Is A Russian Blue Cat Rare: An Interesting Overview

Has the Russian Blue caught your interest as a potential pet? Of course, I can relate since I was very excited to bring one home myself. These cats appear utterly gorgeous with the emerald green eyes and the best outlook! You can say that its intelligence and soft temperament makes you even more drawn towards the furry friend! But, is the Russian Blue cat rare and hard to find?

Well, from my experience, I would say that the Russian Blue cats were a lot rarer back in the decade. However, now that people know about it and find it attractive, you can check out the breed at the reputed breeders pretty easily. Moreover, it is popular in the United States as a pet.

It is quite uncommon to see them in the streets as the Russian Blues are indoor cats and love to stay home doing their own thing. Besides, the fact that you do not view these feline creatures often does not make them rare.

But you have to give it to the cat breed that it is slightly uncommon! Let us learn something about the Russian Blue Cats from this article!

Does A Russian Blue Cat Have Rare Color?

The Russian Blue is a ‘Blue’ cat. What does this really mean? Are you going to have a blue cat at home? Does it sound exotic? However, a Russian Blue cat comes in the color of slate gray or silver. Due to its shiny coat texture, it appears to be dark blue.

Is the Russian Blue cat really blue, though? Well, yes and no. If you check its skin out, it does have hints of blue. So, it is not a scam or bait to purchase the cat, but it is not entirely blue! You would also not expect that the cats would be fully blue, would you?

The term blue usually refers to a faded black tint in words of cats and dogs. So, the blue breeds are common in such pawed friends.

The pictures might look deceiving on the social media as the pictures do not quite capture the shine that Russian Blue has in its coat. However, if you look at it in person, you can purely notice the coat having tints of blue.

Does A Russian Blue Cat Look Rare?

Russian Blue cats are not quite common. However, they are also not one of a kind! If you are confused by this sentence, I am here to clear it out for you today.

From the above explanations, you must know by now that Russian Blue cats are slate gray or silver with a shiny coat. These cats have short hair, unlike other cats who have long or no hair at all.

Though, you will find some Siamese and Persian cats that look the same as Russian Blues. That is why there are imposters in the market and you might even take a lifetime to know that your cat was actually an imposter of the great Russian Blue!

Besides, the major thing to notice here is the resonating emerald green eyes along with the above features. The cats with blue or yellow eyes are most probably imposters unless you find a kitten with yellow circled by green.

It is almost awe-striking how the eyes of Russian Blues can change color from yellow to green as they grow up!

Also, you can see the jawline of these cats, which is clearly visible to complement their overall look. Unlike other cats, they have a small face. Even though the cats weigh from 7 pounds to 12 pounds, they might appear heavier due to the dense coat of fur!

What Kind Of Personality Do Russian Blue Cats Have That Makes Them Different?

The personality of a Russian Blue cat can be rare. Although cats are more independent, this particular cat has the audacity to be attached to its owner. It almost acts like dogs in case of attachment.

You will notice that your Russian Blue is quite a sweetheart and the perfect blend of everything a person would want in a pet! Sweet and calm, good looking as well as loving, Russian Blue cat becomes a perfect pet for anyone.

The cats are a little demanding for your attention when you are home! However, that is the whole reason why you bring a pet first of all, isn’t it? You will see their jolly nature when you come home from work. A smiling face will be waiting for you at the door!

Your Russian Blue cat will undeniably go for any play you put up with as they are playful! When it comes to energy, they are moderately energetic cats.

The furry cats are quiet and like to be comfortable with the owners. So, any visitors might scare the cats a little. With time, they will grow fond of the people, though.

You can be equally secure about having two or more pets in the same house as your Russian Blue. It is something that I find versatile and unique about these cats in my opinion.

A Russian Blue Cat: Uncommon Or Rare?

There is a big difference between uncommon and rare. So, is a Russian blue cat rare or uncommon? Well, I would like to answer it as uncommon.

The difference between uncommon and rare is that you have to hunt down and have difficulty in finding a pet if it is rare. However, if it is uncommon, it only means that you have not seen it very often.

Now the Russian blue cats are pretty common for people in the United States to adopt as a pet. I would say that this is because of its hypoallergenic feature.

The more people know about the Russian blue cats, the more owners you will find! It is because the Russian blue cats are undeniably the best you could have.

The Russian blues have the famous Mona Lisa smile adding up to their celebrity figure!

Why Do People Think A Russian Blue Cat Is Rare?

