Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat: Which Cat Is Right One For You?

Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

When you plan on petting a blue cat, it gets quite confusing which breed to adopt? There are so many options like the Korat, Russian blue, etc. Russian Blue Cat Vs Korat, how can you decide which one is ideal for you? What are the differences between the Russian blue cat and Korat?

Russian blue, the archangel cat, is a reserved cat who barely likes visitors yet loving and affectionate towards its human friend. However, Korat, the good luck cat, is social, confident, and won’t mind when its peaceful life is being disturbed, unlike Russian blue.

These are just a few points that help to differentiate between these two cats but there are furthermore.

Let’s dive into this article to know more about Russian Blue and Korat, their similarity, and their differences. It will help you to decide which one is the right fit for you and your home, Russian Blue or Korat?

Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

Both of these cats are categorized under blue cats along with Chartreux and a few more. People are easily confused between these cats and often keep them under the same wing.

That is basic colorism or say racism because each of these cats has something slightly different than the other.

Russian blue Vs Korat is just to point out what these differences are but first, you need to start from something general like appearance.

You might put them under the same breed at the first glance but if you look closely, you’ll see the difference.

Both of them have a few distinguishable characters that will make it easier for you to separate the two. You’ll be able to tell the difference once you read the details given below.


Well, it is very necessary to know where the roots are. This will get easier to categorize them in a separate column.

Russian Blues are, as their name suggests, from Russia whereas Korat originally belongs to Thailand. Both of these are from completely different parts of the world with different circumstances.

Russian blue first originated from Russian and to be precise Archangel isles, hence their nickname the Archangel Cat.

Likewise, the good luck cat, Korat, originated from Phimai in Thailand. But more precisely Nakhon Ratchasima Province is their province of origin and is named after the other name of the same place i.e., Korat.

General Appearance of Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

Let’s begin with the general appearance of these cats. How do they look at the first glance or from afar?

Russian Blue

Russian blue looks beautiful with its double-coated fur body and ever-smiling face. They have a distinctively elegant and foreign body type.

The smiling expression along with a green emerald eye color (or yellow eye color if it is a kitten) makes them look quite attractive and eye-catching.

They have an angular head that looks like a modified wedge. These Russian Blue are bluish/greyish in color making themselves in the list of Blue cats.


This medium-sized cat comes in one color same as Russian blue i.e. blue. They are also one of the blue cats with a beautiful single coat of blue fur with silver-tipped hair.

These Korat Cats are known as cats with five hearts. Quite a beautiful and attaching nickname but it has a reason behind the name.

They actually have four heart-shaped structures around their body along with one live beating heart inside the body.

The first one, as already said, is a real heart that pumps blood and present inside the body. Now, coming to the other hearts in the list, they have a valentine’s heart-shaped head.

You can see the heart shape distinctively from the front and the top of the head making these the second and third hearts.

Their nose is also heart-shaped making it the fourth heart. The last or the fifth heart shape is present in their chest musculature between their front shoulders.

Color of Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

Both of these cats belong to the blue cats’ category so their color is quite clear from this perceptive.


Korat has silver-tipped blue hairs all over its body that creates a silver halo effect. They have hairs with lighter roots and a gradient of blue that contrasts over the upper level of hair.

Their short coat helps their silver sheen to intensify making the halo effect more beautiful. The silver sheen these Korat cats have are fondly called ‘seafoam’ in their native place i.e., Thailand.

Russian Blue

Russian blue has a greyish/bluish color that is an even brighter shade of blue than Korat. They have silver-tipped hair that provides a lustrous or slivery sheen appearance to them.

Russian blue cat has hairs that appear to be more silver-tipped compared to that of Korat. There is a definite contrast in color between the ground and guard hairs of the double coat in Russian Blue.

Coat of Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

Russian Blue are well-known for their doubled-coated furry body with one dense undercoat and one with silver-tipped guard hairs.

