Do Russian Blue Cats Like To Be Picked Up?

Do Russian Blue Cats Like To Be Picked Up

Are you a cat lover? Well, if yes, Russian Blue Cat is one with a sweet-temper and loyal that will follow you everywhere.  They are a highly social pet that demonstrates affectionate to your whole family and in return, also demands the same. So, don’t be surprised to see when your Russian blue cat comes in front of the door to greet you. But, Do Russian Blue Cats Like To Be Picked Up? Well, this article highlights some peculiar traits of Russian blue cats and lets you know them closely.

When you see bluish-grey plushy with green eyes, the Russian blue cat, you instantly want to pick it up as they are very appealing to your eyes. You see that most of the cats are more likely to be timid and shy when they are with new people, Russian blue Cat is no other than that. When you come across a Russian blue cat you will notice the cat is shyer as they prefer very less contact with new humans.

But do they prefer less human contact? If you are new to the Russian blue cat then it is a big fat YES. They do not want strangers to be around them and would run away or hide under from you leaving you to feel unwanted. You have to be patient as they are timider and shier but can be loyal and social with your family when they are comfortable in an unfamiliar environment.

Do Russian Blue Cats Like To Be Picked Up? In short, NO if you want them to hold for a long time. You may feel unwanted by the Russian blue cat as their nature is very reserved but you just need to give your Russian blue cat to open at a certain time.

You might be very much curious about the Russian blue cat. How do they react to being petted? Do they like to be picked? Why do they disapprove of picking up? How do I bond or train them?   And if you are planning to get one then you have such questions.

Be with me through this article, I will be clearing all your questions to cover all your curiosity by end of the article.

Know Why They Resist Being Picked Up

You would see that a Russian blue cat would try to jump off when you pick them up in your arms, no matter if you are trying to show your love.

You want to share your affection with your royal cat, so what makes them unwanted from being picked up for cuddles?

The following are the reasons that your Russian blue would not prefer to be picked up more often.

May Feel Disrespected

Russian blue cat is popularly known for its royal attributes and independent nature. You may find the cat always popping from a height even in your room kitchen and bookcase, seating, and watching you from the top of the door without being noticed.

If you pick up your royal cat then they would feel like being disturb in their zone. they are more likely to do their work by them without any help. Therefore, a Russian blue cat would not appreciate you holding up and intervening in their independence.

Therefore, they may feel disrespected if you are performing work for them. They are fine on their own.

Are More Reserved

Just imagine if someone comes by and out of nowhere disturbs you by holding an introverted you. Would you like that? You would not and the same go with Russian blue as well. They will get startled by you when you pick them up.

Russian blue cat will hide under the nearby couch or inside the box if they ever come across your guest. One human friend is enough for them to be socialized and playful. They would choose you or one of your family after a long socialization process.

So, if you are trying to be friendly and bond with your Russian blue cat then you must wait for your pet to be comfortable. Let them approach you for social interaction to reduce fear and social anxiety.

May Not Like You Restraining Them

Holding and hugging tightly is one way that you express your affection towards your cat by restraining them. Due to which they cannot move or have control over their movement.

The restricted movement makes your cat feel as you are trapping them whereas they want their independence and freedom.

So, make sure you give enough space and freedom to avoid them from feeling that holding and picking them is a trap or losing their control over them.

Not A Natural Greeting For your Russian Blue Cat

Have you ever witnessed the cat pick each other when they are supposed to greet at the meet? No right unless it was human. Instead, you would have seen them licking and rubbing against each other as greeting.

Russian blue cat would feel like being taken away by a predator if someone picks them up even if your intention is friendly. You should always be studying your Russian blue cats’ mood to pick or hold them up.

Are Russian Blue Cats Cuddly?

You will find your Russian blue cat being very reserved in beginning but they are sweet-tempered as well as a loyal cat that will follow you everywhere.

Since they are more reserved, they will choose one person to be connected to be friendly and cuddly. You just have to give your new pet some time.

