9 Reasons Why Russian Blue Cats Are Great Pets For Kids

Why Russian Blue Cats Are Great Pets For Kids

Even in this rapidly changing era, parents never fail to search for ways to keep their kids joyful. Either it is buying a soft toy or taking for vacation, they always look for their kids’ well-being. To add a bit more joyfulness to your kids’ life, I would suggest you get a pet at your place. If you are in a dilemma about which pet to select, then don’t worry, here I introduce you to one of the best pets for kids, the Russian Blue cat. Also, to help you in knowing more about them, I will tell you the nine reasons why Russian blue cats are great pets for kids?

So, what are such nine great reasons to get a Russian Blue for the children? The reasons to get a Russian Blue for children are undoubtedly many. To point out some, they help in learning, teach to be responsible, encourages to maintain a good lifestyle, diminish loneliness, and many more. Hence, to learn more about the reasons for bringing a Russian Blue cat, stick till the end of this article. 

Moreover, you may be unsure about petting a Russian Blue for your kids. But, as you start learning more about them in this article, you will be quite confident about getting a Russian Blue as a pet for your kids gradually. 

Things To Know Before Getting A Russian Blue Cat As A Pet For Your Kids 

If you are unaware of the Russian Blue then, here is what you exactly should know before getting them as a pet for your kids. To help you to understand more about the Russian Blue, here I have summed up its general character and also its nature towards the children. 

Russian Blue Cat In General 

The Russian Blue cat is somewhat rare due to its distinct features when compared with other cat breeds. It is a medium-sized, blue coat color cat, which can amaze you with its delightful essence.

Although the Russian Blue cat is lightly shy, they can be extremely loyal and pleasant to the family members. Also, they take time to know and trust the people around them. But once they decide to trust the person then, they will gradually be a great companion. 

Moreover, you may be surprised to know some other fascinating qualities of a Russian Blue like:

  1. The Russian Blue is highly intelligent and easily trainable.
  2. They follow strict routines like the same and regular feeding period, exercising time, etc.
  3. The Russian Blue is hygienic cat breeds. They don’t like any dirt or trash around them, strictly in their eating area and sleeping area.
  4. They get along with kids rightly and also with other pets at your place, if you train your Russian blue cat properly.

The Nature Of Russian Blue Towards Kids

The Russian Blue is an active and friendly cat. If trained well, it can get along with the kids rightly. The Russian Blue is a non-aggressive cat, which is quite smart and shows its loyalty wholly. 

Moreover, the Russian Blue is very calm and cheerful towards kids. It is a great companion for children, especially for a single kid at the house. They can benefit you by looking after your kids in your absence, without any harm. It makes every parent feel confident to leave their kids for spending quality time with the Russian Blue cat. 

Hence, you can trust and get a Russian Blue as a pet for your kids with full certainty.

9 Reasons Why Russian Blue Cats Are Great Pets For Kids

A Russian Blue, like any other pets, has marked itself as one of the best companions of humans. Either it is a child or a mature person, they never fail to amaze you by their pleasant nature and personality traits

A kid always has a lot of things to acquire. And as being a parent, you will wish your kids to learn and bring several moral changes in their behavior. For this, a Russian Blue cat can help your kids to learn and make positive changes in the practice. 

Talking more about their nature specifically, towards the kids, it has shown itself as their trustworthy companion. Not only this, the Russian Blue has somewhat changed the kids’ lifestyle and has made it better in many ways. 

So, here are the 9 great reasons to get a Russian Blue as a pet for your kids that  you must look into:

A Russian Blue Teaches Kids To Be Responsible

The Russian Blue cat plays a vital role in making your kids responsible. After you keep a Russian Blue as a pet at your place, taking good care of them becomes one of the prime tasks to perform. So, it is essential to provide a healthy lifestyle to the Russian Blue by fulfilling all the responsibilities towards them.

To make your kids responsible, you can share some of the responsibilities regarding the Russian Blue with them. Activities like grooming, feeding, maintaining the Russian Blue’s litter boxes, etc. are some essential work that one has to perform. Among these various activities, you can share some less effort work with your kids like brushing the Russian Blue’s coats regularly, feeding them a proper diet on time, providing water to drink, maintaining their litter box, etc. For more, here are the 15 Recommended Supplies For New Russian Blue Cat.

Moreover, your kids will start organizing and sticking to the plan thoroughly. In this way, the Russian Blue will help your kids understand the value of being a responsible kid. 

Provides Companionship

Having a pet always gives you a feeling of affection. On top of that, the Russian Blue is a very cheerful and friendly cat. So, it is sure that they can build great companionship with kids. 

The Russian Blue will always be there for your kid if he feels lonely or is sad over something. It provides comfort, support, and also guard your kids most of the time.

Also, if there is only a single child at your house, then the Russian Blue provides companionship to them by keeping them engaged in most of the playful time. A Russian Blue will never leave the kids alone even if they are unwell to play. After having a Russian Blue as a pet for your kids, your kid will never feel such loneliness. Instead, they can be a happy kid after getting a special friend.  

Decreases The Chances Of Developing Allergies

It may sound new to you if you never had a pet companion at your growing phase. However, it is a fact. Getting a fur friend for the kids, which is a Russian Blue, decreases the chances of developing allergies in them.

The researchers have said that those kids who grew up with the Russian Blue are less likely to develop the chances of childhood allergies and asthma. It is because the pet-owning kids have a better immune system than those kids without any pets at their place. Also, it can defend against many infections like the flu, cold, etc. 

