20 Mind-Blowing Russian Blue Cat Facts [Historical Facts To Characteristics Facts]

20 Russian Blue Cat Facts

Are you someone who loves Russian Blue cats? If yes, I have something that will surely excite you. Generally, I have seen that people who love a cat or any other animal get excited if he/she gains some more information about them. Similarly, if you are one of the Russian Blue cat lovers and you get to know some fascinating information and facts about them then, won’t it be a great thing?

Yes, you guessed it right. In this article, I will be mentioning some interesting facts about a Russian Blue cat, which you may be unaware of to this date. Here, the facts hold various habitual matters, the cat’s historical significant events, and many more. Therefore, you should stick to this article till the end so that you don’t miss the facts about your favorite Russian Blue cat.

Fundamental Facts To Learn About The Russian Blue Cat

If you have ever witnessed a Russian Blue cat then, you cannot deny the fact: they are distinctly delicate. With the incredibly soft, blue, dark grey, and silvery coat along with the bright, charming green eyes, the Russian Blue cat never fails to present itself as one of the gorgeous cat breeds. ‘Archangel Blue’ or ‘Archangel Cats’ are the other names of the Russian Blue cats.

Additional Basic Russian Blue Cat Facts

A Russian Blue cat is a medium-sized cat that can live for more than 15 to 20 years. It is less allergic to most people as it sheds low. The weight of the Russian Blue male cats and female cats varies. A healthy male Russian Blue cat weighs around 5.4 kg to 6.3 kg. Similarly, a healthy female Russian Blue weighs about 4.5 kg to 5.4 kg.

Furthermore, as the name speaks for itself, it is very much obvious to know that the Russian Blue cat breed originates from Russia. And the cat’s coat color is blue. But, apart from these, do you know some interesting information or facts about your preferred Russian Blue? If not, let us jump into it.

Historical Facts That You Should Know About Russian Blue

Let me tell you that the Russian Blue cat breed has some exciting historical stories and experiences. These stories and facts can be new for you to hear. But, trust me, as unique the characters of Russian Blue are, the more distinct its historical stories and experiences do exist. Look at these most interesting historical facts about the Russian Blue:

Russian Blue Cats Are From Northern Russia

The actual accurate origin of the Russian Blue cats is still unknown. But, people generally assume that the Russian Blue cat breed is from the port of Archangel Isles, which lies in northern Russia. Following the 1800s, people believed that the sailors carried the Russian Blue Cat from Russia to Europe- Great Britain.

Later on, people started knowing this breed, which is now one of the most loved cat breeds.

Why Is Russian Blue Known As Archangel Blue?

As mentioned before, people believe the origin of the Russian Blue cats is from the Archangel Isles, North Russia. Later, it traveled to Great Britain during the 1800s. That is why the Russian Blue cats are even term as ‘Archangel Blue’ or ‘Archangel Cats’ due to their origination in the Archangel Isles in northern Russia.

Russian Blue Appeared In The World’s First Cat Shows

Did you know that your favorite Russian Blue had appeared in the world’s first cat show? If not, then here you go.

In 1875, there was the world’s first cat show in the Crystal Palace of London. In this cat show, there the appearance of the Russian Blue cat breed. Though the Russian Blue didn’t receive any prize, they collected immense praise and appreciation. In this show, one of the writers described the Russian Blue cat breed as ‘an attractive cat breed from Archangel, which matches a wild grey rabbit.”

Further, in 1912, the Russian Blue cat gained recognition as an official or approved breed in America.

Russian Blue Cats Are the Favorite Of the Royals

As per the old folk tales of Russia, the Russian Blue cats were the favorite of royals. According to Russia’s old folk tales, one of the Russian Blue Cats once healed an ill prince who was near his death. Ever since they are even known as the lucky charms, after this incident, many Russian royalties kept them in the nurseries to protect the newborn royals. Many royal people believe that the Russian Blue prevents evil spirits from the kingdom.

Thus, Russia’s old folk tales describe the Russian Blue cats as the favorite of the Russian royalties after this incident.

Similarity Between Russian Blue Cats And Mona Lisa

You may be surprised to know that there is something mutual between Russian Blue cats and Mona Lisa. Many people know that the Russian Blue cat has a stunning coat. But very few know that the smile of the Russian Blue cat is similar to the smile of the famous Mona Lisa.

There is a constant comparison of the Russian Blue’s charming eyes and the slight up smile with the Mona Lisa’s elegant smile.

