate with dogs as well.

These blues don’t like intrusive attention and aggression, so it is better to avoid Russian blue if you have an aggressive dog.

Now about Chartreux, they play and prefer many dog-like games so you’ll be good here. Likewise, the affection and warmth they have for children are unmatchable until the kid starts bothering them.

You need to keep your kid and dog away from Chartreux when the cat is napping or having alone time.

Which Breed Is Right For You?

If you have a small apartment and work a 10 am -5 pm job then go for Russian blue as they are quite independent in many cases. These are great indoor cats and will not show tantrums about going out.

Likewise, if you want a cuddle-bug who can sit on your lap the whole day, go for Chartreux. Either way, you will have a great pet for yourself.

And they will even go out with you and can also be your travel companion without any issues and complaints.


In conclusion, both, Russian blue and Chartreux, are ideal as house cats and will definitely make a great companion. But it always comes down to your preferences and choices. If you know what kind of cat you are searching for as a feline friend, it will be easier to choose between these two. Any cat can be affectionate and loving towards their human friend if they are properly cared for and raised. It is your responsibility to make them love you. Good Luck!!!

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