Therefore, getting a Russian Blue as a pet for your kids can decrease the chances of developing allergies by having a better immune system to fight against it. 

Kids Gain The Lesson Of Respect And Empathy To Others

A Russian Blue cat will not just get physically but also emotionally attached to your kids. To provide an emotional concern, you must teach your kids to respect their feelings, behave nicely, and play gently with them. 

Gradually, when kids start paying proper respect and manners towards the Russian Blue, they will even learn about the importance of respect and empathy to others. The kids will slowly bring their knowledge of giving emotional care also to others.

Encourages To Maintain A Healthy Lifestyle

As a Russian Blue is an active and playful cat, it is necessary to maintain a separate schedule for its exercise and playtime. During this period, you can also let your kids enjoy themselves with them.

When you allow your kids to play with the Russian Blue, they will start running around or actively engage throughout the day. That kind of activity is not less than exercise, which can help your kid to stay healthy. As more the Russian Blue gets actively into playing activities, your kids tend to participate in it with them. So, the Russian Blue encourages the kids to maintain a healthy lifestyle to a great extent.

A Russian Blue Becomes A Reason For Delight In Difficult Times 

A Russian Blue cat can sense even a minor change in their favorite person’s behavior. So, if something is upsetting your kids, they can easily see and feel it. In such times, they will try to create delightfulness around them.

The Russian Blue will try being a cause for delight in your kid’s difficult times by standing together and giving the feeling of supportiveness to them. They never leave your kids stand-alone in hard times. Also, a cuddle to the Russian Blue can make your kids relief for a while from the stressful moment. 

Kids Grasp About The Russian Blue’s Distinctive Life 

The life of a cat and the life of humans are distinctly apart. But as a kid, understanding these lessons is not easy. Until and unless you bring a cheerful fur friend for the kids like a Russian Blue cat, they will not understand the uncommon life that exists. 

A Russian Blue is non-aggressive and very cheerful with kids, which will comfort them. As a pet, the Russian Blue is perfect in a way for helping your kids to know about the cat’s distinct life, unlike humans. While your kids start taking good care of the Russian Blue, they will automatically understand about different life forms apart from ours. 

For instance, your kids may wonder about the Russian Blue’s tail that he doesn’t have. Hence, they will learn about its significance, which is for balance, keeping them warm, and sometimes as a means of communication. Similarly, there are a lot more things that your kids can learn about other distinct life forms after you keep a Russian Blue cat as a pet for them.

A Russian Blue Helps Kids To Build The Sharing Habit

After you get a Russian Blue as a pet for your kids, it will surely be a part of the family. While a kid will learn about various lessons for life, he will even acquire and build the habit of sharing from them. 

The sharing doesn’t only mean giving a small piece of food to them. But, also allowing the Russian Blue to roam around the kids’ favorite place at the house or comforting them with every little item when required. Your kids will then share every minor thing with the Russian Blue to make them feel better. 

Once your kids start building the sharing habit, you may even be surprised to see such behavior from your kids’ side. And in a way, the sharing habit is one of the positive qualities in any person. 

A Russian Blue Helps To Boost Kids’ Self-esteem

In such a changing and self-conscious period, the growth of kids without any judgment is quite an impossible thing. And things like this will do nothing but lowers your kids’ self-esteem. So, to boost your kids’ self-confidence from a very early age, a Russian Blue can assist it in a huge. 

They will always consider your kids as their best and only the smartest person on this whole planet. They never judge the kids or do any kind of ill-mannered activities towards your kids to lower their self-esteem. 

On Doubt- How Would A Russian Blue Pass Judgmental Comment Since It Cannot Talk?

To let you know, the Russian Blue is a pretty intelligent cat that can easily understand what you are trying to tell them. As they are one of the smartest cat breeds, they can also react to some unnecessary activities happening around them if they don’t like it. 

But when your kids become the Russian Blue’s favorite person, it will never think of any negativity about them. The Russian Blue proves that they are your kids’ best companion. And of course, a true friend of yours will never judge and tell your secrets to anyone else. It will help your kids to avoid causing anxiety and boosts their self-esteem. 

Other Benefits Your Kids Can Get From A Russian Blue

As for now, the above-listed reasons can make you think to get a Russian Blue as a pet for your kids. But if not then, don’t worry. To solve your dilemma, here I list some short extra benefits that your kids can get from a Russian Blue. 

  • The pets like a Russian Blue cat help the kids to know and acknowledge the pure form of love. 
  • Along with being responsible, the kids will also learn about the leadership trait. Leading the Russian Blue is necessary for instructing and training them accurately. 
  • The kids will learn to have control over their patience level. To guide the Russian Blue initially and get finely with them, the kids should handle well and keep much patience. 
  • Kids will start utilizing their free time in researching and learning other general data related to the Russian Blue. It will engage them in some productive work instead of wasting the leisure time. 


A Russian Blue cat has always been an exceptional companion of people. Due to its many attractive qualities, it has been one of the best pets for the kids. Not just only for cheering up the mood, but also for safety purposes and bringing positive morals into practice, the Russian Blue is the most desirable one for kids. Hence, there are several reasons for you to get a Russian Blue as a pet for your kids. 

Thus, if in doubt of bringing a pet for the kids’ betterment, don’t forget about the Russian Blue cat. I believe this article was helpful for you in knowing different reasons to get a Russian Blue cat for kids. 

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