15 Recommended Supplies For New Russian Blue Cat [101 Guide]

Supplies For Russian Blue Cat

Bringing a new Russian Blue cat as a pet to the house creates a joyful or delightful environment around us, but one should understand that it is a huge responsibility too. You have to fulfill all the requirements while you pet them. So, in this article, you will learn about every required supplies for new Russian Blue cat. Don’t worry, even if you are a beginner, who has never kept a pet yet, can gather every requisite information here.

Before you bring a new Russian Blue cat to the house, there are few supplies essential for them which include the items like a cat crate or the cat cage (either indoor or outdoor cage), a comfortable cat collar and the leash, soft toys for your cat, brush for timely grooming, a healthy food diet (dry and wet foods), the suitable food and water bowls for them and many more. Hence, I will help you in knowing the necessary supplies by recommending some beneficial ones for your new Russian Blue cat.

But before getting into the supplies, it is vital to know about your Russian Blue cat to maintain their requirements accordingly.

Basic To Grasp Of Russian Blue Cat

The Russian Blue cat is one of the distinct cat breeds. It is a medium-sized cat, which is very gentle and sensitive. Though the Russian Blue cat is shy and quiet, they never fail to build a good companionship with their favorite people.

One of the features which makes the Russian Blue cat distinct is its coat color and the delightful bright green eyes. They have a short, thick, and beautiful double-layered coat. The coat color is blue with shinning silvery at its tips. Also, the Russian Blue cats are kind of hypoallergenic. It means the cat sheds low, which is less allergic to the people. Besides, the Russian Blue is the hygienic and one of the most intelligent cat breeds.

By grasping or understanding these primaries of the Russian Blue cats in short, you can quickly analyze the essential requirements to pet them.

Vital Supplies To Learn For A New Russian Blue Cat

Even though you and your Russian Blue will stay under the same roof but, the requirements and lifestyles vary. You wouldn’t wish your Russian Blue to live an unadjustable and unpleasant life, would you? So, to make your Russian Blue adjust in your house suitably, you must maintain all the required supplies for them.

Here is the list of some vital supplies that you must provide if you bring a new Russian Blue at your place.

Crate Or Cages For The Russian Blue Cat

It is hugely necessary to provide a suitable crate or cage for the Russian Blue cat. As the Russian Blue is a medium-sized cat, there is no compulsion of a tremendous extent cage.

But, the crate size must be larger than your Russian Blue cat. If not, the cat will feel difficulty and discomfort in the cage.

Moreover, you can find some best crates with the availability of litter box and some playing space inside. This sort of cages is most suitable for the Russian Blue as they are highly intelligent, active, and smart cats.

Thus, it is essential to determine your Russian Blue’s correct size and height to maintain their crate accurately.

Kinds Of Crates To Consider

There are various kinds of cages available for your Russian Blue cat. You can choose the crates as per your choice. To make it simpler for you, here is a short description of the types of cages or crates.

Indoor Crate

No cats love living alone and so, does the Russian Blue cats. If you spend maximum time inside the house, you may prefer an indoor crate for your Russian Blue cats as well.

Indoor crate or cages are the crates which are easily maintainable inside the house. One can specifically refer to the indoor cages when it comes to the Russian Blue cats as the Russian Blues are very friendly and require your attention more often. By doing this, your cat will stay inside and can have your companionship too.

Outdoor Crate

If you have enough space at your places like a huge garden or a backyard then, you can consider an outdoor cage for the Russian Blue cat.

An outdoor crate creates more space for your Russian Blue to play and lets your cat view the outer environment. But, make sure the cage should be larger than your cat’s size and height.

Plus, if you have to leave your cat alone in the house more often then, you can think for an outdoor cage. You can place the food and water inside the crate when you aren’t around.

Travel Crate

Many people get upset when they have to leave their pet alone in the house and go for long outings or vacations. But, it is not upsetting anymore as there is the availability of the travel crate.

