Things You Need To Know Before Traveling In A Car With A Russian Blue Cat

Traveling In A Car With A Russian Blue Cat

For many people, a long drive is a way to forget all their stresses! Similar to that, you might also enjoy a short trip to beautiful places. But, this means that the Russian blue cat you have at home is going to be alone. So, the question is, can you enjoy traveling in a car with your Russian blue cat?

For starters, you can undeniably take your Russian look cat with you to travel in cars. However, this will require a little effort from your side to make the cat familiar with car rides. Training your cat to get on the car or giving it treats, you have to think about all of it. Most people forget the checklist of things to take with them like treats, leash, carriers, and litter boxes. So, I will be providing you some additional tips and products to help you make your trip more memorable with your cat.

In this blog, you will learn about traveling in a car with a Russian blue cat, how to train it, and whether you should take it with you or not. Please read the article to the last to get full information about traveling in a car with the Russian blue cat.

Does A Russian Blue Cat Travel Well In A Car?

Although Russian blue cats are widely known to be the best indoor cats, they do not make a great fuss about traveling.  There are not many cats that provide you the ultimate advantage of being subtle about traveling.

Moreover, traveling is all about comfort and having a great time. It would be a great mess if your cat does not prove to be a good travel companion, wouldn’t it?

You might know that a cat is an extremely territorial animal who likes to mark its own territory and stay there like it owns the place. For this reason, most cats will not prove to be good companions while you travel.

However, a Russian blue cat is more connected to its owner than the place they live in. Because of this, you will find it easier to take them with you for a good old ride in your car.

Can I Have A Russian Blue Cat If I Travel A Lot?

Though a Russian Blue cat will come with you without any problems to travel in your car, you might not want it to travel all the time. Since cats are territorial, your pet does not like to travel a lot.

International Travels

If you travel a lot internationally, it is best if you consider fish keeping rather than cats or dogs as pets. For a major part of pet keeping, you require to give them equal care and guide.

Likewise, it also means that if you take your pets with you internationally, there are additional costs. Besides, you will probably need to quarantine it for some time, which makes no sense if you are traveling for a short period, like two weeks.

Traveling a lot might stress out your pet badly. If you are thinking about travel in a car just to leave your cat in it while you go to places, then this is just a cruel decision. Majorly because your Russian Blue will have a lesser life due to hot cars.

You might also encounter some behavioral problems because a cat reverts behaviors as soon as it learns them. Though when you are available, you can try to train it again. It is, after all, a hectic task for both of you!

Job Requirements

I know it is unfair to you because you love both your job and having a pet equally. If you ask me, when I have to travel, I leave my Russian Blue cat at home. This decision is easier for me since I have my sister a few blocks away who can come in to provide occasional foods, water, and empty the litter box from time to time.

However, I am not off for more days. So, I can care about my adorable ‘Mocha’ (that’s what I call my Russian Blue) as well as my job side by side!

I would advise you not to take in a cat, a dog, or a bird as a pet if you cannot give time at home. In contrast, you can get a fish tank with an automated food mechanism.

Is It Better To Travel With A Russian Blue Cat Or Leave It At Home?

From the above question, you might have got the idea of when to take a car with you and when to not. The first thought here is not to take your cat out with you all the time.

Moreover, it is absolutely okay to go traveling in a car with your Russian Blue cat sometimes. Make sure you do not plan these rides frequently, though.

It is always fun to travel with someone you love. You will undeniably enjoy the ride with your lovable cat.

I have mentioned above the complications of traveling internationally with your cat. So, you might know that it is not the best option if you are staying for some days or weeks only.

Can You Take A Russian Blue Cat On Long Car Rides?

Yes, you can take your Russian blue cat on a long car ride. As I have mentioned before, cats do like rides, but they do not like traveling often.

So, if you are able to train your cat for a ride, you can definitely see it enjoy a lot with you in the car. Moreover, you can take a carrier with yourself in which you should put your cat in.

Putting your cat in a carrier will decrease a lot of its motion sickness then and there. In return, you will have a better journey and both of you will enjoy the ride as much as you can.

