How to Keep Your Russian Blue Cat Safe [Proper Guide 2023]

Keep Russian Blue Cat Safe

As an owner of a pet, you have to look after it and ensure its safety constantly. When I was new to my cat, I made many mistakes that I now realize are something that I should have known earlier. There are certain things that you should not entertain doing with cats. So here is how you should keep your Russian blue cat safe.

Firstly, you should cat-proof your house. Moreover, to make it easy, think that you are getting a toddler in your house. What would you do to baby-proof the house? It is the same for cats. Additionally, you have to take care of its health and grooming, the food it intakes, and ways you can safeguard it outside the house.

So today, we will be learning about all these tricks and tips to keep your Russian blue cat safe and sound! These are the points that ensure you are the best owner for your cat.

How To Keep Your Russian Blue Safe Inside The House?

When you bring a Russian blue cat to your house, the first thing to do is make it safe inside the house. You cannot expect to safeguard your cat outside if its own house is not safe.

Moreover, the Russian blue cat is an indoor cat. This means that furry friend will spend most of their time at home. Let us learn how you can keep your Russian blue cats safe inside the house.

Hide Your Cords

Russian blue cats also like to chew electric chords like dogs. So, the basic thing that you have to do in order to cat-proof your house is to hide your chords.

You would not want your cat to get shocks. If you cannot hide your chords, make sure you use plastic straps to cover your chords.

Moreover, you can also use double tapes, lemon or lime juice, etc, to keep your cat away from chewing them.


Plants like Azaleas, Birds of Paradise, Buttercups, Caladium, etc can be poisonous for your cat. Mainly because the Russian blue cat is a curious cat; it can play or hang on the plants.

It might result in the cats being sick or even cause you to lose your pet. Hence, I suggest you not bring such plants home or put them out of reach of your Russian Blue to keep them safe.

Some other common plants that can be poisonous are:

  • Castor bean
  • Christmas Berry
  • Day Lily
  • Dumb cane Easter Lily
  • English Ivy
  • Holly
  • Hyacinth
  • Irises (beware of the leaves and the roots)
  • Lantana
  • Mistletoe
  • Morning glories
  • Narcissus
  • Philodendrons
  • Poinsettias
  • Wisteria
  • Yellow Oleander

Food and Medicine

If you are giving your cat human food, you should steer clear of grapes, onions, garlic, and chocolate. Similarly, cats are completely intolerant to the kinds of food that we eat daily.

Moreover, some of the foods that may add to the list are dairy products as well as beef. I would say that this is probably 50/50 because one of my Russian blues will be sick after eating them, but the other one would not.

Due to this, I avoid giving both of them a diet consisting of such food.

Similarly, you should also not put Aspirin and Tylenol where your cat can easily reach as these medicines can be pretty dangerous for your Russian Blue cat’s health.

Curtains and Screens

Russian Blue loves to hang through the curtains. While this can be interesting to watch, it is equally dangerous for family members and the cat itself if the curtains are not strong enough to hold the cat’s weight.

Not only is it harmful to your cat’s nails, but it might also create holes in your cotton on trips making your house look old!

Use vertical blinds to make sure the Russian Blue cat is safe from any muscle strain.

Make sure your screens are closed at all times to prevent the cat from running outside. If you live on higher floors, the cats might even fall from there. So, be careful about these small things!


Russian blue cats prefer to sharpen their nails on a carpet or a rug. Your cat might not only damage the carpets but also get stuck in the carpet, causing panic.

For this, make sure you have a separate rug that is safely soft enough for your cat to paw into it. Tightly woven carpets are preferable.

Mostly when the Russian blue is alone, it starts pawing the carpets/ rugs. Majorly, this is how they spend their time alone.

Plastic Bags and Buckets

Cats sleep anywhere. Especially when it comes to plastic bags and buckets, furry friends love to sleep in them.

Therefore, you must be careful if you have any plastic bags or buckets lying around your house. Why do you ask? It is because your cat might suffocate inside if the lid closes on its own.

