How to Play With Your Russian Blue Cat?

How to Play With Your Russian Blue Cat

Isn’t it wonderful to have a pet like Russian Blue Cat, Calm yet curious? But Russian Blue might be low maintenance, they feel bored too. You, as a cat mom/dad, need to make sure they have something to do and get engaged in. You can even play with your Russian Blue, both of you will definitely love that, won’t you? But the questions arise just after you decide you’ll play with your cat. How to play with your Russian blue cat? What are the games that you can play with your Russian blue cat?

Well, Russian blues are indoor cats so most of the games they play are indoors too. You can play hide and seek to run and fetch with your Russian blue along with few other games. These cats will enjoy having a toy and even enjoy playing with a paper bag or crumpled paper.

Told you, these Russian blues are low maintenance even when they are playing games. Moreover, games are quite important for the indoor cat like Russian blue as this is the only form of exercise it will willingly do.

But is it enough for you to play with your cat? You need to know how to start a game, how to make your Russian blue cat play with you. What are the other games apart from hide and seek that you can play with your Russian blue?

Let’s dive in to know all about Russian Blue Cat and the games they will play with you.

How To Play With Your Russian Blue Cat?

First of all, it is necessary to understand what type of cat you have so you can decide how to play with them.

Russian Blue is an indoor cat that will barely prefer outdoor games. They are an intelligent, smart, curious yet calm and peaceful cat that doesn’t like to play games that are rough and noisy.

You need to go to cat-friendly games if you want to play with your cat. There are a few things you can do to make your cat play with you.

Give Russian Blue Wide Variety Of Toys

Russian Blue, like any other cat, loves having toys around. They basically like toys that have feathers attached to them.

So, get them toys with feathers but monitor closely to not let them swallow the pieces. This will help them interact with you more often. Plus, you can also provide other best Russian blue cat toys to entertain them every day.

Besides, Russian blue will even ask you to play along if they have games that need two partners. Balls, puzzles, etc. are the games that ask for a partner hence the types of game you can play with your cat.

You can also go for bubbles. Russian blue cat may be an indoor cat but loves to follow the bubble and pop it.

Get a non-toxic bubble solution and blow it to make bubbles. Your Russian blue will run after them and try to catch it.

Find Games That Taps On The Russian Blue Cats’ Hunting Instincts

Cats are hunters, it is the most common trait among all the cats. So is Russian blue as their ancestors were excellent hunters.

Although these cats have been domesticized, the hunting instincts will always be there. So, you have to find games or toys that will make Russian blue cats go after them.

If you want to play with your Russian blue cat, then go for the game of lasers. Russian blue, like other cats, is fascinated with the lasers and their movements.

They will go after them as these cats would go after their prey. But it is not a rewarding game as they won’t find prey even if they touch the light point from the laser.

So, here is what you can do to engage them in the laser game with you. Place treats where you intend to focus your laser beam.

Once your Russian blue reaches to touch it, they will find treat hence the accomplishment and fun for both of you.

Also, you need to get them toys that mimic the nature of Russian blue’s prey. Erratic movements and mimicking toys stimulate and attract the cats to play with them.

Make Russian Blue Play Or Work For Their Food

Russian blues are prone to obesity and getting overweight. Their love for food and not knowing when to stop can make the task to keep them fit can be a little difficult.

You need to go for games that can make Russian blue run and search for their food. This technique has two benefits, they will have their exercise and second, they will understand the value of food.

You can hide foods in certain places and ask your Russian Blue to search for them. These cats are foodies and will not mind searching for food.

Not that you should do this every time, do it once a day either at lunch or dinner. You need to be clever and hide foods where your cat can find them.

Follow your Russian blue and pretend like you are helping them search for food and monitor their activity.

More, if you are providing them food anyway then you also must need to go for a proper Russian blue diet/food.

Create Do-It-Yourself Cat Toys For Your Russian Blue

There are simple things you can do for your Russian blue with common materials present in the house. You can make sock toys to cardboard palaces with things like old socks and cardboard.

These are the things you will throw away in the trash can but will be a wonderful escape for your cat.

Simple things like stuffing socks with cotton or fur ball will shape them into a toy for your Russian Blue. You can also go for catnip yarn balls or feather in a string,

Russian Blue loves the feather in a string but you have to monitor them closely and play with them when these cats are nipping or following that.

