Are Russian Blue Cat Friendly [Owner Guide]

Are Russian Blue Cat Friendly

In general, most people doubt the cat’s behavior and deny to keep them as a pet. There is a big misconception that a cat can never build good behavior as a pet dog does. So, if you are also one of those people who have similar doubts, then your view regarding the cats is not appropriate. Neither all cats are the same, nor their personalities are. Amongst various cat breeds, the Russian Blue cat stands out the best for being a great and loyal pet. Similarly, people are fonding the Russian Blue cat more due to its friendly nature towards every family member plus with some other pets at house. 

So, ‘Are Russian Blue cat friendly?’ The answer is yes, the Russian Blue cats are quite friendly, amongst several cat breeds. However, with strangers, they are unlikely to show their friendly nature and keep a distance from them in the very first meeting. But, like any other pets, the Russian Blue cat will take time to adapt to its new environment with new people. And eventually, they will comfort themselves and show their gentle and friendly nature. 

Therefore, if you are looking for a Russian Blue cat or already got one, then learn the fact that they can be your best fur friend. Besides, here is the article, basically for you to help you learn more about the fascinating Russian Blue cat’s friendly nature. 

Russian Blue Cat’s General Behavior

A Russian Blue is a medium-sized cat that has a delightful characteristic. It is a pretty unique, smart, and sensitive cat. Yet when you first bring the Russian Blue cat, it will get extremely shy and won’t open up with the family members. 

Talking about some more general behavior of the Russian Blue, they prefer hygiene routines and dislikes the foul environment around them. Not only the areas but also the Russian Blue’s food, water, and feeding bowls should be clean on time. Also, they follow a strict schedule, meaning that they like to eat, play, and exercise on a regular time. Overall, the Russian Blue is quite active, playful, hygienic, and confident cats. 

However, you may not know these general behaviors of the Russian Blue cat in a single day. So, providing them an appropriate environment and lifestyle as you bring them home is extremely important for looking forward to their friendly nature. 

Adaption And Friendly Nature Of Russian Blue In New Family

Like any other cat breeds, quick adaptions can be a bit difficult for the Russian Blue cat as well. That’s why they will feel unusual and stay quiet in the new place with new people. But once they get along comfortably, they will start displaying their positive attributes. 

As the Russian Blue cats are pretty intelligent cat breeds, they quickly learn and adapts to the new environment. In general, the Russian Blue cat takes only a few days to a month to adjust to the new place with new people. But for an excellent adaptation and building a friendly bond with people, a 2 to 3 weeks period is better. However, proper adaptation also depends on the age level of the Russian Blue cat. 

Adaptation Of An Adult Russian Blue Cat

An adult Russian Blue may feel nervous in adapting and getting along in the family if it has suffered from any bad experience in his early days. A Russian Blue that has seen so much negativity in his past times will not feel free to open up quickly with new people. Also, it might take more than a month in crucial situations for them to get along with you and adjust to the new environment comfortably. 

Although not every adult Russian Blue will have bad experiences. But the possibility of unpleasant past incidents is high either. In such cases, the owners have to keep much patience to comfort him. 

Besides, the adult Russian Blue that has no bad experiences can adapt to the new environment smoothly. It will take up to 20days for them to adjust and show their friendly gestures to you. 

Adaptation Of A Russian Blue Kitten

If you bring a Russian Blue kitten, their chances of having bad experiences are pretty low. As it is a very delicate phase of the Russian Blue, you can comfort and instruct them with no such difficulty. 

Sometimes, a Russian Blue kitten may feel the absence of its mother cat if you have only brought the kitten at home. However, by the 30days, a Russian Blue kitten can adapt to the new surrounding. And also, it can get along with you finely. Gradually, you can see the friendly nature of the Russian Blue too. 

Are Russian Blue Cat Friendly With Children?

The Russian Blue cat has always been a great and loyal pet at present. Due to its distinctly fascinating characteristics, people are fonding them more. But before people own a Russian Blue cat, they always think about the cat’s reaction to certain conditions. Mainly, they are in immense confusion to know about the Russian Blue cat’s behavior towards children.  

If you are unaware, then let me tell you that the Russian Blue is very calm and cheerful towards kids. It never fails in becoming a child’s best companion. As the Russian Blue is one of the active and playful cat breeds, it prefers playing and spending some quality time with kids. Also, the Russian Blue cat’s friendly nature towards the kids benefits their lifestyle in various ways. Such as making kids responsible, encouraging them to maintain a healthy lifestyle by exercising on time, etc. 

