Russian Blue Cat Price | How Much A Russian Blue Cat Cost [2023]

Russian Blue Cat Price

Russian Blue Cats are one of the popular breeds due to their sweet temper and loyal personality. They are low-maintenance pedigrees, who are very good with children as well as other pets.

Nevertheless, Russian Blue Cats are rare and often quite expensive.

The average price of a Russian Blue Cat ranges from $600 (USD) to -$800 (USD). But, for a decent one, the price ranges between $800-$1,200. If you want Russian Blue Cat with a pedigree, from a famous breeding farm, which has a pretty look and heavy feathers, then the price range is $1,500-$2,500.

However, the first thing you need to know as a buyer: the price of Russian Blue Cats varies in terms of their characteristics, and from whom you buy the cat. If you bought from an unregistered breeder, the price can be cheaper.

Here, in this guide, I will talk about almost everything you must know while buying the Russian Blue Cat and the actual Russian blue cat price.

How Much a Russian Blue Cat Costs?

  • In the UK, a pedigreed Russian Blue Cat will cost somewhere between £350 and £800 (GBP).
  • In the US, a breeder will charge you between $600-$800 (USD).
  • Similarly, in Australia, the price for Russian Blue Cats starts from $350 (AUD), and there is no price difference between the coat colors.

This mentioned price range is from a registered breeder. As prior mentioned, you will pay less for Russian Blue if it’s from an unregistered breeder.

Moreover, as I said earlier, there are lots of factors that affect the price range, including the cat’s traits, what the breeder includes with the cat, and the level of breeder care. Not only pedigree papers affect the price of Russian Blue, but there is also so much more.

And, Russian Blue comes with so many good traits, they will be expensive.

Extra Costs That Affects Russian Blue Cat Price

Russian Blue Kitten price is not only the money you need to spend. You must understand the extra payment as well.

Shipping Costs

Russian Blue Cat breeders are rare, and in that case, you have to order the kitten out of the state or even out of the country. So, the shipping fees lie somewhere between $175-$250, depending upon how far you live from the breeder.

Other Supplies

Even after you brought Russian Blue Cat home, you need so many pieces of stuff including foods, toys, treats, furniture, and many more for Russian Blue Cat. So, here you can check 15 recommend supplies for your new Russian blue cat.

Sometimes, breeders provide you toys or some other kind of stuff. But, if you have shipped your cat from far away, then you have to buy all the required stuff.

Cat Food

It is very important to feed the Russian Blue Cats twice a day. They are a foodie and might trick you into overfeeding, but stick to them two times a day. So, for food, it can costs: $15-$30.

Learn more about the best food for Russian blue kittens.

Cat Treats

Treats for Russian Blue ranges from $5-$15. There is no rule on how much treats you must give your cat in a day, as long as you limit it to 10% of daily calories.

Even, giving no treats is also fine.

Bowls and Feeders

This depends on whether you want automatic feeders or just bowls. So, the price variation is $3-$150.

Furniture and Blankets

You have to set up a home for Russian Blue Cat and also a blanket to keep him warm. Blanket’s price range varies from $25-$75.

However, furniture can be quite cheap as well as quite expensive, depending upon the quality. The price range is $5-$430.

Grooming Stuff

Russian Blue likes to stay clean. He needs to brush, comb, and trim. He is not high-maintenance but, is very strict about his hygiene.

For grooming needs, the price range is $4-$50.

If you don’t know to groom your cat then here you can learn the best cleaning and grooming tips for a Russian blue cat.

Litter and Waste Disposal

You also need litter boxes, litter box enclosures, wastes disposal, deodorants and filters, and mats. So, the price starts from $5, except for the litter box enclosure, which can be a little high-priced: $130-$300.


Toys are a very important part of the Russian Blue Cat. They will feel bored if they didn’t find any toys around them. So, find out what is the best toy for your Russian blue cat.