Do Not Force Russian Blue Cat To Play Once They Walk

Cats are done playing when they walk away from you after the playing session. That’s your cue to let them be and let them do what they want to do.

Russian Blue is no different. They will play with you as long as they feel like it. Once they are tired and exhausted these cats prefer to take a nap or go to their hiding place to relax. More, you can learn how to make great space for your Russian blue cat.

Never force them to play more as these can make your Russian blue upset and angry. Not that your cat is aggressive but forcing someone to do something can result in attacks and injuries.

Get Russian Blue Toys That They Can Play In Your Absence Too

It is not like you need to be always there while your cat is playing. If you are working the 10 to 5 job then you need to make sure there are toys that your cat can play with.

Russian blues are independent and won’t make a fuss while you are absent for a few hours. But they get bored and will end up sleeping or sitting idly.

Inactivity is the prime cause of Russian blue getting overweight, so provide them toys that they can play alone.

Teach Your Russian Blue Cat New Tricks

There are examples of Russian blue learning to jump through hula hoops. You can try that as it is all about the right training. So, learn how to train your Russian blue cat properly.

Learning new tricks helps your cat to bond with you and enjoy your time together. Russian blue is smart enough to understand what you are teaching them.

They will pick up the pace soon enough and you two will end up having a great time learning completely new tricks and making a game out of it.

Games You Can Play With Your Russian Blue Cat

There are many games a cat would like to play. A Russian blue cat, being an indoor cat, has the luxury to have more toys and spend more time playing with their owner in their own safe space.

You can try so many games with your Russian blue and decide which one they like the most. They are house cats so you won’t have a problem asking for their acquaintance to play with you.

Here are the games you can try with your Russian blue cat:

Hide And Seek

Hide and seek is a fun game for cats like Russian blue who knows every nook and corner of their home.

You have to, although, teach them how it is done just like you would do teach a human baby. These cats are intelligent ones and will understand soon what you are doing.

Hide somewhere and call your cat and see if they search for you or not. Give them treats once they find you to keep them interested in that game.

Chase The Prey

As already said, Russian blue likes the game that taps into their hunting instincts. So, laser beams or any other toys that can act like prey and chase it can be a fun game for Russian Blue.

You have to move the laser so that your cat could follow and jump to grab it. Place treats in the place where you focus the light as a reward for your Russian blue.

Likewise, toys shaped as mice that run on battery or remote can make your Russian blue cat follow it.

You will have control over that toy and you can move it where you like and make your Russian blue chase them.

Run And Fetch

This game is generally associated with dogs but your Russian blue would love it equally.

You can throw a frisbee or ball around your living room and see how your cat runs after them and grabs it.

Russian blue is an intelligent and smart cat so they will bring it back to you after knowing what you’re doing.

Puzzles With Treats

Again, Russian blue is an intelligent cat so it will choose a mind game over any other physical activity.

So, you can act clever and give them a puzzle that has physical as well as the mental activity involved.

And once they figure out each piece of the puzzle treat them with treats that are hidden with that piece.

Empty Box Or A Paper Bag

You might have seen an infant or human baby playing with the box that came with a toy rather than the toy itself.

Your Russian blue is similar to those human babies. They weirdly love empty boxes and even a paper bag to play with.

If the box is large enough, these cats can even sit inside it for hours. So, you can act cleverly and make a cardboard palace for them.

This way both of you will have a chance to bond with each other. Moreover, Russian blue will love you more for the palace toy that cannot hurt or harm them in any way. So, WIN-WIN.


 You can blow the non-toxic bubbles and your Russian blue, a curious cat, will try to follow and catch it. Voila! a great game to keep your Russian blue entertained and exercised.

Treasure Hunt

Like said above, you can hide Russian blue cat food somewhere in the house and make your cat search it.

The work Russian blue has to put into the game will make them enjoy their food more. And there is no doubt these foodie cats will have any trouble finding their food.

Game Of Tag

Try to touch your cat and run away and see if they follow you. Russian Blue is a fun-loving cat and if you are their favorite human being, then they will follow you.