Not all boxes are meant for sleeping in since they might be airtight. To avoid any mishaps, you should put away such buckets or plastic bags.

The Garbage Can

Your garbage can be sealed with a lid. Your curious Russian blue cat might pick up the garbage can and eat some of the food from it.

As unhealthy as it sounds, the garbage can also contain allergic foods to cats, like grapes and onions. To avoid any mistakes, you should keep the garbage can tightly closed.

Additional Points To Consider Indoors

Here are some extra points that may come in handy. Keep in mind these things to ensure your Russian Blue cat’s safety:

  • Avoid leaving sharp objects that your cat can easily reach.
  • Make sure you cover all the small holes that are present near your furniture. Otherwise, you might have to fish your cat out of there.
  • Make sure you have a clean house, mainly the kitchen sink.
  • Keep cats out of reach of essential oils.
  • Make sure you put down your toilet seats.
  • Check your laundry and dry cleaner before you use them, as the cats might climb in for a comfy sleep.

Keeping Russian Blue Cat Safe By Grooming And Health Care

Having a pet at home is not always fun. It is also commitment and showing love and cares to the pet sometimes when you don’t want to as well.

A Russian Blue will keep itself clean if you are able to train it properly. However, if you want to care for a hygienic environment inside your house, grooming, and health care is an equally essential parts of the process.

Here are the little things to big things you should care for:

Litter Box Care

I know that Russian Blues are easy to train since I have trained mine personally. They catch up pretty quickly as the cats are very intelligent and observant.

However, litter can develop various parasites if it is not managed properly. They might even consist of parasites that could affect humans.

So, you have to change the litter box and wash it usually. You can even get yourself an automatic litter box to avoid having to worry about cat litter. I would suggest you the following automatic litter boxes, my kitty friends and I find helpful!

  1. Simply Clean PetSafe Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box
  2. PetSafe ScoopFree Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box
  3. PetSafe ScoopFree Automatic Self-Cleaning Cat Litter Box

Take Care In The Dark

Russian blue cats are very peaceful animals, and they love humans. The furry friends lie down anywhere and not move when you come to them.

However, you might overlook the cats since they are dark-colored. You may trip, but your cat might get hurt severely. In the worst cases, you might also get injured along with your cat.

So, take care in the dark and make sure you and your Russian Blue cat are safe.

Flea And Tick Care

Fleas and ticks are major problems for cats. It might be uncomfortable for both you and your cat. They might scratch their body to the extent that they lose large amounts of hair. Besides, it can even cause redness and skin irritations.

Hence, make sure you visit the vet and give a regular dose of flea and tick medicine to avoid any parasitic manifestations in your home.

Nail Care

Cats use nails to get a grip on stuff. Thus, you need to maintain the nails of the Russian Blue cats.

Not only will it decrease the chances of illness caused by dirt in the claws, but it will also help in avoiding accidents caused due to sharp nails.

Although your Russian Blue is a calm cat, even when you care for it, the claws might cause some scratches on you.

How To Keep Your Russian Blue Safe Outside The House?

You might want to go out with your Russian blue for a short trip. If you are like me, you will choose cats over humans anytime. However, it would be best if you kept it safe from any dangers that await in the crowd.

In contrast, sometimes, you might not be there to protect your cat. Mostly in the case of an outdoor cats, they tend to go outside on their own.

Although a Russian Blue might not put a fit to go outside alone, you have to consider the worst-case scenario when it comes to safety.

Hence, these are the points to consider whether you want Russian blue cats to go outside with you or on their own.

Build Or Buy Catios

Catios are generally meant for indoor pets who do not have an idea about the outside world. However, this is an optional piece when it comes to Russian Blue cats.

The basic concept over here is to put your cat in an enclosed background when you are outside so that they do not run away but still can enjoy outside. Pretty amazing, right?

I have got one myself. I tried making one by myself, but I was too scared to trust my own abilities. If it fails, the loss is huge, isn’t it?