Russian Blue Almost Disappeared During World War II

It is one of the most interesting facts about Russian Blue cats. But, it is true that the Russian Blue breed almost got disappeared when World War II began.

During World War II, it became difficult for the Russian Blue breed to continue their family line as the situation was quite worse. Due to this, the number of Russian blues started to decrease. As the decremented level was increasing, there was a time when they almost disappeared. Later, as the war ended, many cat lovers across Europe decided to save the remaining Russian Blue cat breed. People from many European countries came together and preserved them by crossbreeding them with other cat breeds, which as the British Blue cat breed and the Siamese cat breed.

After the crossbreeding with the British Blue cat and Siamese cat breed, the American breeders started to develop the Russian Blue cat breed, which we all are aware of today.

Facts To Know About Russian Blue Cat’s Character

Besides the historical facts about the Russian Blue cat breed, there is more interesting information that will amaze you. This information or facts is all about the character or trait that a Russian Blue has naturally.

Unlike other cat breeds, Russian Blue marks itself as a unique cat breed by presenting some fascinating features of its own. And being a Russian Blue breed lover, one must know about their impressive facts.

The Fascinating Coat of A Russian Blue

Most people know that the coat color of Russian Blue cats is blue. But, it is not the entire truth.

The coat of the Russian Blue cat is short, thick, beautiful, and double-coat. It means that the cat’s coat consists of two layers: undercoat and topcoat. The undercoat is notably soft and light, whereas the topcoat is thicker. Also, the color of the topcoat is blue, with shining silvery at its tips.

By having this kind of fascinating coat, the Russian Blue cat breed has a distinct character amongst many other cat breeds.

Russian Blues Are Shy And Quiet Among Strangers

If you have ever petted a Russian Blue cat then you might have well learned about their shy and quiet character. If not, then let me tell you that the Russian Blue cats are shy and quiet around strangers.

It sounds unusual, but it is a fact about Russian Blue. They take time to get along with new people. But once they start to know you, they will be your best companion. Also, they are remarkably loyal to their family and their loved person.

If you have a Russian Blue cat and guests visit your place,, then your cat will feel shy and will start finding a hiding spot. It is one of the distinct characteristics of the Russian Blue cat breed. They will feel awkward and shy initially around the stranger until you introduce your cat to them.

Russian Blue Follows Strict Schedule

Unlike other cat breeds, Russian Blue cats follow the schedule regularly. They prefer to eat, play, and sleep at regular times. If there are frequent changes in your Russian Blue’s regular schedule, they won’t like it. They will take time to adjust to the frequently changed time schedules. That is why the Russian Blue Cats don’t prefer the constant shifting of time schedules.

Therefore, the Russian Blue Cats follow their regular time schedules and don’t prefer frequent changes.

Intelligent And Easily Trainable Cat

The Russian Blue is a highly intelligent and smart cat. It takes less burden for you to train them as they are very skillful and quick learners. They love to play, and this can be the easiest way for you to instruct them.

You can teach them to play fetch, feathery-like toys, and many more. Because they enjoy playing, it becomes easy for you to train them in this way as they can perceive quickly.

The Hygienic Cats

Even though Russian Blue cats love to play and exercise a lot, they prefer strict hygiene more often. Russian Blue cats love to keep their body clean. The Russian Blue cats keep their distance from the uncleaned or unhygienic areas or rooms of your house as they won’t feel comfortable getting into such rooms or areas.

It becomes highly essential for you to manage a hygienic environment for your Russian Blue.

How To Maintain Good Hygiene?

If you have a Russian Blue cat at your place, maintaining good hygiene is something that you should know. Keeping the Russian Blue’s body and the environment around them clean is highly essential. To maintain their body, combing their hair and brushing their teeth at least once or twice a week is extremely important. Also, keep in mind that the litter box of your cat shouldn’t be left dirty or unclean. They won’t use the litter box if it is left dirty or if the litter box is in a messy area.

Thus, it becomes highly essential for you to manage a hygienic environment for your Russian Blue.

Eye Color Differs As Kitten And As Adult Russian Blue

It is another interesting fact about the Russian Blue cat breed. Many people are aware of Russian Blue’s gorgeous bright green eyes. But, very few people know that the eye color of Russian Blue is not a bright green by birth. The Russian Blue kitten’s eye color is yellow with green rims. It starts to change as they grow. The eye color changes from yellow to bright green. Therefore, you will find the eye color of a Russian Blue kitten different from the eye color of a Russian Blue adult cat.

