Siamese Cats Vs Russian Blue Cats [Full Comparision]

Siamese Cats Vs Russian Blue Cats

Are you confused over Siamese cats and Russian blue cats? Which one is the perfect pet for your home as well as for your children’s? If so then you will clear out your all confusion over these two loving cats in this article. Here you can find a full comparison of Siamese cats Vs Russian Blue cats. This will help you to make a decision about which one you should buy?

Read the full article and know about these two Siamese and Russian blue all the way from the origin.

Introduction to Siamese Cats

Siamese cats are cats that love to play and spend time with their families. They are known all over the world due to the stunning features and affectionate behavior. They are the ancient breeds that have lived side-by-side with humans for hundreds of years and the bond is still intact.

Siamese cats are beautiful and are very close to their human friend. They come in a variety of colors such as dark brown or even black-brown, chocolate color, blue, and even lilac. One distinct feature about this cat is that in the areas where the body is pointed such as the legs, ears, or even tails the coat is darker in shade. This gives them a stunning appearance.

However, the newborns are completely white and can take up to a year or two for their full color to form.

Introduction to Russian Blue Cats

Russian blue cats can be classified as a definite breed with quirky characteristics. They are one of the sensitive and most caring cats you can find. They come in colors varying from silver to a more dark grey slate. Their fur is a significant characteristic of the Russian breed which stands out from the body. They can withstand cold temperatures better than other cats due to this double coat fur.

During world war 2, the Russian blue was nearly wiped out but was fortified using other breeds such as the Siamese and the British blue cats. They managed to get the breed that we know now.

Difference Between Siamese And Russian Blue Cats

Origin Difference

The Siamese cats have originated from Thailand but are one of the most popular breeds of cats in the United Kingdom. Siamese cats have been in existence for hundreds of years and were believed to be sacred and guarded the temples of Buddhists. The Siamese cats were brought into Britain in the 1880s and the original color was the seal brown color.

Later, other breeds were introduced and developed more colors in the Siamese breed. They originally had squints in their eyes and tail kinks which are a serious flaw of the breed in current scenarios.

On the other hand, the Russian blue cat likely originated from the Northwest of Russia. However, they are a naturally occurring breed so it’s hard to identify their original origin. They were also called Archangel cats because some believe they originated in Europe. It is also believed that they have been called Spanish cats and Maltese cats specifically in the US but some links were there with Russia as similar characteristics were found in cats of Russia.

Cats like Scandinavia with their thick fur indicate they lived in the Northern cold climate. So, it is believed that the Russian blue is linked with Russia.

Difference In Appearance

Siamese cats have short hair with slim legs and a long slim tail. The color of their eyes is mostly blue and has a long wedge-shaped head. Their body is long along with their neck and legs.

The coat of the Siamese cat is short and glossy. At first, their body takes a white tone but later turns into a brown shade. The color of the ear, feet, and tail are mostly different from the actual body itself. This cat can weigh about 8-12 pounds for males and for female cats it is a bit lesser.

The color of their eye is a mostly blue and almond-like shape which looks pleasing.

However in the case of Russian blue cats, they have dense coat-like fur and are medium-sized cats but due to the fur that stands out from their actual body, it seems to look larger. The color of the fur ranges from shades of grey with a little bit of shiny silver.

These cats normally weigh about 7 to 12 pounds.

Talking about the interesting characteristic of the Russian blues appearance is the eyes. It can change drastically from the hue of yellow to greenish color over time. What’s even more interesting about their eyes is that since birth, they change colors. At first in its kitten stage, the cats are born with yellow more like golden eyes but slowly turn to green when they’re around 4 months old and get darker over time till it reaches adulthood.

Behavior And Personality Difference

Siamese cat is well known for its classic looks. This cat can be noisy and makes loud sounds. Extrovert in nature, this cat demands all the attention it needs in the family. If you’re a person who doesn’t stay at home or have to go to work frequently, this cat is not the one.

Moreover, this cat is highly intelligent and should be kept amused by giving them toys or any scratchable objects. To some people, this might be a bit annoying as if you don’t provide them something to do, they’ll find something to do which many people may not find appealing.

Siamese will become depressed if you leave them alone and might burst out of frustration craving for interaction. They need to be treated nicely with patience and affection. Also caring and interacting with them is what they prefer so human companions are necessary. They are good family pets and require attention to properly treat them the way they want to be treated.