Besides, the trick here is that you have to train your cat for a ride before you decide to travel in a car with it. The way to train your cat for a ride is mentioned below. Make sure you read and apply! Happy travel!

How To Train My Russian Blue Cat To Travel In Car?

Treat your Russian Blue cat like your baby. How would you make your baby familiar with your car and make it comfortable while traveling with you?

It is the same for most parts. However, I cannot deny that kids are more troublesome than cats. Most of you might be getting a cat for the same reason because they are high intellects.

To train your apple of the eye, you can use many techniques like reward training and clicker techniques. Here are the things you need to do to train your Russian Blue Cat.

Start At A Young Age

The secret behind every obedient pet is to start new. Once the behavior is sealed, they are more than comfortable to show the same obedience even when they get old!

Human beings and cats are moreover the same in this part. Similar to human beings who are hard to teach as they get old, cats are the same. Although it is not completely impossible to teach an old Russian Blue cat, a lot of your troubles are saved if you start teaching as soon as possible.

Deal With The Motion Sickness

In spite of many efforts, you might find your cat getting motion sickness. In such a case, you can check up with the vet to get some anti-vomit medicines.

You can also try training with the step by step process of driving a car, but it is best to talk with your vet about it.

Moreover, you can use some products to soothe your cat’s anxiety and stress due to the stress during travel. Here are some products that will make it easier for both of you to deal with long rides with each other.

Practice Getting In The Car

First of all, make your cat familiar with your car by taking it to the car. Let it sniff the car as much as it wants. When it is done, let the cat inside the car. Open the door and see if the cat tries to get in. If it does not, place a treat inside the car. After that, close the door and see if it gets uncomfortable.

Get in the car yourself. Repeat this every day until your cat gets familiar with your car. However, when you are about to ride it, you should take it in a carrier. Making it familiar with the carrier is also another way to go.

Practice Turning On The Engine

After your cat is able to stay in the car without making a fuss, you should try turning on the engine. If your cat gets stressed out, stop the engine immediately and try again tomorrow.

Increase the time you turn the engine on as days go by. However, if the cat is comfortable with you turning on the engine then you don’t have to repeat the step again.

Along with this, you can try turning on the heater and air conditioner to see how it reacts to them. Soothe the cat with a gentle touch if it seems to be stressed.

Practice Driving Around The Block

After you make the Russian blue cat comfortable with turning on the engine, the next comes motion. Start driving and go up to a few blocks. You can increase the distance gradually every day.

Make sure you take a cat toy with you or reward your cat if it cooperates. For ease, you can take your cat in a carrier. Taking your cat in carriers while driving is the best option to avoid mishaps like sudden breaks or even distractions while driving!

I will be explaining the best carriers for your cat in the sections below.

Practice Driving At Different Speeds And Around Corners

The next step is to drive around corners and at different speeds. For a long ride, you might need to increase the speed on the highways. So you need to make your cat familiar with such speeds.

Moreover, driving around corners may cause motion sickness even more. So, training your cat to be ok with driving at different speeds and corners is essential. You can give the cat a treat if it seems comfortable after the ride!

Tips To Make Traveling In Car Better With Your Russian Blue Cat

Training your Russian Blue cat for traveling in car is easy but requires a little time. Even after it is good to go with you on a ride, you can take care of some of the points to make the trip better for both of you.

Here are some tips to make the traveling in the car better with your Russian Blue cat:

Familiarity With Your Car

As mentioned above, familiarity with your car is an important step in the training itself. However, you might find it difficult if you change your cars often or are deciding on taking an uber or a rented car.

So, you should first make your cat comfortable with the car by letting it sniff the car first such that any discomfort is completely ruled out! The next thing is taking it in the carrier.

Talk To The Vet About Treatment

Some cats may need medication for car travels. If you are a person who gets car sick, you probably know how drives can be so hectic without medicines. The same goes for your cat too.

It is better if they do not have to take the medication, but you have to consult with your vet beforehand to be fully prepared. Moreover, you can undeniably save your cat from troubles of stress and anxiety if you give it a pill before the ride. You can safely view it sleeping peacefully!