So, if you are worried about the Russian Blue cat’s behavior with the children, then don’t bother much. The Russian Blue cats are hugely friendly with kids. And you can own a Russian Blue cat at your place with full certainty. 

They will get closer to you to know you better. In between this, the Russian Blue does different activities to build a friendly bond with people. 

Do Russian Blue Harm the Children?

As mentioned before, the Russian Blue cats are a great friend of children, especially for a single kid at the house. A single kid may feel alone, and the Russian Blue can be their best fur companion. However, rightly training them is vital for making them a better friend of your kids. Yet, you need not worry about the training session too. The Russian Blue cats are quite intelligent that can quickly learn the training provided to them. Here you can learn how to train your Russian blue cat at home.

Still, there can be a dilemma for most people. A doubt regarding the Russian Blue cat’s nature with kids mainly in situations where the parents have to leave their kids alone with them. But to clear the doubt, know the fact, the Russian Blue is non-aggressive cat breeds. And they won’t harm the children in your absence nor in the presence. You can confidently leave your kids with them.

Moreover, the Russian Blue cat loves the children and takes pretty good care of them. This cat has been the most favorite friend of kids, amongst several cat breeds. Hence, you can trust the Russian Blue cat with full certainty as they don’t harm the children.

For Russian Blue’s Finer Friendly Bond – Do’s And Don’ts To Know

Once the Russian Blue cat considers you as their best and smartest companion, they will remain perpetually loyal to you. In such situations, it also becomes your responsibility to provide them a joyful life.

However, all the time, the Russian Blue cat may not understand every friendly indication verbally from your side. The actions or the way you behave delivers your traits to them. That’s why sometimes your activities and behaviors can either make the Russian Blue happy or sad. So, for maintaining a healthy, close bond with the Russian Blue cat, it is necessary to think and act wisely. As they are pretty smart cats, they can easily perceive what you are trying to convey. 

Hence, for the betterment of the Russian Blue cat’s friendly bond with you, here are some do’s and don’ts one should know:

Do’s- For A Better Friendly Bond

Showing a friendly gesture from your side comforts and satisfies the Russian Blue cat. They can quickly know a person’s feelings towards them. So, it is important to act wisely and make things better for a healthy companionship between you and the Russian Blue cat.

To get better with you, here are some of the primary activities that you can do: 

  1. Providing adequate playtime to the Russian Blue cat and participating with them builds up their friendliness with you. 
  2. Reward the Russian Blue cat with their favorite treats when they do something good as per your instructions. Also, you can pat them on their head and body. It is one of the friendly gestures towards them.
  3. You can boost your Russian Blue to learn some tricks like doing a high-five and playing fetch. For even greater training, here you can learn some of the best tips and tricks. 
  4. Give the Russian Blue cat a private space to de-stress. It sounds unusual but true. A Russian Blue requires some own space where they don’t like anyone’s interference. 

Don’ts- For A Better Friendly Bond

As per human nature, it is unlikely to stay calm and happy all the time. Sometimes, because of the emotions like frustrations, anger, anxiety, etc., people unintentionally behave rudely toward the Russian Blue cat. And the people’s unusual behavior like this discomforts them more often. 

So, it is essential to know and understand that the negative trait of humans can make the Russian Blue upset and sad. Also, it can indirectly affect human-Russian Blue relations. People generally don’t realize it, but it is a truth. 

Therefore, to tell you what habits of yours can upset the Russian Blue cat, here I have listed a short activity that they dislike. It is vital for you to know and realize these actions and avoid doing it again. 

  1. Don’t yell and punish the Russian Blue cat if it fails to do something as per your instructions. It will worsen the situation only.
  2. If the Russian Blue’s water bowls, food bowls, and litter boxes are dirty. They are hygienic cats and hates foul around them.
  3. The Russian Blue cat dislikes irregular and unplanned activities. Avoid forcing them to play and exercise without making a proper schedule. 
  4. Prioritizing some other pets more and less attention to the Russian Blue upsets them at a huge. 

Does Russian Blue Cat Need Another Pet Friend When Left Alone?

A Russian Blue is quite an active and cheerful cat. They require a companion but not too many. The Russian Blue cat’s face might make you feel bad for leaving them alone at the house. But it doesn’t refer to as requiring another pet friend for them. A human friend for them is everything either you leave him alone and go out or stick with him all day long. 