On the other hand, the Russian blue cats are mostly calm, affectionate, and smart breeds of cats. They are friendly with families and even other pets in their homes. They can be playful but they don’t like being clingy. At first, the cat might not seem to pick up these behaviors but as time passes and when he learns to get along they are more comfortable and loving. They are cautious about strangers and take time to be as friendly with them as the pet owners but they’ll get along as time goes by.

Russian blues are extremely sensitive but loyal to the owner and are agile and very light-footed. They mostly like to entertain themselves but also prefer attention and active games which they like to play. Attention is what this breed of cats seek and once you give them they’ll appreciate the companions and follow you around the house. They are very attentive about their litter boxes and will complain if they don’t get a proper management of their litter boxes.

Difference In Historical Backgrounds

Talking about the historical backgrounds of these two cats, the Siamese cats are the most recognizable breed in the world. This breed is one of the oldest breeds known and has a long history. As mentioned above, this breed was originated in Thailand and they lived in temples and palaces. They were even positioned as guards of the Buddhist temple and were companions of religious leaders for many years.

History tells that the Siamese cats once charged with guarding a valuable vase, the cat then cured his tail around the vase and stared at it with such great concentration that its eyes became permanently crossed.

Also, the first show at the Crystal Palace in Sydenham, London, where they were exhibited in 1871. They were labeled as nightmares of cats but despite all that, the Siamese become a popular breed along with British fanciers.

About the Russian blue, these cats were brought to Britain in 1860 by the sailors from the White sea town of Archangel in Russia. Most people say this is true but we’ll just let people be the judge as there is no true evidence as such. Their characteristics such as the coats matched with the blue shorthair cats in Russia so general theory claims that they originated in Northern Russia where the climate is cold.

They were part of the world’s first cat show which was held in London’s Crystal Palace due to their charms and unique appearance. Despite not winning the show they left a great impression on the uniqueness and elegance the cats had.

The breed almost got extinct when World War II took place but later made progress and the Russian blue we know now resembles the original breed.

Physical Attributes Difference

Siamese cats are medium-sized cats with long bodies. They are sleek and their hips are wider than their shoulders. They have crystal blue eyes which is one of their distinct characteristics. Siamese cats have unusual pointy ears and color marks on their face ears and paws.

They are also a natural breed meaning their coat is genetically mutated. The colors of Siamese cats are usually shades of brown and sometimes blue or lilac. The coat in this cat is short, glossy, and fine-textured. Its head however is in good size proportion to the body. The skull is flat and a long straight line is seen from the top of the head to the nose.

The paws are long and slim, hind is higher than the front which is a good proportion to the body. The number of toes however is five in the front and four in the back.

However, Russian blue cats are found in shades of grey not particularly blue as the name suggests. They have a shimmery characteristic and have a very dense coat. The outer coat of this breed is so thick and shimmery that you can even draw patterns with your finger which will remain until you smoothen it over again.

The Russian blues are muscular and lean in nature and the head shape is a triangle with pointed ears. The top skull is long and flat pulled downward towards the eyes. The ears are larger and wide at the base but pointed on the top. The outer ears are covered with short hair, unlike the body portion.

The legs are long but the paws are very small and rounded. The front paws have five toes and the rear has four. Moreover, the tail part of the cat is long but thin but has a thick base. The outer color as mentioned earlier is shimmery shades of grey.

Difference In Care And Grooming

Siamese cats have short and fine coats, so brushing them weekly will be enough to keep them healthy and shiny. By combing the hair, dead hairs will be removed and the skin oils will be equally distributed.

For the teeth, you must brush their teeth every day or at least twice a week to prevent them from having diseases. This is a very important factor because the negligence of dental health might lead the cat to unfavorable conditions.

Moreover, Siamese cats know how to take care of themselves as the rest of the short-haired breeds of cats. By keeping them indoors only you can protect them from the diseases that might spread from other cats. Regular check-up is necessary for the care and proper health of the cats and to control from the parasite.

Russian blues have thick coats as mentioned above which might seem like the hair falls off often, but that’s not really the case. They shed very little but you must brush them once or at most twice to remove the excess unwanted hair present in the cat. Also, during the spring season where they shed the most, you can increase the brushing routine. Here, you can learn the best grooming tips for Russian Blue.

Talking about their teeth and nails, you can simply trim the cats’ nails per need and brush their teeth with toothpaste that is approved by the vet. Here, know why Should your Russian blue have its teeth cleaned? The Russian blues litter box must be kept in a familiar location else they might seek a bathroom that is not convenient to them. They love to explore so you must focus on installing grills or locks that you may find dangerous for the cat to be climbing on.