They are very social pets but you must also give them their space as they actively seek alone time in which to sleep. If you have an introverted friend then you will understand their tendency of being reserved around the places and will win their attention.

Russian blue cat will be liked to be petted and cuddled but only when they want. You just must welcome them when they want your attention or cuddle as they will reach you any moment when you do not expect them to be cuddly.

Make sure you provide them enough time to play with stuffed toys alone as well as with you to socialize them which will help you to connect with your playful pet.

Sometimes I Have To Pick up The Cat. How Can I Move My Russian Blue Cat Safely?

You might have to pick your Russian blue cat for moving from one place to another. So, to do it, you must be careful about holding them as they are less likely to be held. Following tips and procedures could help you to pick or hold your Russian blue.

Picking a Cat Up

Russian blue cat is the cat that does not like to be picked or held more often. They may get startled or uncomfortable when they are not picked up properly. You should always be careful while holding them to avoid scaring or hurting your Russian blue cat.

Be Aware of Your Cat Mood

Russian Blue Cat are so independent that they would not want anybody doing work for them. They will approach you when they are seeking attention.

You can read your Russian blue cat’s body language to guess if they are willing to be picked up. If you find them angry, you have more possibility to get hurt by the cat.

Is he hiding from you? Then it means that the Russian blue is not looking for your attention. If the cat is actively rubbing your leg with their forehead then they are trying to seek attention from you. So that is the time when you can pick your cat.

Also, watch out for your cats’ tail, If it is upward-facing then it is a green signal to pick it up. But never go for picking up your Russian blue cat when it is wagging its tail. It means that your cat is agitated and the wrong time to pick it up.

You can also look at your cat ears to know the right signal. If it is facing forward then it means that the cat is in a playful mood. But when your Russian blue cat ear is facing backward and flat then that is wrong timing.

Lowering Down at Your Cats Level

You may startle or frighten your feline while you are standing around them even though it seems normal to you.

So you should slowly lower down to reach your cat’s level before you pick them up. This attempt will help you to reassure your cat to pick it up and give it a chance to rub against your torso( below the neck and above waist body part).

When your feline rubs in a gesture of greet then it is a signal for you to pick as the scent transferred on your clothes will make your cat feel comfortable.

Lift Your Feline

Before you pick up your Russian blue make sure you are doing it in the right way otherwise you will scare him out and lose your chance to hold him next time.

You should use your dominant hand to place under your feline behind the front legs. You will feel its firm ribs cage with your finger when you do it correctly.

Use your other hand to support your feline’s bottom and back legs which will help your kitty secure about being picked up. Once you do it properly, then it is time to pick it up so that you are standing up straight.

Make sure your hands are supporting your feline and feel more secure. For more security assurance to your cat pull your cat towards your chest which will provide more support to your Russian blue cat.

Scruffing for Emergencies Situations

You may see extra skin on your feline’s neck which the mother cat mostly uses to hold the kittens. It is known as scruff.

But scruffing is not quite pleasant for adult cats as they are heavier. You must take care while holding when you are using their scruff to hold up by supporting under its rump.

I would not suggest scruffing them unless it is an emergency (for instance, if your house is on fire.) which will help you to avoid scratches as it is the time when your cat is more agitated.

Pet Your Cat While Holding

Russian blue cat might not want your attention and petting all the time as they prefer less human disturbance. But you can witness your feline being an attention seeker when you expect the least. That is when you must make your Russian blue cat feel more comfortable to be more socialize in the future.

You can pet your cat by giving a good gentle rub on his head and neck (the spot that your feline enjoys most). Your cat will feel more comfortable and like when you pet them while you pick them up.

Can I Train My Russian Blue Cat?

Russian blue cats are intelligent and wise felines that will learn very easily to live with people. You can initiate to train your feline by bonding with it but be aware that Russian blue will train you to cope up with his behavior. You just have to be calm with felines while you want them to train.