So, if you are able to make one yourself that you can trust better, you may use it. However, I suggest you try the affordable catio, Generic ABO Gear Happy Habitat Cat Patio Outdoor Enclosure Cage, since it is better to keep your cat safe than lose it forever!

Add A Customized Name Tag

Whenever you take your Russian Blue cat out in the open for a trip, there is a risk of losing it in the wild. You know the concept of the home, but your cat may not.

So, I would suggest you make a name tag customized, especially for your pet. Not only is it cute, but it is also handy when it comes to outings. Make sure you place the phone number on the flip side. This will help any person who finds your cat to call you back!

Now you can be free from the grief of losing your cat when your sole intention was to have fun with it. Some of the best name tags that can be customized to your liking and has a better quality are:

Take Advice From The Vet

The best advice that you could possibly get about your pets is from the vet. Like every human is different, every animal is too. Who understands this better than your vet doc?

The one who thoroughly studies your pet is more believable. So, when you face a situation that makes it hard for you to decide properly, you should undeniably take advice from your vet.

Besides, vaccinations and medications are all parts of the process that make your cat safe from diseases.

Get Calming Treats

Calming treats are a way to deal with stress while traveling in any vehicle. You can get carriers to keep the cats safe in the background, but the cats might still be scared because of the new change in the environment.

It is especially the case with indoor cats. You might even find a sick cat in your car or vehicle due to the stress. So, I suggest you get calming treats that will make it easy for you and your cat to bond better and enjoy the trip.

Personally, I like Composure Calming Treats, and it works pretty amazingly for my Russian Blue. However, you can get some normal treats like the following to keep your cat safe and calm in the backseat!

Do check them out on Amazon!

Carriers For Travel

You can use carriers for the Russian Blue when you want to travel with them. Especially it comes in handy to take your Russian Blue to the vet. On the other hand, you can also take them on a ride and to various other new places.

These cats are quite curious, so they would love to come with you to a picnic or outing with your family! I find these carriers pretty amazing and versatile.

Do check them out on Amazon!

Additional Points To Consider Outdoors

Some additional points to consider outdoors are:

  • Take all the proper vaccinations for your Russian Blue cat.
  • Buy a leash so that you can control your Russian Blue from running away elsewhere.
  • Train your cat to go out in a car or walk on a leash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is A Russian Blue Indoor or Outdoor Cat?

Russian blue cat is an indoor cat that enjoys its time in the peaceful environment it is familiar with. A Russian blue is more like a dog.

Why am I saying this? It is because you will find that Russian Blues are more attached to you. Moreover, the cats follow you everywhere you go.

You might even find them waiting for you at the door when you come back from work or your day outside. Additionally, I must say that it is really soothing to find someone that gives you the best smile to greet at home.

The cat will enjoy its time by playing and exercising alone. Also, it is a safer option to have cats at home than let them outside.

Is It Safe To Let Your Russian Blue Out Alone?

Your cat may wander off outside if you have one of those pet doors in your house. So, should you let your Russian Blue out alone? Well, I would say that it is not the best idea to do so.

Since Russian Blue cats are indoor cats, they are effortless going. The cats love human beings and can get easily stolen. Besides, you would not want your Russian Blue and your money going down the drain along with the emotions attached to it.

The Russian Blue cats have a threat from other cats who can put up a fight. Also, there are a lot of diseases that the cat might bring in when it goes out alone! I would say that you do not have the right to stop your cat’s freedom, but you can definitely apply the precautions mentioned above to keep the Russian Blue cat safe. You can also use these different ways to let your blue outside.

Last words

Hence, these are the safety tips that can be a great help in making your cat happy. The ecstasy of a happy pet is just right off the bat.

I hope that you can consider the facts above to keep your cats safe and healthy. Besides, these points will help you have your Russian Blue cat at home for a longer time.

You can admire the cat’s beauty and intelligence with companionship for half of your life!

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