With every cat, regular health checkups and vaccination are advisory and mandatory as well. With that being said, proper high-quality cat food is also necessary so consulting a vet on the diet plan is very important. They seek a lot of energy as they are very playful and always running so a proper diet plan is advisory.

Living Needs Comparision

Siamese cats tend to socialize by spending time being groomed and brushing. They are great jumpers and love height. Siamese cats love playing around the house with their toys so keep tons of toys around for them to play.

They need attention as much as one can deliver to them. They tend to sleep next to their parents a lot so you know how much affection they want. If you’re one of them who tends to leave the cat at home do not get this breed. They are loyal and are faithful to their owners. Even if they are friendly in nature, they prefer being with people they know the best. Mostly the owner of the cat is attached to the cat and will reciprocate.

Russian blue cats don’t always seek new things around themselves and prefer old faces and a relative environment. The surroundings must be calm and the restriction of new visitors is advisable as the cat is sensitive and shy. These cats mostly get along with the faces they are used to seeing and other pets that they’re living with for a long time.

The Russian blues don’t mind being left alone so you don’t need to worry about giving them company every time. They’ll wait for you and appreciate the time you give them because they’re highly intelligent and energetic.

These cats might require feeding multiple times a day but don’t ruin their schedule as you may disrupt their habit. Feeding should be normal and the amounts to be fed should be measured every time to make sure you don’t overfeed them. So, learn how to properly feed your Russian blue cat?

Health Difference

Siamese cats live about 15-20 years which is if they are fed a good diet and get all the nutrients they need. This cat breed can suffer from hereditary conditions like tumors and cancers such as mediastinal lymphoma.

Also, they might face eye problems and retinal atrophy which means they might suffer from loss of vision and even blindness if not treated properly. Additionally, Siamese cat is prone to vomiting which can be controlled by avoiding certain cat foods which they are allergic to.

Siamese cats tend to pay interest on non-edible items such as wool, plastic, and other items which is not good for their health so keep these things away is the best move.

Russian blues live also typically about 15-20 years which is quite a number compared to other cats. They are very healthy breeds but sometimes struggle with Progressive Retinal Atrophy which is a diminishing of the vision of the eye. They can also suffer from kidney diseases which can sometimes lead them to not work at all which is called Polycystic Kidney Disease. Besides, there are also other Russian blue diseases which you need to look after.

Despite the diseases, the cat must be taken to the vet for a regular checkup and should listen to the vet’s advice.

Cost Comparision

The Siamese cat will cost you between $250-$2500 depending on the color, breeding, and age and also the most important, the demand of the cat. Whereas you can get the Russian Blue for $400-$600. This might also vary within regions and where you get them from.

Similarities Between Siamese And Russian Blue Cats

There are certain similarities between these two breeds such as life span, need for care, and grooming. Both the cats are extremely friendly and will want you to pay attention to them.

They both are medium-sized cats weighing around 7-12 pounds. Both of them were admired in the Cat show in the Crystal Palace, London. Despite having some differences there are quite similar in terms of weight and size and some historical backgrounds.

Fun Facts About Siamese Cats

  • Siamese cats are an old breed of cats and were raised by Buddhist monks.
  • They made an appearance at the world’s first cat show.
  • These cats once had crossed eyes and crooked tails.
  • Their tips can have different colors.

Fun Facts About Russian Blue Cats

  • Russian Blues were known as Archangel cat as it is believed that they come from Archangel Isles in Northern Russia.
  • They have blue fur but we cannot really see them because the tip of the fur is the shade of grey.
  • These breeds are naturally occurring breed.
  • They are considered a Royal breed.


What Is The Rarest Eye Color In Cats?

There are cats having multicolored eyes like dichroic eyes where there are two color combinations, also copper color and odd-colored eyes are some of the rarest eye colors seen in cats.

Can Russian Blue Have Gold Eyes?

Yes, they can have gold eyes but they are faulty. Kittens however can have gold eyes but they slowly turn green by 4 months of age.


Siamese cats and Russian blue might have some similarities but both are different breeds so they have most things different. It all depends on how they are being treated. Siamese on one hand wants affections and attention all day long whereas, Russian blue doesn’t necessarily want attention. Not only personality differences but factors that are important to you must be looked into before you pet one. They both have unique characteristics of their own and different in the way of living their life.

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