Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix: An Introduction

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix

It is quite rare when you come across a mixed cat between a Russian blue and Maine coon mix. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a Russian blue Maine Coon Mix Cat at home? But what are these Russian blue Maine coon mix cats like? Where can you find mixed breed from Russian blue and Maine Coon?

Russian blues are rarely crossbred with Maine coon and most of the time the mix result is out of an accident. But the Russian blue Maine Coon Mix is definitely a blessing in disguise with few characteristics of both breeds. This crossbreed cat will be shorter than pure breed Maine coon but will have the cuteness intertwined from both cats.

Here are some of the things you need to know about this care mix breed cat Russian Blue Maine coon mix. (They don’t even have a proper name to date, that’s weird.)

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix

Russian blue Maine Coon might be one of the rarest crossbreeds to find when you go looking for it. It is not that these cats are not common, but they are barely available.

People do not breed them together and even when they do, it will probably be a mistake. But whatever reason it is, these mixed breeds are the most beautiful and wonderful cats to have in your home.

These crossbreeds will have the traits of two wonderful house cats that are friendly and gentle. You are in luck if you find them easily without even looking for them.

Most breeders go for pure breeding and avoid crossbreeding as much as possible. But Russian blue Maine coon mix, intentionally or not, is a beautiful creation.

Let’s learn more about them.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Appearance

Again, the appearance difference on the dominant and recessive character between the genes of both cats passed on to their offspring.


One thing that is certain about the mix is the variation in length from the pure breed. Maine Coon tends to be larger with a length around 30 to 40 inches, however, the Russian blue has a shorter average length between 15 to 18 inches.

So, their mix will probably be shorter than Maine Coon and slightly larger than Russian blue. Your cat will be a little bit of both cats.

Your cat will have the average size as your normal house cats and will weigh probably around 10 to 15 pounds.


If your mixed breed is exhibiting more Russian Blue than Maine Coon, then they will have a slender, lean yet muscular body with a smiling face.

Likewise, if your cat is more Maine Coon than Russian blue, then it will be quite large than normal Russian blue, probably fluffy with a big tail.

Eye Color

The eye color may vary among these cats, it can be blue or green, or gold. The common color that is mostly seen is green eyes with a yellow rim around. But again, it may vary and depends on the fact which trait of which cat genes act as the dominant one.


The coat of the mix between Russian blue cat and Maine Coon depends on the percentage of each cat this cat exhibit.

If your cat is more Russian blue than Maine coon, it will have a two-layered bluish greyish coat with short hairs.

But, if your cat is more Maine Coon than Russian blue, it has probably inherited the Maine Coon’s long fur.

The color of the coat may vary from white, cream, brown, black, and various shades of blue and gray. However, the coat despite the different color and hair length will have the same silky, soft, and velvety texture.

Both of the cat breeds have soft, silky, and shiny coats hence the coat of crossbred cats between these two is no different in texture.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Cat Character

Both of these cats are very sweet and gentle but Maine coon is social whereas Russian blue hates socialization.

So, again, it depends on the traits these cats have to acquire. If your cat exhibits more Russian blue than Maine coon, it will be shy and distant among strangers.

Likewise, if your cat is more of a Maine coon, then it will be happily social and friendly. Moreover, both of these are indoor cats hence their offspring are more likely to be house cats with a love for an indoor environment.

Maine coon are quite loud but with a sweet soft voice, so if you see your cat loud and talkative enough, then they are exhibiting their Maine coon side more.

But if they are quiet, peaceful, have a soft voice when they talk, they are exhibiting the Russian blue side more.

It is never certain what your cat will be like when they are just a kitten from a mixed breed litter. You’ll see when they start to grow old and start showing signs.

Either way, you’ll have a loving, affectionate, and friendly house cat who loves to sit on your lap and cuddle when they prefer.

But if you are allergic to cats, then stay away from this mixed breed. Even though Russian blue is hypoallergic, Maine coon is a long-haired cat that exerts a high level of glycoprotein Fel d1.