However, the toys are cheap. You can get them for $1-$50, while toy-boxes costs: $10-$150.

Therefore, the price ranges under your choice of products and quality. So, to sum up, all the expenses for all these supplies, you must have on average $70-$1800 spare in your pocket.

Veterinary Costs

It is very crucial that your Russian Blue is healthy and has clean medical records. Many breeders include insurance paper with the cat. However, you have to visit the veterinary as soon as you bring the cat home or notice any Russian blue cat diseases.

Vaccination for the Russian blue cat is necessary, and for the one whose vaccination is for the first time, the cost ranges from $50-$100.

Moreover, you must visit the vet time and again to ensure that your Russian Blue Cat is healthy, which can cost: $40-$50.

Is It Okay To Buy Russian Blue Cat From An Unregistered Breeder?

Getting a cat from an unregistered breeder is like taking medication somewhere from the internet, rather than visiting a real doctor. Or, like getting your bike from an unlicensed shop. This doesn’t feel safe, right?

Similarly, do you think purchasing a Russian Blue Cat from someone, who does not know anything about his personality and his way of living, will be wise? From someone who has forced the cat to have litters after litters until her body reached the limit.

This is nothing, unregistered breeders take away kittens from their mother at a very young age, who are poorly socialized, and abused. This sounds horrible, doesn’t this?

Nevertheless, not all breeders are offensive. Some are wonderful, who allow their healthy breeding pairs to have one or two litters with all care. And, such breeders are rare, so I don’t advise you to hand over your money to someone unethical.

Besides, if you really want to purchase a Russian blues then I have written an article on “Russian Blue cat buying guide“. Read the article then only make your decision.

What Factors Affect Russian Blue Cat Price?

The characteristics of the Russian Blue Cat, extras that are included with the kitten, and the level of breeder care, are three main factors that affect the price of the Russian Blue Cat. Out of these three, the level of breeder care is the most important factor.

The Characteristics of Russian Blue Cat

Quality, generation, age, and demand determine the ideal characteristics of the Russian Blue. A healthy, playful, intelligent, and bright-eyed Russian Blue Cat will cost a significant amount. Breeders will charge you depending upon the quality and the appearance of the cat.

On one hand, a cat who goes home between 12-16 weeks is a little more expensive because of the extra costs to raise him, and the extra time to socialize him. But, on the other hand, if the breeders are searching to re-home the older kitten, then the price is lower.

We can find varieties of kittens with different colors and patterns. If any color or coats are trending, this leads to higher demand. And, the higher the demand, the higher the price of the kitten. In the case of the Russian Blue Cat, he can be in great demand due to his loyal and gentle nature.

What Is Included With Your Cat

The price of the Russian Blue is high if he comes with:

  • Spaying and neutering surgery complete
  • All necessary vaccination up to date
  • Health guarantee
  • Clean health document by a licensed veterinarian
  • Deworming Complete
  • Toys and blankets
  • Microchip with registration
  • A pet insurance trial
  • An airline-approved carrier
  • Food to help in the transition

And, for more extras, you have to pay more.

Level of Breeder Care

It is very crucial to know about the breeder you are willing to work with, because this impacts the health of the cat you are getting, and also because you are supporting the breeder.

A knowledgeable breeder performs genetic health testing, and in addition to that, he is conscientious about routinely screening for infectious diseases. A breeder who sells a cat at a lower price cannot perform these tests, as these tests are very expensive.

Furthermore, a breeder who cares for the well-being of the cats will never keep their cats in cages. Also, a breeder who spends time with their kittens by playing, socializing, and cleaning chores can charge you more.

Are There Any Ways to Cut the Costs?

If you are finding a purebred Russian Blue Cat quite expensive, then I have two options for you to cut the costs.

Adopt Homeless Russian Blue

Adoption is the best option if you have no desire for specific coloration, age, or sex. The cats you get to adopt will often be old, because they were once someone’s pet, who now is out of the city, or has passed away.