Different Shades Of The Russian Blue Cat

In general, the Russian Blue’s coat color is blue with silvery at its tips. But, the Russian Blue cat can have other shades apart from the blue.

In reality, the silvery tips and the blue coat color of the Russian Blue is the diluted variant of the cat’s black hairs. You can even call them black cats with their washed-out coats.

So, if you breed two Russian Blue cats together, they will produce a kitten with blue-gray coat colors. But, if you mate a Russian Blue cat with another type of cat, a black cat, then they will produce a mix-up of blue and black kittens. Similarly, if you mate the Russian Blue with a white cat, their kitten will be of blue, white, and black coat colors.

Russian Blues Are Kind Of Hypoallergenic

Most people assume that Russian Blue cats are hyper allergenic like other cat breeds. But it is not accurate. In reality, the Russian Blue cat is sort of hypoallergenic to people as they shed low than other cat breeds.

The Russian Blue cats produce a lower level of Fel d 1 protein, which flows in the cat’s saliva and skin. When this protein gets into some human bodies through the Russian Blue, as they even shed but low, there exists the possibility of allergic reactions. Some people may start wheezing, itching, and have watery eyes.

Yet, a small amount of Fel d 1 protein can even cause an allergic reaction in many people. Here, the Russian Blue cat can even create an allergic reaction in people. But, it causes a less allergic reaction when compared with other cat breeds. Thus, Russian Blue cats are kind of hypoallergenic.

Russian Blue Looks Larger Than They Are

The Russian Blue has slim structures and delicate bones, which makes them a medium-sized cat. But, due to their impressive thick and double-layer coats, their appearance seems immense and huger than they are. One can notice this while you trim their hair or at bath time.

Russian Blue Are Different From Other Blue Cats

Many people often confuse Russian Blue with other blue cats. But, the Russian Blue is distinct from other blue cats like the Korat cat, the Chartreux cat, and the British Blue cat. These all cat breeds look alike due to their blue coat color, but they aren’t the same. Russian Blue cats have distinct features that set them apart from other blue cats.

For instance, the head of the Russian Blue cat is a medium-sized triangular shape. Whereas the head of the Korat is heart-shaped, the Chartreux is round and broad. Besides, the eye color of the British Blue cat is golden, and the Chartreux cat is orange. But, the Russian Blue cat has shining bright green eyes.

Consequently, the overall appearance of the Russian Blue cat looks more majestic, which sets them apart from any other blue cat.

Incredible Hunting Skills

Russian Blue cats have incredible hunting skills. To witness the hunting skills of your Russian Blue, you can take them outdoors. Their hunting instincts are very enjoyable to watch. You can hide your cat’s favorite toys, and they can trace them by their instincts. Also, they sometimes try catching a bird or lizard, which slightly is not safe as they may get out of your sight or get lost.

Extra Fun Facts Of A Russian Blue

Apart from historical and character-related facts, there are some more interesting fun facts about Russian Blue cats.

The Russian Blue Cat Inspired The Nyan Cat

As the Nyan Cat was viral all over the internet, many people asked the idea of the Nyan cat to Chris Torres, the creator of the Nyan Cat. Then, he stated that the inspiration for the Nyan Cat was from his Russian Blue cat named Marty- likely named after Marty McFly from Back To The Future.

After the death of Torres’s Russian Blue Marty, he even tweeted that his cat Marty has influenced many of his comics along with the Nyan Cat.

The Nyan Cat In Short

If you don’t know about the Nyan cat, then read this out.

In 2011, Chris Torres created the Nyan cat which is a cat or Pop-Tart cat that flies through space, leaving a rainbow path behind. The animation was then out on Youtube, which turned viral on the internet.

Do You Know The Tom From Tom And Jerry Is Assume As The Russian Blue Cat?

Everyone is familiar with the animated cartoon Tom And Jerry. Many people assume Tom from ‘Tom And Jerry’ is a depiction of a Russian Blue cat due to Tom’s blue and gray coat in the cartoon series.


If you have never petted a cat before, then you can select the Russian Blue cat as they are quite intelligent, loveable, and easily trainable. Also, the nature and personality of the cat will make you fall in love with them. A Russian Blue cat can be the best companion for cat lovers. You can check out our previous article on how to care for a Russian Blue cat if you want to pet them.

Moreover, after learning various interesting facts about the Russian Blue cat, you may find them extra. I believe the mentioned facts of the Russian Blue were beneficial to you in knowing them better.

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