When your feline does the right thing be gentle and praise them with rewards and by petting them. You can always exercise with Russian blue to hold them up to make them habitual and familiar about holding and picking them up.

People often confuse the behavior of cats and dogs when they think of training them. You must not scold your Russian blue for training them because they will get more scared and might behave worse.

Since the Russian Blue Cat are very patient and reserve so you should not be forceful towards them. Arrange stuffed toys for your feline to indulge in to play with you. Your cat would love to play fetch games where they would make you fetch the toys.

I would suggest you adopt a younger kitten in order to train the Russian blue cat to be cuddly. You should develop the habit of picking and cuddling your kitten every day. This practice would develop a feeling of security and your feline will feel comfortable when you pick them up. But it may be difficult in the case of an adult Russian Blue Cat because you have to be more patient for your feline trust. Russian Blue Cat might take a longer time to just choose a human friend for them. But trust me it would be worth it to wait for your feline to socialize with you because once they are comfortable they won’t let you down for loyalty.

Additional Tips To Bond With And Train Your Russian Blue Cat

  • Start your training from the day you welcome them to your house but make slow steps and be patient. You can easily train younger kittens and also build close bonds in a very short period of time.
  • Shorten your training time to not make your cat feel exhausted and forced upon.
  • Avoid being insensitive and callous with them.
  • You can also reward your kitty with multiple flavor treats that will bring pleasing behavior in your feline. Toss treats from a distance and slowly start feeding closer after some series of feeding practice to help them to feel comfortable.
  • You can practice hand feeding once you have won their trust and bring it to your lap for comforting them.
  • You can also use various equipment such as clickers to grab their attention and teach them to know about feeding time. The clicking sound will make your cat aware of being fed and they will get excited to reach you.
  • You should also understand that kittens are quite exotic nature so if they don’t show affection as wished for does not mean they do not like you. It is just that they have their way and take time to bond and show affection to their owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Leave Russian Blue Cats Alone?

Yes, you can leave your Russian blue cat alone as they are very independent who would like to do on their own. If you are a work alcoholic then you should not worry about your feline as they can entertain themselves for hours. You do not have to worry about abbreviated time grooming as they shade very less in comparison to another breed.

Do Russian Blue Cats Need Companions?

Although a Russian blue cat does not necessarily need companions to be entertained, you can get another cat with a decent introduction among them. As they are amiable and can go along with other animals very well.

Do Russian Blue Cats Scratch?

According to the breeders and some cat’s owner, it is rare that a Russian blue cat bites or scratch it’s human. Your feline will be very devoted when they are good and comfortable with you. Yet you can arrange some alternatives to scratch upon to help them to deal with their scratching nature.

At What Age Do Russian Blue Eyes Turn Green?

The bluish-grey coat is not only a beautiful appearance that attracts many cat lovers, their elegant green eyes also take the breath away. When the Russian blue cats are kitten their eyes are yellowish but as they grow up green rings start to develop. As they mature their eyes get bright vivid green at the age of about four months.


Russian blue cats are a bluish-grey plushy thick-coat breed that you would love for their timid and calm nature. Bright vivid green eyes are so appealing that you would want to hold it which looks elegant on their thick coat.

Russian blue cat would not mind if you pick it up and hold with the proper technique to hold them without scaring them. You should also be aware of your feline mood before you pick them by understanding their body language such as the movement of ears and tail.

You can also make your cat comfortable about picking up by training them. A better way to train your feline you should involve various threats and other equipment for training them. While you are training your Russian blue cat always be gentle and nice. The training session is the time that you can bond with your feline. While you are bonding with your feline make sure you also play with them. Playing with them will help you to know more about your feline.

I hope the article will help you to understand Russian Blue Cat’s behavior and response when you pick them up. I am sure that you would be clear when you pick them up next time. Also, it will help you when you are training and bonding with your Russian Blue Cat.

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