Likewise, you can try turning on calm music to soothe your cat too. I find it very effective indeed.

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Give Russian Blue Cats Treat Before Traveling In Car

Russian Blue Cats love food more than anything else. So, if you associate the best part about traveling in the car with treats before the ride, you will see the cat excited about it. Furthermore, I feed my cat three to four hours before the ride so that it has no trouble getting the car sick on long rides.

Some best treats that calm cats are:

Keep Your Carrier Ready

Carriers are the most efficient and most essential part of a road trip with cats. Your cat will be safe and sound in the car if you keep them in carriers. It represents sudden brakes you exert while driving or distractions due to the anxiety striking the cat!

For Short Trips

If you are traveling to a short distance, you can probably use a smaller carrier for your cat or even an open one. You can use these while you take your cats to vets. These carriers are safer and breathable!

For short trips to the vet, you might want to keep your carrier at a place visible to the cat generally. If this is not quite possible, you should put it out two or three days before the visit to the vet so that the cat does not have any suspicion or pre anxiety about the visit to the vet’s office.

Some of the efficient carriers for the Russian Blue cats that I strongly recommend are:

For Long Trips

For long trips, you will require a bigger carrier since the cat cannot sit put in the same position for a long time. Some carriers also include litter boxes for long travel purposes in case of emergencies. The long trip carriers are safer and comfortable for your pets to stay for a long duration of time.

The same thing goes for long trips. If you put the carrier outside where your pet can view it, then it will decrease much of your difficulty to get your pet in. You can even provide it treats for trying to get inside the carrier. Though, you might not need to break a sweat for it since cats love to fit inside boxes.

Here are some recommendations for carriers for long trips.

Prepare For Mess And Litter Boxes

As a living being, your Russian Blue cat also needs to excrete. You might have to prepare yourself for it instead of the cat. The idea here is to take a travel litter box with you. Probably you will find the litter attractant even more helpful.

Some of you might already be using it on a daily basis. If so, congratulations your job will be a lot easier than imagined! You really know how to take care of your cat beforehand, and your cat is more than lucky to have an owner like you.

However, if you do not have these things, you do not have to worry. I am here to help you suggest what is better for your Russian Blue!

If you ask me, I carry a waterproof and easy to clean travel litter box. You might find the collapsible litter boxes more helpful for storage, but be careful with the sturdiness. The litter boxes should not trap your cat in it when they are doing “business” instead!

Here are some products that will help you in litter management on your travel if you take a long trip.

Plan Stops For Pits

Your cat needs to do its ‘business’ the same as you. We generally have rest stops when we travel, don’t we? Your cat also needs these stops for pits. This is even more likely if your cat is used to going for “business” outside.

You have to understand its needs and check if it has to go. You might also schedule the feedings in such a manner that you know when your cat will have to go next. If you have no space for the litter box or litter management devices, you might need to take it outside.

For this, do not forget to take your leash with you. Russian Blue cat requires some leash training for this as well. Now, if you do not have a leash with you, I recommend these products for you! Have a look at the products for yourself.

Flaunt Your Russian Blue With Name Tags

Since cats do not understand getting lost, they might wander off when the car is open. Although you might be very careful in this sector, you cannot deny the possibility of the mishap. Unlike dogs, cats are very flexible. So they might even jump off the window if the window is left open when you are not there.

In such cases, you might need your cat to have a name tag with it. If you ask me, I have personally within my Russian Blue cat’s name, ‘Mocha,’ and my number in the tag.

The number helps anyone who finds your cat to contact you as soon as possible! Now, you never have to go through the grief of losing a cat on a trip.

Some of the best customizable name tags for your cats are:

Things To Consider While Traveling In Car With A Russian Blue Cat

After you have learned some tricks and tips for making the trip more familiar to your cat, you can now understand the things to consider while traveling with your Russian Blue cat in a car.

Car Comfort and Safety Measures

Just traveling in the car with your Russian blue cat is not your goal. Your ultimate goal is to make the ride best for your Russian blue cat along with you, right? So, you will have to take care of car comfort and safety measures.

