Can Russian Blue Eat Raw Food?

can russian blue eat raw food

When it comes to the dietary plan for your Russian blue, it is okay to get confused. You can wonder if these Russian blue cats eat raw food or not.

Russian Blue cats belong to a wild ancestral line, which means they are familiar with hunting and eating small animals. Raw food is a pretty common food for cats to devour as freshly killed prey is the epitome of raw food.

The most stressful part of keeping a healthy cat is cat food. Can Russian blue cats eat raw food? Is it even okay to feed them Raw food and what consequences the raw food diet brings to cats? Is it okay to feed cats another commercial cat food? And what type of raw food diet does a Russian blue cat prefer?

These questions can give you enough headache. So, go through this whole article to know details about your Russian blue cats’ dietary habits and the inclusion of raw food in the diet. This will make you sure whether it is safe or not to use uncooked meals for your cat.

Can Russian Blue Eat Raw Food?

Cats belong to the hunting range of animals. They feed on the prey they hunt, meaning the raw meat of other small animals.

Russian blue cats were no different, their ancestors were wild cats that fed on prey from hunting. That’s why the Russian cat, although evolved, has a metabolic system that can handle raw food to some extent.

The fact is that hunted prey is always cats’ weight size and even fresh; however, the homemade, processed raw food contaminates through the process resulting in diseases in cats.

No feline hunter will feed on raw mutton or beef. The case with farm-reared chicken, turkeys or fish is, they are not as suitable as the wild prey they hunt.

Most cat owners believe that raw food, rather than commercial cat food, make your cat healthier and happier.

Is Raw Food Safe For Russian Blue Cats?

To be honest, raw food brings certain risks with it; however, most risks come with a solution as well.

Many vets and cat experts are against the use of raw food to feed the cat. These people strongly believe that uncooked food brings home disease-causing agents like viruses, bacteria.

Russian blue owners, in the contrast to experts’ advice, stand for the use of raw food in the cat’s diet. They claim a raw diet makes the cat healthier, happier, appealing with brighter eyes, and even glossier fur.

If you know how to prepare contamination-free food, then it will be, with no doubt, safe for Russian Blue too.

Does the Raw Food Cause Health Issues In Russian Blue Cats?

The scientific and medical opinion is not something you want to know. Accordingly, raw food is one of the main agents that cause disease in your Russian Blue cats.

The raw meat is the home for parasitic worms that affect cats as it does humans. The worms are, although, treatable but knowing your cat is infected is harder. The health condition of your cat may become worse before you notice something is wrong.

Cats can digest most of the uncooked meals, thanks to their short body and acidic digestive system. Most of the pathogen passes through cats’ digestive system without causing any issues, but few can even handle the acidic environment and survive within.

These raw foods not only bring worms with them but also carry the pathogens like Salmonella and E. coliSalmonella is the causative agent of typhoid in human beings, so you can imagine what damage it can do to small cats.

The intestinal parasites eat up the cat internally, resulting from bowel movement issues to food poisoning. This problem can get serious to the point of death too.

What Can You Do To Avoid Diseases From Raw Food In Russian Blue Cats?

The most logical thing to do here is to switch to parboiled food. But if you plan to feed uncooked food to your cat, then it is necessary to prepare it without contamination.

The utensils you use can be as contaminated as the raw meat from the farm. The best way to avoid disease is to make sure no contamination enters the area where you’re making the food.

You must make sure the area where you make cat food is clean and sanitize. And remember to clean the cat bowl immediately after you feed them.

The 1:32 bleach to water solution is a safe cleaner to sanitize both the cooking area and cat bowls.

Other few things you can do include wearing gloves while handling the raw meat and even better to use frozen meat.

The most important part is to feed your cat in an area easy to clean. Carpet and upholstery contain bacteria that can contaminate the food and harm the cat.

Reasons To Choose Raw Diet For Russian Blue Cats

The cat food commercially sold has more chances of bearing chemical contamination like melamine than we realize. Any chemical contaminants in the diet of these small sensitive cats bring horrible health issues.