A travel crate is a crate in which you can keep your Russian Blue cat or any other pets while you have to go for the long outings. You can get a travel crate as per your Russian Blue’s size and weight. Also, there will be no big trouble for taking a Russian Blue cat along with you as they are the medium-sized cats only.

With the help of the travel crate, you can take your Russian Blue with you, without worrying much about them.

Recommending The Most Enjoyable Crate

supplies for your russian blue cat

Amazon Buy Link: Downtown Pet Supply Foldable Travel Kennel Cat Tent Enclosure for Pets with carrying Case, Perfect as Collapsible Playpen, Carrier, or Crate (Standard & Giant)

Price: $19.99

This crate is suitable for a Russian Blue cat. You can use this crate inside the house and even for the traveling purpose. It is available in both standard and giant size. Also, it is a foldable crate, which is manageable in the seats of the car as they contain a strap.

Moreover, it is a fully versatile and ultra-durable crate. And the price of this crate is also reasonable. You can find this crate in most of the online stores.

Why Is A Crate Essential For A Russian Blue?

As the Russian Blue cats are quiet and gentle, many people believe a crate is not necessary for them. But it is not accurate. Several times for various purposes, one has to keep their Russian Blue cat in the cage. Thus, it is essential to have a crate for a Russian Blue cat for several reasons like:

  • Providing medications when your Russian Blue cat is unwell.
  • Introducing your Russian Blue to other new people or pets.
  • Keeping the cat inside the house if you have to go out for a short-term period (they might run away).
  • While taking the Russian Blue to the vet etc.

Besides, people think that keeping a pet inside a cage is rude behavior. But, rude behavior arises only when the pet inside the crate is not taken care of rightly.

Absolute Bed For The Russian Blue Cat

bed for cat

Amazon Buy Link: Round Donut cabin

Price: $20.99

The Russian Blue cat requires almost 15 to 17 hours of sleep time in a day. For the bed, you can use a soft towel and fold it inside a firm box where your cat can fit in. You can also get a cat bed from the market.

Also, you can find beds, igloos, tunnels, hideaways made up of plastic, wicker, and many more for the Russian Blue cat in the market.

Points To Remember While Deciding The Perfect Bed

When you go to the market to purchase a perfect bed for your Russian Blue cat, you may get perplexed due to many variations.

Therefore, while purchasing the bed for your Russian Blue cat from the market, you should keep in mind about certain things like:

  • The bed’s size should be immense than your Russian Blue’s so that they can move, stand, and sleep comfortably.
  • Pick that kind of bed, which is easy to clean-up as it gets dirty quickly.
  • If you prefer a hard plastic or wicker box, insert a soft, fleece-type layer inside it.

Healthy Diet To Decide For A Russian Blue

A healthy diet is extremely vital for a Russian Blue cat. The consumption of healthy food or diet helps to prevent distinct health diseases of a Russian Blue. Therefore, you should maintain the proper diet for your cat.

For a proper diet, you can find several healthy cat food in the market, especially for the Russian Blue cat. Healthy nutrition includes high- quality, protein-rich food. The Russian Blue’s diet plan involves more wet foods and less dry foods. A high quality dry and protein-rich canned food along with some available dry food consumption is appropriate for the Russian Blue cat.

Apart from providing nutrition, dry food can give your Russian Blue a different flavor, whereas canned food helps you to analyze your cat’s appetite.

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Recommending Some Finest Diet For Russian Blue:

This wet food is soft and delicious in the delightful gravy. It is a healthy diet for the Russian Blue cat, prepared without corn, grain, and wheat. It gives the flavors of chicken, salmon, and turkey.

This diet is appropriate for any age of Russian Blue cat as it has no artificial flavors in it. It contains every essential nutrient for your Russian Blue cat.

You can get them from the nearby store or the recognized online store.

It is the natural dry cat food that nourishes the delicate skin of a Russian Blue cat. The flavor of this diet is turkey, which is the best ingredient for the digestive health of a Russian Blue. This diet is easily digestible even for those Russian Blue cats who have sensitive systems. The diet is free from gluten and wheat, as they are allergic items.

You can purchase the diet from the nearest vet shop or the online store.