Korat, however, has a single-coated body that too has silver-tipped hairs giving their body a silver halo effect.

Shape Of Head Russian Blue Vs Korat

Russian Blue cat has a medium modified wedge-shaped face that is very smooth which is neither short and massive nor long and tapering.

The muzzle of Russian Blue is known to be blunt, as a part of a wedge with no pinch or whisker break. The wide eye set and thick fur makes their face look broad across the eyes.

Korat, as already mentioned, has a heart-shaped head helped by the eyebrow ridges to form an upper curve of the heart.

The flat and large forehead also helps to form a second heart that looks like a heart inside a heart.

Ears And Eyes of Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

The eye color and ear shape help you to distinguish the Russian Blue or Korat from Other blue cats or each other.

Russian Blue

Russian Blues are born with yellow eyes as a kitten that changes into emerald green color as they mature.

Their eyes are very round and wide apart making them look attentive and alert all the time. The ears of Russian Blue are also wide apart and are proportionally large in size.

The ears Russian blue have, are not rounded but more of a pointed type covered with short, fine hair.


Korat has oversized, wide-open eyes that are round in shape. The eye color can vary between luminous green and amber cast.

Their ears are more of a rounded type that is large and has a larger flare at the base. Ears have sparse furnishings inside whereas the outside is extremely close and short.

Body of Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

The body of the cat decides which one of them will look bigger or smaller.

Russian Blue

Russian Blue looks chunkier with fur with a muscular, firm, long, and fine-boned body. They are graceful and lithe in outline along with the carriage that doesn’t look tubular in appearance.

They have fine-boned legs that are long in length but has small yet rounded paws. Thanks to their small and well-rounded feet, it seems like they are walking or standing on tiptoe.

They do not have excessive bulk and has a solid weight.


Korat has a muscular and supple body with a curved back. They have shorter front legs compared to the back ones and have oval paws.

They bear the unexpected weight in their body with a feeling of power that is hard-coiled.

Tail of Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

Russian Blue has a longer tail compared to the medium-sized tail of the Korat. Both of these cats have tails tapering with a thick base and rounded tip.

Size of Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

If you plan on adopting and petting a cat, its size makes a huge impact on your decision. You may want a cat that can sit on your lap and cuddle with you.

But that isn’t quite possible with the cat that weighs more and is large in size. So, let’s talk about the size of Russian Blue and Korat to help you decide what you are getting yourself into.

Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue cat is a cat with a medium range of body that can vary in weight between 3 kgs to 6 kgs. It completely depends on the diet and other factors what size your Russian blue will attain.

They are famously known as ‘the Doberman pinscher’ cat because of the body structure they have. These cats have a lanky and athletic physique along with a lean and slender configuration.

The height of the Russian blue reaches up to 10 inches on average and may vary with age, care, and diet.

They are the ideal cat for someone who likes to carry their cat around or cuddle them in their lap. But it depends on how much and when you feed them.

Russian Blue is one of the cats that tend to eat more and get obese easily. So, if you don’t monitor your cat diet well, then sorry to say it can be quite a headache with the health issues obesity brings. So, learn how to properly feed your Russian blue cat.

Also, female Russian blues are quite smaller than Male ones when they hit maturity. Size is one of the factors that help you distinguish between male and female cats of Russian blue.

You might like to read about Russian Blue Cat Size | How Big Do Russian Blue Cats Get?

Korat Cat

Korat is alike Russian blue, a medium-sized cat that is very muscular and athletic. Although they are known for their muscular body, the muscles are quite compact.

The weight of the Korat ranges between 3 kgs to 5 kgs and height reaches around 15 to 18 inches on average. The size, however, varies depending on various factors like age, diet, care, and genetics.

The male cat of Korat weighs around 3 to 5 kgs and the female follows the male here with the same weight range.

They are single-coated unlike Russian blue with the double coat which makes Korat quite a smaller look than Russian blue around their fur.