If you didn’t know then, learn that the Russian Blue is a self-entertaining cat. They keep themselves involved in some playing activities inside the house. For this, you can provide them different cat toys and scratching posts (if necessary). Hence, they can entertain and keep themselves busy by playing and exploring some toys.

So, there is no specific need for another pet friend for them when you leave them alone. Yet if you want another pet at your place, then you can go for it as well. The Russian Blue cat can get along with other pets too, but proper training is highly vital. 

Russian Blue With Other Pet At House

As known widely, the Russian Blue is a companionable, playful, and active cat. They are notably loyal and friendly around the family members once they get comfortable. However, people who own more than a single pet curiously wants to know about the Russian Blue cat’s social nature with other pets too. 

To make things simpler, learn that the Russian Blue cat can get friendly even with some other pet at the house. But, a lot of training and time is essential to make things possible. 

With Another Pet Cats

If you own another cat breed at your place then, your Russian Blue may not take a huge time to get along with it. The Russian Blue cats can make a good bond with other cats if they spend much time together like while playing or exercising. However, prioritizing both the cat breeds is equally essential. Otherwise, there might create an unhealthy competition between the Russian Blue and another cat. It will bring problems between them, which will be difficult for you to control. 

A cat belonging to an aggressive nature can harm your Russian Blue cat if kept together. That’s why choosing a pet cat mate for the Russian Blue is not that easy. 

With Pet Dogs

Bringing a Russian Blue cat and a dog together under the same roof is not that easy task to do. But, building a companionship between a dog and the Russian Blue cat is possible. A Russian Blue doesn’t belong to the offensive nature of the cat breed. But finding a good dog with similar traits is quite hard as it can be unpredictable. 

Thus, to make the Russian Blue cat show its friendly nature to the dog, it is essential to have similar qualities between both of them. It is not specific with any dog breeds but with the characteristics of the dogs that matters. 

Can Russian Blue Get Rude?

Mostly the Russian Blue cat stays delightful and observant. It trusts and loves family members a lot. 

The Russian Blue cats are very gentle and friendly with the kids and other family members. They can never get rude with their favorite people. Talking about the other pets, the Russian Blue cat can get along finely without getting rude to them, if trained well.

However, this behavior of the Russian Blue cat is not the same for all people. Their behavior towards strangers is not very friendly. But, apart from this behavior with strangers, the Russian Blue cat doesn’t get rude with people. 

The Russian Blue Cat With Strangers – Rude Or Not?

Though, the Russian Blue is not such a cat who gets rude often. But after seeing the strangers, there are slight changes in their behavior. They will stay quiet and won’t get closer to the unknown people. 

The Russian Blue cats keep a distance from them and take their time to determine either they are dependable or not. They sense the people’s nature in the beginning and decides either the person can be their companion or not. But gradually, they will know the strangers too and get along with them finely. Never force the Russian Blue to get friendly with them as they can determine it by themselves. 

It is a general behavior of the Russian Blue cat, which makes some strangers feel rude and unfriendly. The strangers sometimes believe the Russian Blue cats are ignorant, rude, and very unsocial. 

FAQ About the Russian Blue Cat

Does Russian Blue Cat Make Good Pets?

The Russian Blue cats are excellent as pets. They are smart, active, social, playful, hygienic, and sensitive cats. These distinct features of the Russian Blue cats make people attract to them. Also, they make good pets for those people who work full time or stays more often outside the house as they can keep themselves entertained while you are away.

Are Russian Blue Cats Lap Cats?

The Russian Blue cats are gentle and highly loving towards their family members. They love it when their favorite people keep them in the lap and cuddle them. So, the Russian Blue cats are quite lapping cats.

Are Russian Blue Cats Hypoallergenic?

The Russian Blue cat produces a lower level of Fel d 1 protein that flows in their saliva and skin. And a tiny of Fel d 1 protein can even cause an allergic reaction to many people. But as the Russian Blue cat sheds low and causes a less allergic reaction to people, they are kind of hypoallergenic.


The Russian Blue cats are highly playful, active, and friendly with the family members. However, when you bring them home, they will feel shy and stays quiet for a few initial days. But as they get comfortable, they will eventually start trusting the people around them. 

Moreover, you can look for the Russian Blue cat even if there are kids or any other pets at your place. They will usually get well and make their surroundings pleasant. 

I hope this article was useful for you in knowing about the Russian Blue cat’s friendly personality. 

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