How to Give Your Russian Blue A Luxurious Life [101 Tips]

Give Your Russian Blue A Luxurious Life

The love that your Russian Blue pours on you is truly a blessing. I’m sure you would like to give something back to your lovely furry friend too. Be it an old lady/gentleman or a naughty Russian Blue kitten, you always want your feline friend to be happy. So, how will you give your Russian Blue a luxurious life?

Take care of your furry friend as you would of yourself. Provide a good diet; premium food and a fountain to drink pure water from.

Provide your cat with plenty of toys and lots of scratching posts for their exercise. Groom your cat by bathing, trimming nails, combing their hair, etc.

An occasional treat for the encouragement and mental wellbeing of your cat is necessary.

With regular health checkups and pet insurance, you can take care of your cats’ health. You should provide a clean litter box as Russian Blues are very fussy about hygiene.

At the end of a tiring day filled with play, provide your cat with a warm bed to sleep on.

There are also many other things you can give to make a luxurious life for your Russian Blue which you can read below.

Premium Food For Russian Blue

Premium cat food is free of fillers like wheat, soy, gluten, etc. This food is instead filled with nutrients, protein, and vitamins needed by your lovely feline.

If you understand your Russian Blue, you will also know that your feline can go nuts for food. This excess love for food can turn into a bad thing i.e. obesity for your feline friend.

Worry not, for premium food comes to your rescue!

Premium food comes in low calories. No matter how much your cat eats premium food, there will not be excess weight gain compared to when your cat eats normal cat food.

Premium food also contains omega fatty acids and vitamin supplements which will help your Russian Blue grow healthy and strong.

Although a bit expensive, Premium food has fewer fillers and more nutrients for your cat. Thus, a little premium food can go a long way.

There are different types of premium cat food. Some rich in protein and some rich in nutrients. Old cats benefit from nutrients while kittens need proteins in their diet.

Likewise, you have to provide your Russian Blue premium food according to what their age needs.

Fountain To Drink From

Russian Blue cats are notoriously fussy about hygiene. This feline even goes as far as claiming water in a bowl as poisonous.

No, I’m not exaggerating their thinking. Russian Blue cats don’t drink water from a still bowl at all!

Thus, to make the water seem pure, you have to buy a fountain online. The fountain gurgles and mimics a waterfall.

Your feline friend will think that moving water is pure. Thus, your furry friend will drink the fountain water and get hydrated.

Cats get various diseases like uroliths stones (stones in their urinary bladder) when they don’t drink water. Thus, you should buy a fountain and prevent this problem in your Russian Blue.

Lots Of Toys

Russian Blue as a kitten is hyperactive while your old lady/gentleman is a bit lazy. No matter what the age, playing is important to strengthen your cats’ muscles and to circulate the blood flow.

There are many toys available in the market. Some toys look like mice that trigger your cats’ hunter instinct. There are laser beams, fish poles, feather poles, toys with strings, moving toys, and so on to help your cat to exercise and play with. Here, you can find the best toys for your Russian blue.

Spoil your Russian Blue cat with lots of cat toys! Your Russian Blue will gladly pounce, jump, and play with the toy you gifted to them.

Scratching Posts For Russian Blue

Scratching posts are there for your cat to vent their pent up emotions! The emotions might be anger, aggressiveness, excitement, fear, anxiety, you name it.

Scratching posts helps in removing the worn-out claws of your cat. This helps your cat exercise and work out their muscles.

Scratching posts only have benefits and no downside.

Thus, you should provide your Russian Blue with as many scratching posts as you possibly can. Check out the best scratching post for your Russian blue.

Luxurious Comfy Bed To Sleep On For Russian Blue

You might have seen your cat curled up in your chair or your bed to get that lovely sleep. Well, why not treat your Russian Blue with a comfy bed of their own?

Russian Blue cats, like any other cat, sleep for around 14 hours a day. Thus, you have to invest in a comfortable bed for your cat.

Luxury beds for cats are soft, cushy, and made of first-class fabrics. Many cheap beds look good but only a luxury bed can make your cat comfortable. A high perched bed near a window where sunshine can enter might make your cat really happy.

There are some luxury cat beds with an enclosed space on top (a roof) which makes your Russian Blue seem like she is inside a comfortable den. A tall cat treehouse is also a good sleeping platform to invest in!

You can invest in a good quality luxury bed and it lasts for years on end! Your Russian Blue cat, too, will be happy if she gets a comfy bed to sleep on.

After the end of a tiring day filled with play and scratching, your cat will sleep peacefully in the luxurious bed you bought for her.

Window And Warmth

I sometimes think that Russian Blue cats are like cellphones that get charged by sunlight and warmth.

You can provide your cat with an area of her own where there is a lot of sunshine and warmth. Moreover, a window is the best place for your Russian Blue as she can observe the birds and insects crawling out and about.

The sight of nature outside and the sunlight is provided by a window. So, you can keep the cat bed near your window.

Other than sunlight, there are other ways to keep your cat warm. You can buy a thermal heat pad and keep it under your cats’ bed. Don’t be surprised if your cat snuggles in the bed 24/7 after that!

Is Litter Box Luxurious For Russian Blue?

As you might have known by now, Russian Blue cats are notoriously fussy about hygiene. Thus, you have to invest in a litter box that is large and doesn’t make too much of a mess.

There are many litter boxes: closed, open, tall, self-cleaning, etc. You can buy a self-cleaning one as Russian Blues are really clean cats. Otherwise, you have to make sure to clean the litter box every other day.