Character of Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

The temperament of a cat plays a great role in the possibility of being a house cat. You can’t bring home a cat that is known for random attacks.

It is wise to know about the character of your cat before you decide which one to choose. If you are looking for a friendly and social cat, you need to know how these two are.

So, let’s get started, shall we?

Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue is a shy yet friendly cat that you can definitely keep in a house with large numbers of members.

They can handle familiar faces but will not interact with new faces or strangers. These cats will run towards their safe space whenever they see a new face around the house.

That’s why it is necessary to provide the space that can be their hiding place during party or house meetings.

They barely do any destructions or drama and are wonderfully independent while playing or with other things.

You can leave them the whole day and surprisingly they will be waiting and greeting you at the door with no complaints.

If you are its favorite human being, it will snuggle up to your lap and let you cuddle when it prefers. They are active as well as intelligent cat and loves to play games like puzzles with treats. Plus, you can also provide your Russian blue some toys which they can play with.

Russian blue is known to climb up on the bookshelves and sit there all day too sometimes. They will not act clingy or demanding but will ask for affection and attention.

These cats have a very soft and quiet voice but are not that talkative and barely social with visitors too.

Korat Cat

Korats are one of the social, friendly, loving, and playful cats you can get. If you want a furry partner that can play with you as well as your friends, go for Korat.

They are very social and will constantly ask for attention. As long as you are working from home or have another pet at home, Korat will be fine.

But if the separation lasts long, they will start to act depressed and destructive. They hate being alone or left alone for a long period even if it meant your long day at work.

Korats are as active and playful as Russian Blue but will prefer lap time with their human friend quite more. They are a thoughtful member of the family with deep intelligence.

These cats have strong and deep bonds with family members especially the ones they spend most of their time with.

They can be skittish around strangers but opens up once they see their family interacting with the stranger. Although These cats will seek safety around their human friend first when they see a stranger in the house.

Health of Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

You cannot risk your cats’ health when you are certain to have them for years. Some cats can be sensitive to a few things so you need to know what are the health issues related to the cat you are planning to adopt.

Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue is blessed with a body that is barely infected with any serious diseases. Their hereditary genes carried no genetic diseases, hence subsides the huge problems. However, there are some Russian blue cat disease which you need to look after.

However, obesity and parasites can be a headache for these cats. They tend to get obese if you don’t monitor their diet closely.

Obesity welcomes health issues in the cat that you won’t prefer your cat to have or have no idea what to do next.

Korat Cat

Korat is very sensitive about the presence of their human friend around. They tend to get depressed and stressed if left alone for too long.

These cats are also blessed with a body that has no specific diseases related to them. However, they can get ill with some common cat diseases like kidney stones, diabetes, etc.

It is up to you to take preventive measures so that these common diseases couldn’t attack your dear cat.

Price Comparison of Russian Blue Vs Korat Cat

The thing you probably want to know the most is how much each of these cats can cost. Price plays a key role while adopting a pure breed of both Russian blue and Korat.

Kittens tend to get more expensive than adults in both cases and both of them will make a certain dent in your wallet.

Both of these cats are one of the purest and oldest breeds of cats, so the price can be quite understandable.

Russian Blue

Firstly, let’s talk about its price in the US. You can get one Russian blue kitten at a modest price between $400 to $600.

While in the UK, like the US, the price remains below £1000. You can get an adult cat at a cheaper price and sometimes get one for free from the adoption center with abandoned cats.

Korat Cat

Korat is probably or thought to be one of the oldest as well as purest breeds that made its first entrance in literature.

Thus, the price can be quite hefty too and it is accurate seeing their history. In the US, you can get a Korat kitten for $600 to $800 depending on the breeder.

The UK also quite follows the trail of the US with a price range of around £410 to £550. So, both of these cats are within the same price range. Now, it’s up to you how much you want to spend.

Care And Maintenance of Russian Blue Vs Korat

You need to know how to take care of both of these cats to decide which one will be easier for you to take care of.