But don’t run in such a way that they get scared or stressed. Make sure they understand it is just a game and don’t fear you.

You have to be careful with your Russian blue as they hate games that are loud and rough.


You can get hula hoops and teach them tricks to jump through it. Russian blues are clever cats thus will accompany you to try new tricks.

This can be your fun playtime games where both of you try to learn new tricks to play together.

Feather And String

This might be the favorite game of your Russian blue cat. You can even DIY feather on a string as feathers alone can be quite messy and claw factor makes it dangerous too.

Crumpled Paper

Russian blues are low maintenance who will be happy and entertained with a crumpled paper too. They will play with it as a ball and will have fun.

You can play the passing game with your cat with a crumpled paper and Russian blue will happily oblige.

Tic Tac

Grab a piece of paper and outline a tic tac toe game. You can make your cat step in each box when their turn comes.

This way you’ll have a partner to play tic tac toe that is not another human being. Russian blue will understand it after a while and will be happy when you give them treats every time they win or tick.

Tablet Games

Many games are available in the app store that you can download in an extra tablet present in your home or on your phone or your cat. You can download a game that both of you can play together.

How Long Should You Play With Your Cat?

When it comes to playing with your indoor cats, the number of minutes might vary from that of outdoor cats. 

Russian blue is quite lazy and gets bored easily so it is better to play with them twice a day. But if you lead a busy life with very few hours at home in the morning, skip the morning playtime and do it once when you come back home.

Each session of playtime needs to be 20 minutes long or sometimes 15 minutes will do. You may want to play with your cat all day during lockdown due to a pandemic where you are free for the whole day.

But no, don’t do it, and don’t force your Russian blue to play and cuddle with you all day. These cats love their alone time and prefer sightseeing through the window.

Do not disturb them or ask them or make them play during their alone time or naptime. They will come to you when they want to play or feel loved.

20 to 60 minutes per day is sufficient for your Russian blue to play games and bond with their human friend.

Why Is It Necessary For Russian Blue Cat To Play Games?

Russian blues are indoor cats that barely meet the outside world. They tend to get bored easily and boredom is never a good thing.

Here are a few reasons describing the necessity of playtime and games to Russian blue cat:

Games Soothe The Hunting Instincts Of Your Russian Blue Cat

Cats are the natural hunter even if people domesticize them, the instincts for hunting remains. Games help them acquire power over their instincts.

Playtime satisfies the hunting instincts when they chase around the toy that mimics their prey. The nibbling, biting, chewing, thus following the chasing and catching makes the cat feel that they accomplished something.

They get the same feeling of satisfaction once they get their job done in the game as they would feel after a good hunt.

Games Help To Overcome Boredom Russian Blue Cat Feel

Russian blue cats are house cats that prefer an indoor environment rather than the outside world. The only interaction they prefer between them and the outside world is through the glass window and only to enjoy the view.

So, with nothing else to do inside the home, these cats get bored easily and boredom results in overeating or oversleeping.

Both of these things are not good for cats such as Russian blue that is prone to obesity and gains weight easily.

Games keep them engaged and provide an activity that they can do as well as enjoy. Cats with many toys barely get bored or act lazy whatsoever.

Games Provide Important Exercise To Russian Blue Cat

Indoor cats barely get anything that will make them do exercise, any form of it. Outdoor cats get to walk around, climb trees, or play with other cats.

But indoor cats basically keep themselves trapped inside the house with no chance of getting any exercise done.

This is where games like run and fetch, climbing posts, treasure hunt, etc. come in like a hero. When your cat runs from one place to another while playing games, it is burning calories subsequently.

Hence, games are another form of exercise that your Russian blue will actually prefer to do. This cat will not break a sweat for things they don’t see as a fun activity.

Russian blue won’t even leave their bed unless there is food involved or for playing games with their human friend.

Games Help To Keep Health Issues And Obesity In Russian Blue Cat At Bay

Russian blue cats are known for getting overweight and obese due to the inactivity and their love for food.

Russian blue hates doing exercise and with no exercise and constant napping and eating will fluff them up.

Overweight and obese invites diseases like diabetes, kidney stones, digestive tract problem, high blood pressure, etc. in the Russian blue body.

The only way to overcome obesity and avoid all  Russian blue diseases is to make your cat do exercise and stay active.