For this, you can use catnip sprays to soothe the anxiety of your cat. You can even try getting your cat’s reactions to certain things that you usually do while driving and take notes on what soothes your Russian Blue best!

Pack a first aid kit for your cat as well to use it whenever necessary. Moreover, look for the nearest vet options in case of emergencies!

Planning Where to Stay

You have to consider where to stay if you are going on long trips. Moreover, for your cat sleeping in a four-walled room is more essential than you know it. So, if you plan to drive all night long, you might find a sick cat in your seat!

To avoid such mishaps, you have to book a hotel or motel, anything you seem to fairly like. Though, all hotels or motels are not pet-friendly, even some of those which promise to be.

So, I suggest you book them before you plan on hitting on the road.

Understand Your Russian Blue Cat’s Limits

Some Russian Blue cats may not show any fuss even when you go many miles without stopping, but every cat is different. If your cat has underlying stress and anxiety as well as does not approve of something in the trip, you must show some consideration to the cat.

It is exactly why you need to visit the vet before the trip. The medications will come in handy here. I highly recommend you to take a first aid kit with you as well.

Keep Your Cat Cool

Car heat is a major problem for pets. It is why you must be careful about the heat of the car. Make sure that your car is cool enough for your cat so that it does not get sick.

Moreover, it is also a better way to keep the car conditioned beforehand if you have to go to restrooms but cannot take your cat with you. I recommend leaving the air conditioning on. However, if this seems impossible, cool off the car before you leave.

Be Patient

Your cat might take time to be fond of traveling with you in your car. For this, you need a lot of patience. Moreover, do not show anger or dissatisfaction when your cat does not do what you want.

Instead, when it justifies your command or seems to enjoy the ride, take notes, and reward it.

Keep Toys For Your Russian Blue Cat

If something bad is associated with something good, you start liking the event. Do you remember when we used to have a favorite toy with us to avoid any bad dreams when we slept? Cats are similar to us in this behavior.

Hence, keep your cat’s favorite toys in the car. It will ensure that she has something to play with on the ride. Moreover, the toys will keep them busy, making the ride easy and enjoyable.

Some great toys that your Russian blue cat will love are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Russian Blue Cats Good With Other Cats?

A Russian Blue Cat is friendly with other creatures, including humans and dogs. Hence, undeniably the feline creatures are impressively good with other cats.

However, you have to think twice when the other cat is not as friendly as yours. In such cases, there might be squabbles and fights. These fights are only self-protection!

So, let the cats grow friendly with each other if you have to travel to a place with lots of cats.

What To Do If I Can’t Take A Russian Blue Cat With Me When I Travel?

I can understand that there are some trips where you can’t take your car with you. It might be a wedding ceremony you are attending or a business trip internationally. So, what to do in those times?

If you cannot take your Russian Blue Cat with you when you travel, then there are certain things you can do to make sure they are okay in your absence.

  • Make sure your cat has enough food, water, and litter box ready.
  • You can ask one of your family members to help you at this point to check on it once daily.
  • If you travel a lot, at least consider having two cats at home so that they accompany each other.
  • Take your cat to someone who can take care of it.
  • Leave a clean environment at home.
  • You might even use video calls to soothe your cat if you are away for long!

Can You Leave A Russian Blue Cat Alone?

Yes, Russian Blue Cats are ambivert in nature. So, it loves its alone time as much as it loves your company.

Hence, you don’t have to worry about Russian Blue Cats being alone. It enjoys its time alone by playing and exercising.

Your Russian Blue is intelligent and understands your timings better. Unlike dogs, Russian blues do not have fear of separation or anxiety. However, this does not mean that they are not attached to you because you are sure to find Russian blues waiting for you at the door with a perfect Mona Lisa smile!

Last Words

Traveling in a car is always fun with a Russian blue cat if you take care of all the points we have mentioned above. I hope that you can now go for rides in order to forget your stresses.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry whether your cat is alone at home. You can even take your Russian blue cat with you if you are going on some vacation for a long time or moving out to a new place/ apartment.

Happy pet keeping! I hope you and your Russian blue cat enjoy every bit of the seconds you spend together!

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