Salutary Homemade Food For The Russian Blue

A Russian Blue cat can have homemade food if you provide a properly nutritious diet. While you decide on a homemade diet for a Russian Blue, you must know that the cat doesn’t prefer eating the same food again and again. So, feeding nutritious food of different flavors will make your Russian Blue stay active and fit.

The most beneficial homemade food for the Russian Blue cat includes protein-rich food like chicken, fish, turkey, and other seafood. Feeding such wet food contains an extra water form that reduces the chances of kidney disease in the Russian Blue cat.

Moreover, there is no compulsion on an extra special home diet for the Russian Blue cat. Providing protein-rich and high-quality food is nutritious for the cat.

Treats To Offer

Offering a treat to your Russian Blue cat is quite vital. A treat can be anything like a favorite food or dry diet of your Russian Blue cat. It is beneficial in training sessions of your cat.

Training the Russian Blue includes teaching them about different habits and manners. You can teach them to play fetch, provide hunting ideas, crate training, and many more. If they perform any accurate activities as per your instructions then, you can give them a treat. Offering a treat makes your cat happy and motivates them to do better.

You can purchase the treat packet from the nearby store as per your vet advice by considering the Russian Blue’s health.

Suitable Food And Water Bowls

Food Bowl

Amazon Buy Link: Food bowl

Price: $12.90

To put the food and water for your Russian Blue cat, you will need something like a bowl or a box. Avoid keeping the food on the ground as it can attach dirt in it. Thus, you must look for a suitable food and water bowls for your Russian Blue cat.

While purchasing the food and water bowls for your Russian Blue cat, keep in mind that the bowls are of perfect size and easy to clean, and also should be skid-proof. Meaning that the bowls shouldn’t shake while your cat is either eating or drinking from it. Moreover, the bowls should be clean-up after finish eating or if water gets dirty as the Russian Blue doesn’t prefer unhygienic bowls.

Keeping The Litter Box

litter pan

Amazon Buy Link: Litter Box


As you think of bringing a Russian Blue cat or any other pet at your place, keeping and managing the litter box is an important task to do. Also, easy to clean, leak protection, and the odor-controlling litter box is very suitable for your Russian Blue cat. In the beginning, your cat will not understand about the litter box since they are unfamiliar with it.

Later with the practice and training, they will be able to use it on their own. But, it is necessary to clean-up the litterbox after its use. Otherwise, the Russian Blue may not even use it for the next time because of the odor and unsanitary as they are hygienic cats.

Harness And Leash For The Russian Blue

harness and leash


Amazon Buy Link: Harness and Leash

Price:$ 16.49

When there is a pet at the house, it is a requisite to manage a harness and leash. Similarly, as you bring a Russian Blue cat, a harness and leash are compulsory to supply for them. Like other cat breeds, it is difficult to put on a harness and a leash to the Russian Blue cat too.

But, if you prefer a harness and leash that doesn’t strain your cat and loosens them while walking and playing, they will feel comfortable in it. However, training is extremely vital for the Russian Blue to get along with the leash and harness. Moreover, a harness and leash discourage the cat from jumping and running away. It also protects the cat from getting any injury.

Toys For Your Russian Blue

A Russian Blue cat often loves playing. Likewise, providing some toys to them keeps them active and more energetic.

Similarly, toys keep the Russian Blue cat busy and engaging. A Russian Blue enjoys playing fetch, catnip toys, and a stuffed rat. The cat chases and runs towards these toys and loves playing with them.

Scratching Posts

Scratching Post

Amazon Buy link: Scratching post

Price: $20.99

A scratching post gives the physical and mental well-being of the Russian Blue cat. People believe the scratching post helps to reduce the stress of the cat. Also, it helps to shed the old nail sheathing and work in the newer nails of the Russian Blue cat.

You can find the scratching post of different shapes, sizes that vary as per its price. Cardboard posts and sisal rope are the most common scratching post for the Russian Blue cat. In the beginning, you can purchase two scratching posts of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Then, notice your Russian Blue’s favorite kind of scratching post and know what exactly you have to purchase in the future.

