How to Create Great Space for Russian Blue Cat [101 Tips]

Create Great Space for Russian Blue Cat

Your Russian Blue spends more time in your home, so it very crucial to create a cat-friendly environment inside your home. Your cat’s happiness depends upon how much space you have created for him and where you have thought to keep him.

Here, in this article, you will learn some effective and simple ways to create great space for Russian Blue Cat.

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How to Create Great Space for Your Russian Blue Cat?

It’s an easy job to create great space for your cat. You just have to focus on some vertical spaces, provide him window access, and give other essential spaces.

Create Vertical Space for Your Russian Blue

One of the major aspects of creating a cat-friendly home is to create enough vertical spaces for your cat. It gives them enough spots to go around and helps them explore their world from the top.

Build a Cat Tree

A cat tree is a very simple way to create vertical space for your Russian Blue. You can easily purchase a cat tree at a local pet store.

Also, if you are free enough and want to build a cat tree for your feline, you can do that too. You just need some spare wooden boxes, wooden tubes, or drawers.

Hang Cat Shelves on Your Wall

Shelves are also a great way to give vertical space for your Russian Blue Cat. You can hang the shelves on your wall giving enough climbing space.

You can easily purchase cat shelves in a pet store. Don’t forget to make sure if the shelves can hold your cat’s weight or not.

Encourage Your Cat to Climb on Your Existing Furniture

It’s the easiest way to let your cat survey his world from the top without spending any money.

Bookshelves, refrigerators, and other cabinets are all your existing furniture, aren’t they?

You can simply encourage your cat to play and climb on your existing furniture. However, make sure you secure your furniture safely to your wall. Otherwise, your cat can knock them over while playing.

Besides, if you are always worring about your bules safety then here you can learn some tips to keep your Russian blue cat safe for good.

Give a Window Access for Your Cat

Always staying inside the home can be quite boring for your Russian Blue Cat. Though I don’t suggest you take your cat out to roam as it can be quite dangerous. But, at least you can give him space to look outside.

Hang Your Russian Blue’s Bed Near the Window

You can purchase a cat bed that is specifically designed to hang outside the window. You can also give him a window perch, as perch is kitty’s favorite. But, the perch can be uncomfortable sometimes, so a cat bed can be the best idea.

Moreover, the cat bed will allow your cat to relax in the warm sun and take a nap without going outside.

You Can Build a Catio

A catio is a screened-in enclosure that gives your cat access to the outside world through an existing window. You can build a catio and leave the window open. In that way, your cat can experience outdoors staying in the home.

Provide Russian Blue Required Spaces

It is very important to give your cat some spaces .i.e. expand his existing household spaces.

You Can Create a Private Retreat

Your cat needs some safe spaces to retreat himself from the damage of everyday life. And, Russian Blue Cat being very shy, it is very important for him. Give your cat some spaces where he feels comfortable.

You can easily give your cat private space either by placing a cat basket in a quiet room or by purchasing an enclosed cat bed.

Furthermore, your cat himself will choose his comfortable spot. If he likes to stay under the bed, you will find him there most of the time, and then you can place some blankets under the bed.

Create Multi-Bathroom Home

Give your cat multiple bathrooms by putting several litter boxes at significant spots. This will help them to expand their household spaces.

Your cat wants his bathroom in the place where he spends most of the time. I know it can be a little difficult for you if your cat’s favorite place is the living room. Of course! You don’t want a litter box in your living room, but you can compromise for your feline, can’t you?

Besides, you have to follow the “plus rule” while adding litter boxes. The number of litter boxes must be one more than the number of cats. For instance, if you have two cats, then you need three litter boxes. Also, make sure the bathrooms are clean and non-sticky.

Provide Your Cat a Cocoon, Not a Hideaway

Every cat-friendly home needs a safe and good place for the cat to hide and snuggle up. Therefore, you must provide your cat a spot like a cocoon, where he can hide in plain sight so that he can feel safe and secure, but is still close to the family.

More, if your blues is hiding in the dark places then cocoon is also the best things to offer them. Besides, you can learn more about Why is Russian Blue Hiding In Small Dark Spaces?

Give Russian Blue Enough Toys and Scratching Pads

Russian Blue Cat is very playful by nature. He gets all stressed up if he doesn’t have his toys around. You can easily buy cat toys in a local cat store. For more easy, here i have written an article about the best toys for your russin blue cat.

Moreover, you will see your cat scratching your favorite furniture which you want to avoid of course! You can keep some scratching pads around your home so that your furniture is safe and your cat is also happy. Here, you can find the best scratching post for Russian blue.

Give Russian Blue Wide and Low-Sided Dish

Cat’s delicate whiskers are extremely sensitive. And, the high sides of the cat’s dish bothers his whiskers. Thus, a wide and low-sided dish serves him best.

Provide Moving or Dripping Water

There is something about the water that is calming to us humans. And, the same thing goes for cats as well. Some cats love to drink moving and dripping water.

You can easily buy a motion-sensitive faucet for the kitchen sink, and your cat can activate the water to drink. Also, you can purchase a special cat-drinking dish with a flowing fountain.

Consider to Play Some Cat-Friendly Tunes

Cats love some music. You can download some cat songs album and play for your feline.

Why Is It Important to Designate Space For Russian Blue Cat?

If you don’t know, cats also go through stress and damage. If your home has no cat-friendly environment, your cats will eventually get stressed, and you don’t want that, do you?

Besides, there is no point in buying cats if you cannot keep them happy.

And, if you want your cats to be a playful, enjoyable, and great company, you must give them enough space. You must take care of their food, their desire, and most of all their happiness. And, as I said earlier, cats’ happiness depends upon how much space you have created for them.

Some Related Questions

Is It Okay to Lock My Cat In a Room at Night?

Yes, it is okay to keep your cat in a room at night, as long as he is okay with it.

However, locking your cat in a room brings lots of responsibilities for you. You have to prepare your cat, the room, and also yourself. You have to take some time to let him get friendly with the room, and also have to make sure if your cat is not under certain stress.

Why Does My Cat Headbutt and Then Bite Me?

Cats headbutt not only humans but also other animals and furniture. And, the reason for all is the same. It is their way of showing the familial relationship and marking you with their scent. Marking you with their scent makes them feel safer and comfortable around you.

Why Does My Cat stare At Me?

It means either your cat is communicating with you or showing you affection.

So, if your cat stares at you, don’t worry, he won’t eat you! It’s just he is expressing his love towards his lovely owner.

Last Word

Finally, a comfortable and good space is essential for your Russian blue cat if you want to see them happy, playful and healthy. It doesn’t mean you need a whole room or very large spce just provide the essentials things which i have mentioned above.

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