And another fact is, many people believe cat food is nutritionally insufficient as well. Each of them has one thing missing every time while making it harder for owners to choose from.

Raw food gives you control over all these facts. It makes it easier for you to decide what to feed your cat and how.

Not everyone can knock on the specialist door when it comes to diet plans for your cat. You are one who needs to take the matter into your hand.

Raw food diet without contamination has enough supplements that can help your cat to grow into a healthier and happier version.

How Can You Prepare Raw Food Diet For Your Russian Blue Cat?

The process is tiring as well as a little complicated for a normal person to do. Before you jump into making the food yourself, you need to take the opinion of the veterinarian.

They will probably convince you otherwise, but an experienced veterinary nutritionist can help with the recipes for home-made raw meals.

Before learning the process, you need to learn about the food that causes allergies in Russian Blue cats.

What Are The Food That Causes Allergies In Russian Blue Cats?

Few food items should never be fed to your Russian blue cat, be it raw or cooked. List of that food are:

  1. Soy
  2. Corn
  3. Gluten
  4. Dairy products

This food cause itching, scratching, vomiting, and diarrhea in Russian Blue. That’s why it is important to check every ingredient in the cat food carefully.

Bathing your cat twice a week and adding other supplements and medications to the cat’s diet can prevent these allergies.

Steps To Prepare

The raw meat alone cannot fulfill the nutritional need of your cat. That’s why special supplements, especially the essential vitamins taurine and arginine, are to be added to meet the need. The following steps help you to prepare the diet you want for your cat.


  1. Rabbit, poultry, or fish meat from their muscles and organs
  2. Eggs
  3. Raw bones
  4. Supplements

Equipment Required

  1. Clean and sanitized cutting board
  2. Poultry shears
  3. Meat grinders
  4. Glass mixing bowls
  5. Disposable gloves
  6. Small storage containers like ice-cube trays
  7. Freezer


  1. Cut and grind the raw meat and bones with the help of a meat grinder.
  2. Put the ground meat with eggs, supplements, and ground raw bones in a mixing bowl.
  3. Put gloves on and mix the prepared mixture using hands.
  4. Make small cubes of the mixture and keep them in the storage container.
  5. Let it into a freezer and keep it there until it is frozen.
  6. Take out cubes of meat only when you need to feed your cat.

Is the Benefit Of Raw Food Worth the Effort?

The answer to the above question is, actually, no. A strong no to wasting your effort on something that isn’t even worth it.

The raw food has more demerits than merits. The main agent for diseases is the raw food diet, which is prone to contamination.

Bacteria and viruses equally love raw food as the cats do. Even the worst is the case with worms, they depend upon meat for their growth.

If you’re not cautious enough while preparing the raw food, then you will be the one responsible for the diseases.

A simple mistake can bring lots of health issues in your Russian Blue Cats, thus making you question everything again.

And the process is time-consuming as well. You need to prepare the same food time and again as the storage of bulk mass of raw food isn’t possible.

Raw Food Alternatives

Instead of using an uncooked meal, the best way to feed nutritious food to the cat is to feed them the way you eat your food.

Of course, not the full course meal you eat but the cooked part. The same food you feed them raw can be cooked and made a healthier version of it. 

The other option is getting a high-protein wet cat food that is prepared with high-quality ingredients. The water need and low carbohydrate part of the food are easier to keep up through wet cat food.

Which Are the Best Commercial Food For Russian Blue Cats?

Here is the list of the top five brands that you can choose from after you switch to commercial cat food:

cat food

healthy cat food

healthy cat food

healthy cat food

cat healthy


Briefly, if you go with the people’s opinion, then you can dive into the raw food diet for your Russian blue cat. But the problems and effort the raw food brings and ask respectively isn’t worth it. If you are free and want variety in your cat diet, then raw food can be an extra dietary source; however, you should look into other cat food if you live a busy life. Raw food has both benefits and issues, and thus it is completely up to you to choose what you want to do.

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