9 Tips and Tricks To Train Russian Blue Cat (Home Training Vs. Professional Training)

9 Tips and Tricks To Train Russian Blue Cat

Have you come across the quote, “In a cat’s eye, all things belong to cats”? It seems a bit off-putting, doesn’t it? Especially if you are a cat owner, who wants their pet to be respectful of their household items, and remain well behaved.

The truth is Russian Blues are extremely intelligent cats. They are attentive and hence, easy to train. Therefore, if you are worried about your Russian Blue becoming a nuisance, then below I have listed extremely useful tips and tricks to train Russian Blue Cat.

With some patience and practice, not only will your Russian Blue be able to follow your commands with precision, but they will also be able to show off some cool tricks!

Therefore, all you need now is time, patience, a good attitude, and obviously your Russian Blue’s cooperation!

Are Russian Blues Easy to Train?

A Russian Blue’s desire for mental stimulation is one of the main reasons why they are considered easy to train. On top of this, their inquisitive nature also plays a huge role in them being able to pick up simple or even complicated commands.

Before we get into tips and tricks to train Russian Blue, let us first look at why it will NOT be difficult for you to train your Russian Blue.


As this breed of cats is intelligent, they are able to pick up even subtle hints from their trainer, which in this case is you. Not only will they be receptive to your commands, but also they will enjoy training just as much as you will.

As long as you make the training sessions with them enjoyable, chances are that you will have a fully trained, well-behaved Russian Blue in no time!

Sociable and Friendly

Russian Blues are also very friendly with their owners. Although, if you are wishing to include someone your cat does not recognize, in the training session, then think again!

Although Russian Blues are very sociable, this is true for only the humans your cat sees every day. If someone who is not as familiar approaches them, they will most definitely shy away. However, do not get too worried about this, as they will warm up to your guests in their own time.

It is because of the Russian Blue’s friendly nature though, that they will allow you to teach them tricks and train them. Hence, it should come as no surprise if even your Russian Blue kitten is willing to give you their paw within a few days of practice!


Again, this is another attribute to their personality, which makes them easy to train.

Their mild temperament is something that will allow you to coax them into doing simple tasks like sitting before they start eating. Then, you will be able to teach them harder tasks like fetching a ball of yarn or using their litter box properly. Finally, if you want, you could even teach them cool tricks.

These cool tricks may include anything from playing dead to giving you a high-five!

For all that is true though, it is because of your Russian Blue’s natural inclination towards being well behaved, that training them is as easy as it is!

9 Tips and Tricks To Train Russian Blue Cat

Now, as promised earlier, I have listed out 9 tips and tricks to train your Russian Blue below.

Although, keep in mind that no matter how easy Russian Blues are to train, they are likely to make mistakes. So, remain patient and remind yourself of the reason why you adopted your cute Blue whenever you need to!

Start Easy

This is an obvious tip since we all know that starting from the bottom is the best bet here.

Do not overwhelm your cat with too many or too difficult commands from the very beginning. It is always better to ease them into the training as this ensures they learn the commands properly. And eventually, they will be able to pick up on even the slightest of your hints.

Always Use a Positive Reward to Reinforce Good Behavior

The most important thing to keep handy, while training is your Russian Blue’s favorite treat. Wherever and however you decide to start the training process, remember to reward them with their favorite treat when they follow your commands perfectly.

Repeating this process of rewarding them will slowly make them understand that they will get a treat every time they follow your command. Hence, this process of giving a positive reward to reinforce good behavior will soon encourage them to follow your command even without receiving the reward.

Furthermore, the positive reward does not always have to be their favorite treat. It can also be in the form of praise: pats and attention.

Make Training Fun

Russian Blues are always curious and are always looking for something to play with. They love being mentally stimulated and love a challenge.

Hence, if you make the training process fun for them, they will actually be excited to participate in it too. This will also expedite the process of turning them into a well-mannered cat!

Remain Patient as with a Child

I have mentioned this a few times before but it is an important thing to keep in mind. If you are not patient with your cat, while training them, it is likely to end in a disaster. However, if you maintain your cool and keep trying the same commands until they pick it up, the result will be worth all your hard work.

Let Go of a Few Mishaps

It is also important to note that a few mishaps here and there should be excused. For instance, your Russian Blue may be too excited or too hungry to sit before they can start eating. Or they might be in too much of a hurry to relieve themselves to get to their litter box in time.

No matter what kind of mishap it is, you should let some of them go. Do not remain under the impression that once you teach your Russian Blue a command, they will ALWAYS follow through with it. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, right?

Use a Powerful Voice

The use of a powerful voice will allow your cat to know who the alpha is. Therefore, make sure to use a powerful voice when giving your cat commands, so that they actually follow through!

Keep Your Commands Short and ENUNCIATE!

Always remember that short commands and enunciation are key to making your cat understand your commands. If you want them to sit, the use of the word “Sit” is enough. You definitely do not have to pose it in a long and proper question.

Never Punish Them by Inducing Physical Pain or Scolding Them

Any type of bad behavior from your Russian Blue does not earn them the right of being scolded by you. Always remember that if you want to punish them then inducing physical pain or scolding them will only make their bad behavior worse.

They will most likely become scared of you and will start becoming more defensive. This will lead them to behave in indecent ways and maybe even damage your household items. Hence, always focus on treating them more as a fragile friend than your worst enemy!

Different Ways of Training Russian Blues

Now that you know the basics of the training process in regards to what the best approaches are, let us move on to the different ways of training Russian Blues.

Below I have listed some of the ways of training them at home. If you want to opt for professional training then you can read below to learn how that works too. However, if you want more details on home training, be sure to check out “Tips and Techniques to Train Russian Blue Cats At Home”.

Home Training

Home training can range from obedience training to toilet training. However, home training will usually cover the basics of polishing your Blue’s everyday behavior.

For instance, you can try the following methods to reinforce good behavior.

  • Clicker Training
  • Reward Training
  • Target Training

Furthermore, you can also start with toilet training by giving them a reward every time they use their litter box. However, if they decide to relieve themselves elsewhere, then do not punish them. This will only make them more afraid of you.

Again, you will need to be patient and pick them up and place them on the litter box every time it looks like they are about to relieve themselves. Then, give them a reward. If you remain patient and repeat this process enough times, they will soon associate using the litter box as the proper thing to do!

Finally, do remember that the earlier you start the training of your cat the better. The younger the cat the more receptive they are and the more willing to learn!

Professional Training

Professional cat trainers can definitely help you out if you feel like you are not made for training your cat yourself.

However, you will need to think about exactly what type of training you want for your cat. Since the training can cover anything from behavioral training to learning advanced tricks.

Hence, if you are looking for your Russian Blue to learn some good manners then simple behavioral training is enough. However, if you are thinking of entering your cat into a cat show then you might want it to get some advanced training.

However, these professional training sessions are costly and if you are simply looking for your cat to learn some good manners, then I would suggest you opt for home training!

Final Words

So, these were my 9 tips and tricks to train Russian Blue Cat, you will be able to teach your Russian Blue all that they need to know. This will not only turn your Blue into a well-behaved cat but is sure to earn some compliments from anyone who meets your cat.

Training your Russian Blue yourself will also give you the chance to develop a stronger bond with your cat. Since you will be working with your cat very closely, chances are that you will get to know each other better by the end of the training.

Now all you need to focus on is having a good attitude, the ability to remain patient in case of any mishaps, a strong commanding voice, and there you have it: a fully trained Russian Blue!

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