Games are the form of exercise that helps these indoor cats burn their extra calories without stepping outside.

Games Help You To Bond With Your Russian Blue Cat

Russian blue is an independent cat that doesn’t mean they don’t like the attention and love from you. They like when you stay around them once in a while and even greet you at the door when you come back home.

Russian blue cats are shy and distant at first and only warm up to you and your family after a while. Thus, games are an easy shortcut to get into Russian blue’s heart.

Games make it easier for you to bond with your Russian blue and develop a strong connection. These cats are just like babies, the more you spend time playing with them, the more comfortable they will become.

Russian blue loves the playtime with their favorite human being even if they decide when they would like to play.

They are not clingy and prefer their alone time so won’t ask you to play with them all the time.

Games You Should Avoid To Play With Russian Blue Cat

You need to understand your cat and especially indoor cats like Russian Blue to understand what they like.

Russian blue is a peace-loving, gentle, quiet, shy, and curious house cat. So, anything out of the ordinary in the house can upset them, be it loud noise or crowd.

That’s why when it comes to playtime you need to go for games that don’t intervene with the Russian cat’s peace.

You shouldn’t play games that are rough or loud. And please don’t wrestle with your cat and don’t let your kids do that too.

You also have to make sure the cat toys you give your Russian blue isn’t easily breakable. Moreover, monitor when they are playing with the toys they will probably nibble.

Don’t let them swallow anything or chew off plastic goods or feathers that can harm them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some FAQs about playing with your cat.

When Should I Stop Playing With My Cat?

Look at your cat closely, if they show any sign of overexertion like panting or seem overly tired, you should stop playing with them immediately.

Most of the time, your cat will walk away or stop playing and go to their safe space when they are done playing games. Do not force them to play the game as your cat is already agitated, stressed or the game is becoming overstimulated, intense, or aggressive.

Is My Cat Playing Or Being Aggressive?

There are a few ways to know whether your cat is playing or fighting. Look closely for the signs given below to understand your cats’ behavior well:

Look For Claws

When your cat is playing or in a playful mood, their claws are sheathed and retracted mostly. But if they are in the fighting mode, they will take out their ultimate weapons i.e., their claws.

Listen to Their Growling Or Hissing

Most of the time cats won’t make a noise while play fighting. But, like human beings, they start getting more vocal and louder while fighting.

Look Closely And Observe Their Ears

While playing, the cat’s ears are pointed forward or slightly backward, or upright position. But during a fight or when they are angry, their ears turn back.

Look At Their Body Hair

Body hair is another weapon of a cat to scare their opponent during a fight. If you see the body hair of your cat standing, it’s probably because they are angry and trying to look bigger to scare their opponent.

Look Out For Biting

If your cat is biting aggressively rather than playfully then they are probably angry. With other cats, they might hiss and growl from the pain of bite during the fight.

Examine Their Body Position

When your cat is angry or about to get into a fight, they will lean back a little rather than forward.

Do House Cats Get Bored?

Cats, be it indoor or outdoor, are very curious and want to engage in an activity even if it seems minimal.

So, yes, your house cats can get bored when they have nothing to do or no toys to play with. You have to make sure they have enough toys to play with even when you are not around.

How Do You Know When Your Cat Is Done Playing?

Any cat, when it is done playing, will walk away and take a rest or sleep in their safe space. You shouldn’t force your cat to play with you once you see them panting or overly tired.

They will show overexertion signs or leave the toy in the ground once they feel like they can’t play more.


Briefly, Russian cats tend to be lazy and sleepy if you don’t play games with them. They need to stay active and energetic so that these cats can burn some calories. Russian Blue is prone to obesity hence no games and exercise can make you gain weight easily. Once they start seeing games as fun they will even play alone without your help or guidance. 

Activities that can physically and mentally exhaust Russian blue actually makes them more fit and intelligent. You have to give them certain toys and try to stay away from rough games. These cats are peace-loving and gentle, so anything that is rough or loud can make Russian Blue scared, distant, and depressed. You’ll be doing worse than good with games like that. So, be careful, play with Russian blue, give them attention, and overall lots of love, you’ll have a happy and healthy cat. Good Luck! Happy Game Time!

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