Both of these are low-maintenance cats meaning that they will need very little attention most of the time.

Russian Blue Cat

One of the best features of Russian blue is that they don’t shed much. They will do just fine if you brush them once a week with a metal comb.

They like it when you give them enough attention while brushing their hair. It is their way of relaxation and human friend time. Here learn, how to groom your Russian blue cat properly.

However, the nails of these cats are different stories. You need to trim their nails more often, regularly will be a good word here.

You need to give them all the necessary essentials like a litter box, water bowls, collar, tag, foods, etc. Moreover, they ask for a nice comfortable bed along with other grooming accessories and scratching posts.

These cats have the tendency to overeat and get obese, so you have to monitor their food intake closely.

Also, you have to take care of their drinking habit as like any other cat they don’t prefer drinking water. Act clever and give them wet food with 80% water rather than dry food, it is like killing two birds with one stone. So, you must know how much water should Russian blue cat drink in a day.

You need to get your cat vaccinated and take them to the vet once in a while for a routine checkup.

Korat Cat

Unlike Russian Blue, these cats shed hairs so you need to brush them more often, twice a week is a good start.

Likewise, you need to trim the nails only when it is too long and need a trim to avoid clawing injury. Of course, the eyes and ears need attention too, it is necessary to check their eyes to see if they are still bright and clear.

You need to check the ear for redness or any sign of infection while brushing its hair. Provide them food timely and look out for quality and the right balance of nutrients.

You need to make sure your cat gets its vaccine on time as well as a routine check-up to avoid any complications.

Compatibility of Russian Blue Vs Korat

What happens if you adopt a cat and it isn’t friendly or compatible with anyone in the house? It is very important to know beforehand if the cat you are planning to adopt is compatible with cats, dogs, and kids or not.

With Each Other

Both of these cats are house cats that are friendly and active. They like to play and spend time with their human friend.

So, if you introduce them properly to each other, they will adjust and adapt to each other presence. Their compatibility depends on the fact of how well you have trained them.

With Other Cats

Russian Blue will adjust well with other cats with similar temperament as long as you introduce them properly.

But the case with Korat is slightly different. They prefer the company of their own kind rather than other breeds of cat.

However, there is a silver lining to it, if you introduce them properly and make them understand about adjustment, they will give living together with a shot with other breeds of the cat too.

You have to teach Korat cats properly about the compatibility and presence of other cats in the house. There are certain ways to introduce your cat to a new member of the household.

You need to research well about the introduction of pets with each other and how to do it correctly.

With Dogs And Kids

Russian blue loves kids as well as dogs while they are playing together and peaceful. But they will react destructively if kids or dogs disturb them while they are napping or enjoying their quiet time.

The case with Korat is the same as Russian blue. Korat is even more social making itself okay with the presence of kids and other cats.

They see them as their playing partner and these cats love to play and stay active.

Which Breed Is Right For You?

If you lead a busy life where you work for 10 to 5 job every day and live in a small apartment, then go for Russian blue.

Russian blues are a very playful and independent type of cat. They will not ask for your attention all day long and won’t mind you being out all day.

They will feel your absence and will miss you but won’t throw any tantrums about it. These cats will silently wait for you at the door and greet you when you come home.

Korat is very sensitive and fragile with being left alone for a longer period. They will act destructively and depressed if they don’t see you around the house for a longer period.

Korat tends to get clingy and needy of affection and attention and ideal for a household with many members.

Go for Korat only if you work from home and can give full attention and provide your lap whenever the Korat asks for it.


In conclusion, both, Russian blue and Korat, can be an ideal mate for you if you are willing to give proper attention. They both ask for human interaction and care much like any other cats and will do fine with your working schedule. As long as you give them everything, they want along with a guarantee to come back home on time, you’ll find them waiting for you when you come home. Both of these cats are a little bundle of joy for a household with kids and other animals. Be careful with the introduction part and you’ll do fine with petting any of these cats.

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