Requisite Supplies For The Cleanliness Of The Russian Blue Cat

As you pet a Russian Blue cat, it becomes a huge responsibility to look after it. A good life, sanitation matters, and extra primary supplies, etc are the factors that you should look for in a Russian Blue cat.

Besides the primary supplies, there are other additional supplies requisite for the Russian Blue cat. So, here is the list of the few requisite supplies for the cleanliness of the Russian Blue cat.

Odor And Stain Remover

It is common to have the unpleasant odor and stain around you when you pet a Russian Blue cat. It happens because of the cat’s urine, feces, and the cat’s vomit sometimes. Then, the surrounding becomes awful due to the excessive odor and stain everywhere.

To eradicate the odor and stain around your Russian Blue or from the Russian Blue, you can use the odor and stain remover that is available.

Recommending One Of The Best Odor And Stain Remover

Oder and Stain remover for cat

Amazon Buy Link: Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats Stain & Odor Remover

Price: $8.49

This is one of the best Russian Blue cat’s stains and odor remover. It even works for the old and deep stains and odor. It is highly effective and easy to use. You can purchase it from the nearby store or from the online store too.

Grooming Supplies For The Russian Blue Cat

It is essential to perform routine grooming of the Russian Blue cat. By this, your Russian Blue stays fresh, active, and cheerful, which is the indication of a fit cat. To groom the cat, you have to fulfill the necessary supplies that come under grooming. To help you know better, here is a short description of the supplies essential for grooming:

Comb For Routine Grooming

comb for cat

Amazon Buy Link: Comb

Price: $4.67

It is necessary to comb the hair or fur of the Russian Blue cat. The Russian Blue cat has short and thick coats. So, it is suitable to use a toothed, rounded metal comb to keep their fur elegant. Combing the hair helps to improve your cat’s skin circulation and distribute dermal oils.

Also, combing can prevent uncomfortable hairballs or knots and reduces shedding. But, don’t pull the comb too harsh as it may hurt your Russian Blue. You can purchase the comb for your Russian Blue cat from the nearby vet store.

Shampoo And Conditioner

shampoo for cat

Amazon Buy Link: Shampoo and Conditioner

Price: $17.99

There is the availability of the cat shampoo and conditioner that you can use for your Russian Blue cat. Avoid using a person’s shampoo and conditioner for the Russian Blue as it cannot be safe. Using a person’s shampoo and conditioner has led to the allergies and dandruff in them.

But the cat’s shampoo and conditioner maintains the Russian Blue’s pH level and takes care of their skin. That’s why keeping a separate cat shampoo and conditioner for your Russian Blue is necessary.

Toothpaste And Brush For Dental Hygiene

Brushing the Russian Blue’s teeth at least once a week is very important. There should be proper dental hygiene of the Russian Blue cat as there is the chance of getting dental diseases.

For maintaining the dental hygiene of the Russian Blue, you can purchase a cat’s dental kit or toothpaste and toothbrush. It helps to remove the food debris from the Russian Blue’s mouth, cleans up the teeth, and kills the bad breath.

Suggesting One Of The Best Dental Kit

Dental Kit for cat

Amazon Buy Link: Petrodex Dental Kit for Cats, Malt Flavor Toothpaste, 2.5 oz

Price: $5.99

It is one of the finest dental kits for the Russian Blue cat, advised by the veterinarian. The kit consists of toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a finger toothbrush.

It is appropriate for all the age groups of the Russian Blue cats. The toothpaste of the kit doesn’t foam, implying that you need not rinse the mouth of the Russian Blue cat. This dental kit is available in your nearby vet store or the recognized online store.


As you pet a Russian Blue cat, there comes a lot of responsibilities of the cat upon you. Either if you are a beginner or an experienced pet owner, you should know and manage all the essential supplies while petting a Russian Blue at your place.

Thus, all the recommended supplies in this article for a Russian Blue cat is remarkably significant. I hope this was helpful for you in knowing all the vital supplies for a new Russian Blue cat.

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