Russian Blue cats are from Russia. That means these cats were more popular in South East Asia until they came to light, in Europe, in the 1800s.

Russian Blues were first brought into Europe for the purpose of doing popular cat shows! You could say that these cats are the reason why cat shows exist in the first place.

Only the intelligent Russian Blue was able to put up with the complex tricks. The Russian blue cats came into the United States only in the 1960s to be bred.

Although it has been some years since the Russian blue cat came into the United States, it has had some fluctuated ownership. The more people knew about Russian blue cats, the more they became fond of it as a pet.

When the cat was first introduced, there were mixed emotions about a pet with short hair. Now that people have experience with Russan Blues, even the word of mouth makes the cat more eligible for an owner!

Hence, it is not rare in the United States whatsoever. Though, you might find it uncommon to have a Russian Blue cat at home, which is what makes you unique from others if you decide to have one at yours. Besides, it is once in a lifetime opportunity since these cats live long enough!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are All Grey Cats Russian Blue Cats?

Sadly, all gray cats are not Russian blue cats! As I have mentioned before, there are some imposters in the market for the Russian blue cat. Not that all people know about it, but a true admirer of cats will undeniably notice the difference.

Even when the cats are put together, you can understand what I really mean. But, if you see the grey cats alone, then you might be deceived yourself!

I used to think that there must not be much of a difference between the gray cats if they look the same overall. However, owning a Russian blue myself, I cannot deny that I could not be more wrong in this aspect.

Some cats like British shorthair, Chartreux, Korat, and Blue Persian look the same as the Russian blue cat. You have to pay attention to the details such as a narrow chin and a small face.

Besides these, the one you should not miss is the emerald green eyes. Those shiny green eyes are one of a kind that makes the cat rare. Similarly, the coat of the Russian Blue cat is a little shinier and has a blue tint to it!

Watch out and bring the right cat home that would suit your personality. For this, check out the breed standard to be more sure you got the right one!

How Much Does a Russian Blue Cat Cost?

Now, if you have decided that you are getting a Russian blue to warm your home, you might think about how much does it cost exactly.

A breeder would charge you from $800-$2500 based on certain factors. The factors might be pedigree, breeder pricing, and various medical cares that it has received before you. I got my Russian blue cat at $2200.

You have to bear in mind that this cat is not rare. As a skeptical customer, I like to go through many shops even to buy a simple product. So, I know that many breeders will convince you that the ones they offer are completely rare and one of a kind.

This will cost you a higher price. Russian blue cats can be found in many breeder stores. I would say just to be sure at least visit two stores before you decide.

Why Are Russian Blue Cats So Expensive If They Are Not Rare?

Are you feeling like the price is a little too much to pay? I thought so too. Maybe I am only the bargainer around here if you are not thinking so.

But let me tell you that having a Russian blue cat at home was the best decision I made. The understanding that it provides me fulfills the hollows in my chest! Well, what do you know? I am a little dramatic, as well.

My Mocha’s smile has kept me going in the dark days. It is just the vibe that the cat gives that makes me think there is more to life. Let me know if you have ever had a Russian blue at home in the comment section!

Besides, it has a lifespan of around 25 years to the maximum! So, you will have it around, saving you from any grief that losing a pet can cause.

Thus, the price is less for the priceless cat if you see the happiness attached to it. However, the price is not set because it is rare!

Although, this price is high because you pay for the pedigree points and additional costs for the breeder. If you can find it in a shelter, you would pay a lot less.

Can I Find A Russian Blue Cat At A Shelter?

If you go to a breeder, a Russian blue cat is only uncommon. However, if you go to a shelter, then the Russian blue cats might be rare.

People would rarely leave a Russian blue cat for adoption because they are such a sweetheart. Hence, if you find it in a shelter, then you must consider yourself lucky.

Firstly, because it is rare. And secondly, because you will get them at a lot cheaper price than that of a breeder.

You only have to pay adoption fees, but there is a risk to it. That would be you cannot know whether the cat is really a Russian blue or not. You can definitely check it like you would if you purchased it from a breeder. So, I would say you can give it a try.

Last Words

Finally, to conclude, I want to say that Russian blue cats are generally uncommon but not rare.

To specify the rarity of Russian blue cats, a shiny coat and emerald green eyes would be a perfect example! Mind you, I am not talking about a rare breed but a rare quality here.

It would always be fun to have a Russian blue cat that walks around your house with the famous Mona Lisa smile giving you positive vibes throughout its lifetime.

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