A tall litter box may become a problem for your old lady/gentleman Russian Blue with arthritis. Thus, a low leveled litter box is the way to go!

Luxurious Grooming For Your Russian Blue

Grooming is an essential part of your cats’ life.

You have to comb your cats’ fur now and then to clear off the excess hairballs.

Occasional bathing (once every month) makes a hygienic Russian Blue feel clean and fresh.

Moreover, you have to trim your cat’s nails if she doesn’t like to scratch a lot.

If visiting a cat saloon is under your budget, why not visit it? You can treat your cat to a lot of things over there. Give your Russian Blue a luxurious grooming in their life now and then.

Pet Insurance For Russian Blue

I cannot stress how important pet insurance is. Although Russian Blue cats are relatively a healthy pedigree, god forbid, this lovely feline too might suffer from some health problems.

Diseases of old age, and trauma, and so on can cause the medical bills of your cat to spike up. Some injuries can be caused when your indoor Russian Blue cat goes outdoors for play.

Having insurance for your lovely feline can never go wrong. Sometimes, you might start insuring for your Russian Blue in their senior years which might cost a bit expensive. Thus, it is better to start from the kitten age.

When you start an insurance plan right after something bad happens to your cat, the plan might be expensive. And there are only a few handfuls of insurance companies who do immediate insurance.

Thus, get insurance for your Russian Blue cat right from today.

Health Check-Ups

Some pet insurance covers up health check-ups for your Russian Blue.

Visit a veterinarian at least three times a year (once every 4 months) for a general health check-up. The vet checks your Russian Blues general health like weight, heart rate, teeth, eyes, etc.

Moreover, sometimes you have to give booster injections and all that. This will keep your cat healthy in the long run. Besides, you should also maintain a proper vaccination time for your Russian blue.

Everyone Needs A Friend

Russian Blue cats would love a friend to be by their side and play with them. If you have the budget, why not get another Russian Blue cat?

You won’t have to play after your clingy Russian Blue all the time as she has another friend to play with.

It doesn’t always have to be another Russian Blue though. You can get another dog or any other animal that doesn’t trigger a hunter’s instinct in your Russian Blue.

I’m sure your Russian Blue will appreciate the new pet although she might have a difficult time adjusting at first.

Luxurious Carrier For Russian Blue

Russian Blue cats are wary of new places and people. If you want to take your Russian Blue out on trips, then you have to buy a comfortable carrier. In addition, there are also other important things which you should know before travelling in a car with Russian blue.

There are many types of carriers available; Hard and soft, see through and blocked, folding, etc. You would want a hard carrier for your Russian Blue as she can get fidgety inside it and a soft carrier may be really hard to handle.

Moreover, a see-through carrier ensures that your Russian Blue knows what is happening around her and calm her down.

Instead of traveling with a harness or a collar, you can let your lovely pet take a fresh breath of air and a comfortable den to reside in whenever she feels uncomfortable. A carrier is always helpful in this matter.

Automatic Feeder For Russian Blue

It is said that cat owners are 3 times as likely to go on trips compared to dog owners. If you are one of those cat owners who travel frequently, one option would be to buy an automatic feeder.

I’ve heard many cat owners leaving lots of cat food out in the open for their cat to feed on when they go out for trips.

But, is leaving cat food out in the open a good idea? The cat food goes bad and might get infected with insects and all that. Additionally, your cat might overfeed on the food as Russian Blues are lovers of food.

Many automatic feeders can feed multiple times a day and in the required proportions. Your cat gets to eat the food and she doesn’t get obese either as the food that the feeder gives is calculated.

You can check out automatic fountains too which give out fresh water when needed.

Another option is investing in a pet sitter. The pet sitter will look after your pet properly; feeding, grooming, and taking care of your feline on time!

A Stable Home Environment

Your Russian Blue cat is really sensitive. An unstable home environment can make your feline friend distant and even aggressive sometimes. Thus, you should shower lots of love and affection to your lovely feline.

After all, showering love is nothing less than a luxury.

Treats For Encouragement

An occasional treat can make your Russian Blue really happy.

When she behaves properly and acts cute or obeys your tricks, just pass down Meow Max (a treat) to your obedient feline.

Catnips For Russian Blue

Catnips are minty plants that make your Russian Blue feel pleasurable. These minty plants are literally relaxants for your cat.

Catnips come in dry form, candy form, jelly form, you name it. Just hang the catnip or paste it on your wall. And see your cat lick off the catnip and get calm and happy.

However, this catnip should be given in moderation. Too much high (the catnip provides) can cause addiction problems. In a way, catnips contribute to a luxurious life for your Russian Blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do Russian Blue Cats Drink From Fountains?

A bowl having still water seems poisonous to Russian Blue although the water is perfectly fine.

That’s why you got to invest in fountains that mimic moving water and waterfall. Your cat will then think of the water as pure and drink it.

Why Do Cats Groom So Much?

Cats are very clean creatures. Especially Russian Blue who is a fanatic of hygiene and clean places. There are also other reasons like distributing body oils, improving circulation, regulating body temperature, etc as to why Russian Blue cats groom themselves.


When you give a luxurious life for your Russian Blue, it doesn’t have to leave a dent in your wallet. If you have read the article, I’m sure that you know these things are affordable for many cat owners.

By giving your cat all these luxuries, you get a happy and healthy Russian Blue cat. Happy petting!

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