But before adopting you must learn to properly identify a Russian blue cat.

Look For Russian Blue Cross

If you don’t want to breed the cat and don’t mind if he isn’t a purebred, then looking for a cross can be a good idea. Many Russian Blue crosses have pretty eyes, playful nature, and a gentle personality.

However, I’m not saying that you can get every Russian Blue cross at less price. Some are as expensive as purebred.

Why Should I Pay So Much For Purebred If I Am Getting a Russian Blue Cross at Low Price?

Foremost, purebred Russian Blue Cats are very healthy. They are not easily susceptible to any kind of disease. And, unlike purebred, the Russian Blue cross can bring unknown negative traits and conditions. Also, if you want to exhibit Russian Blue on the show circuit, purebred gets more opportunities.

Moreover, if you wish to breed your pedigree kittens, you have no choice other than purebred Russian Blue.

What Should I Do To Buy Russian Blue Cat From Registered Breeder?

In the beginning, you need to find out the registration councils that operate in your region and their requirements. You must know, a registered breeder has a prefix. The prefix is a special name added to all the cats’ names to represent their line of ancestry.

If the prefix is not there, then the breeder is not registered or is removed from the register. You mustn’t buy from such a person.

Furthermore, do not search Russian Blue Cat in online ads or any paper advertisement. A reputed breeder does not need to advertise his kittens. He has an advanced booking and a big waiting list of people to purchase his sweet cats.

Do not fall for someone who tries to sell you without any documentation. A respected breeder will provide you all the records of check-up, neutering, and others. Some also provide a period of health insurance for the cat.

Avoiding Scams and Backyard Breeders

I recommend avoiding breeders who advertise their cats. As I mentioned above, a reputed breeder doesn’t advertise. Also, do not fall for the low price. A Russian Cat with a low price usually means a scam or a backyard breeder.


One of the common scams is a person who takes your money but, doesn’t deliver your cat. Don’t rush yourself into buying without any research. You must ensure that you are talking to the reputed breeder. If you cannot visit, there are apps like Skype and Facetime, where you can easily view the cat.

Another scam is a person who sells you half-Russian Blue for a few dollars. Even though the kitten is cute and the person told you a convincing story, don’t fall for it. Don’t hand over your money to an irresponsible person.

Backyard Breeder

A backyard breeder is someone whose breeding is considered substandard. He breeds purebred Russian Blue Cat but cuts corners to minimize expenses. With their low price, they can attract many buyers.

Furthermore, he keeps the cat in small spaced enclosures, does not follow good husbandry practice, skips health screenings, gives a low-quality diet, and chooses a cheap breeder cat.

And, he keeps on making a profit, as long as the buyers support his unhealthy practices. Please! You don’t be one of those buyers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can I Find Local Breeders?

The best way to find local breeders is to ask your veterinarian. An experienced vet can have the information on a few local cat breeders in your area.

Besides, you can ask other cat owners. If you have cat-owning friends, family members, or neighbors, especially those who have the same breed you want, they might help you. Also, you can contact local cat clubs, or even visit local cat shows.

What Breed to Choose If Russian Blue Cat Is Too Expensive?

You can choose a Munchkin. Munchkin is playful and great with children and also, with other household pets.

Also, if you want a loyal cat, then Siamese can be a great idea. He likes affection and will curl up in your lap.

Himalayan are among the most popular breeds. He has the bright eyes of the Siamese and luxury coat of Persian. He is a great companion who prefers snuggles and is an adorable pet.

Besides, if you are home a lot then, Manx is a suitable breed for you because, he is a devoted companion, who wants lots of attention. He is adventurous and clever, with a round face and round body. Even though he lacks a tail, he is beautiful


There you go, I have covered up all the aspects of the Russian Blue cat buying guide along with its price in this article. So, remember all the above things before welcoming cute blues at your home. Also, avoid purchasing from the unregistered breeder.

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