Both of these are independent cats; thus, their offspring won’t be dependent too. This mixed breed cat will be active and playful as well as will be compatible with both dogs and kids.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Cat Grooming

If your cat is exhibiting more of Maine coon with longer fur, then the grooming technique needs to be the same as a pure breed.

As long as these mixed breeds have the traits of Russian blue, and the hair is short, grooming is quite easy.

Learn more about  Russian Blue Cat Grooming.

You can follow the simple techniques of grooming as you would follow for any other house cat. It won’t be much of a headache and you’ll be fine with all the grooming techniques if you have experience.

Even if you are a beginner, look closely for the traits your cat show, compare them with both cat breeds. Follow the grooming technique of a cat with the highest number of similarities with your crossbreed.

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Exercise And Training

Maine Coon is easily trainable and known to learn skills as dogs. Similarly, Russian blue is an intelligent, curious, and smart cat who will learn the trick faster and will be easy to train. You may also want to learn about training tips for Russian blue.

You won’t have to worry about teaching your crossbreed kitten how to use the litterbox, eat their food, drink water, etc.

This is not a hard task. If you are patient enough and show as well as teach them from the very beginning, they will catch-up soon.

Maine coon loves to jump and so does Russian blue when they see bookshelves. So, if you give your crossbreed enough space around, they will probably do all the jumping exercises.

These cats might also prefer to go for a walk once in a while and even play Run and Fetch with you. All the training and learning depends on how soon you start teaching them.

Start very early and you’ll have an active, playful, and healthy cat with the traits of both Russian blue and Maine coon. Lucky!

Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Health

A pure breed of Russian blue has no health issues associated with them except for the obesity problem. However, Maine Coon comes with a long list of health issues you have to look out for.

It is believed that 34% of the Maine Coon carries a mutant gene that causes Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.

Also, there is a chance of Hip Dysplasia, Polycystic Kidney Disease, etc. to occur in the Maine Coon pure breed. These genes might pass on to offspring, so, you need to ask for the parents’ health screening results from the breeder.

When you are adopting a crossbreed, remember to check the certificate of results from health screening yourself.

Life Expectancy of Russian Blue Maine Coon Crossbreed

Maine coon has a life expectancy of around 10 to 14 years only with an average lifespan of 12.5 years. Likewise, the Russian blue cat is expected to live for 15 to 20 years if care for properly.

Hence the life expectancy of the Russian blue Maine coon mix ranges from 10 to 20 years. The average lifespan of the Russian blue Maine coon mix is around 15 years.

Besides, you can also learn about the lifespan of a Russian blue cat.

How Much Does A Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Cost?

This cat might be a crossbreed but they are rare and very hard to find. That’s why they might not come as cheap as any other crossbreeds.

The price might range from $200 to $500 depending on the breeders, locations, and various other factors.

There are various sites and adoption centers where you can adopt a crossbreed for free.

Is A Russian Blue Maine Coon Cat The Right For You?

If you want a house cat that is loving and affectionate but not clingy, go for the Russian blue Maine coon mix. This crossbreed is ideal for a house with a large family and space and won’t do well in small apartments.

But if you are looking for a lap cat who would sit with you all day, look somewhere else. Russian blue Maine coon mix is pretty, active, playful, and more than anything is independent.

They are indoor cats but will roam around for sightseeing and calm their hunting instincts if let out.

However, if you want a show cat that can participate in shows, then sorry this one isn’t for you. No cross-bred cat is allowed in the shows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some FAQs you might want to know.

Do Maine Coon Mixes Get Big?

No, the Pure breed of Maine Coon is a pretty big cat but this characteristic slightly suppresses when the genes of these cats mix with the other breed’s genes.

The Maine coon mixes tend to be a bit shorter and won’t grow into massive lengths.


In conclusion, when you go for Russian Blue Maine Coon Mix Cat, you are joining for a ride. It is like having two cats merged together exhibiting a few characters of each breed. They will cost you very little than pure breed with pedigree. You have to, however, maintain the same care level and sometimes even more because of the health issues they might have from the genes. Overall, it is a dream come true as Russian blue and Maine coon, both, are adorable cats and their kittens are the cutest ones. Just be positive and look out for a good aspect of everything.

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