How High Can a Russian Blue Cat Jump[Factors and Reasons]

How High Can a Russian Blue Cat Jump

Russian Blue cat is an indoor cat but it still does well with all the tricks you want to pull through. Did you know? These cats were the first ones to enter Europe for cat shows in the 1800s. So, how high can a Russian Blue cat jump?

A Russian Blue cat can jump 5-6 times its height. You can measure it from the ground to its shoulders. Besides, the feline friends jump pretty gracefully and they love to play with toys. So, get ready for some action in your house.

I am sure you are excited to find out more about how high Russian Blue cats jump. So, let us dive in quickly to the topic.

Cats As Athletes

Domestic cats are one of the best athletes in the pet world. Cats not only have a love for some action but they also find a way to get it done gracefully. As pets, cats do not lose their swiftness and elegance in escaping from predators or stalking their prey

Secret Behind A Powerful Jump Of Russian Blue Cats

As Russian cats, the Russian Blue comes from the royal family. These cats have superior genes in them making them live an extra life of 25 years to the maximum. The secret behind the powerful jump of the Russian blue cats is the powerful hind legs.

Besides, the hind legs help the cat up in the air. For balance, the furry creature uses its tail which results in a smooth landing as well.

How High Can a Russian Blue Cat Jump?

Scientifically, an average adult cat can jump about 5-6 times its height. Moreover, you can measure the height I mention here by measuring your cat from the ground to its shoulders.

For ease, I shall tell you that the average height of a Russian Blue cat is about 10 inches tall. So, automatically you can expect your cat to jump about 50 inches or 4.2 feet to 60 inches or 5 feet. Again, the health of the cat also affects its jumping skills.

But the height is pretty high considering how heavy the Russian Blue cats look. I was pretty shocked myself when I first saw my Russian Blue, Mocha jump that high.

Fun fact: The highest a cat has jumped on camera is 6.7 feet which is 79 inches. This is 7.9 times higher than how much an average cat can jump. Moreover, an average cat can jump up to 59 inches to 70 inches.

Factors That Affect How High Russian Blue Cats Jump

There are various factors that can affect how high a Russian Blue cat might jump. Some of them include:

Length Of Hind Limbs

A longer hind limb means your cat can jump higher. Why? Since I have already explained that strong hind limbs are why a cat can jump higher, the length of the hind limb supports your cat to rise in the air!

Fat Mass Relative To Lean Body Mass

A fat cat would not be able to jump like a lean cat. The body weight is directly proportional to the jumping skills. I am not trying to body shame my cat or yours but bodyweight does bring down cats more.

Not only can a Russian blue cat jump lower if they have a higher body mass, but jumping might also cause stress to their limbs due to the weight.

Similarly, lean means not thin. If you do not feed your cat appropriately, it might not have that energy to be playful.

So, you should take care of how much you feed your cat to have a healthy one. It might be hard for you especially when Russian blues are so cute, adorable, and in love with food. However, you have to control yourself.


With age, the cat’s legs become weaker. These cats are much like human beings. Moreover, think of us. Will we be able to run and jump as we can now when we are 50? Of course not!

So do Russian blue cats. The Russian blue cats will gradually lose their ability to jump higher as they grow old. Just for fun, let us put it as senior cats do not play like kids!

Underlying Medical Conditions

Some underlying medical conditions like arthritis can cause the mobility of the hind legs of a Russian Blue cat to decrease. If your cat is sick, you may not expect it to jump high as its energy levels are down in the first place. Besides, you shall not push your cat to its limit as well.

How Far Can Russian Blue Cats Jump?

A Russian Blue lacks the amazing heights that other cats may provide you with. Besides, these cats are also indoor cats who do not know how to prey in the wild.

So, the Russian Blue will only take things as a playful match between an owner and a pet rather than a competition.

Fun fact: The longest horizontal jump recorded in Guinness World Record is 213.36 cm or 7 feet. The name of the cat is pretty iconic too. The cat was called Waffle the Warrior Cat.

Moreover, climbing and jumping are two different themes for a cat. Your Russian blue may climb very high but that does not mean it will be able to jump from there.

Can Russian Blue Kittens Jump?

A kitten and a cat have two different abilities. An adult and mature cat has all of its parts developed and strong. The case may not be the same with kittens as they are small and still developing.

So, you can only see the kittens trying to climb a sofa or even struggling to jump down the stairs of your house. It is cute to watch, isn’t it?

Within three weeks, it can walk and explore the surroundings. Similarly, it takes six months for a kitten to improve its jumping skills. In addition, for perfection, you can add certain months till your Russian Blue grows into a healthy adult.

Basically, the furry kittens will have to improve the coordination and muscle strength before it can jump.

How High Can A Russian Blue Cat Climb?

You can see your Russian blue jump and climb combinedly when it scales on a tree or fence. Although scaling through a tree or fence would be a rare view as these cats are calm and pleasant tempered.

Although a Russian Blue cat like other cats loves to climb high, they are not so good at descending. For climbing, the cats will use their claws for grip and their hind legs for the leap. You may notice it at the highest spot in your house.

So, make sure you have all the precautions ready like closing all the windows and catproofing the house!

Why Do Russian Blue Cats Climb And Jump?

There are various reasons why you will find your cat climbing and jumping here and there. Mainly, the cats have one elevated place they like to climb up to. Here are the reasons why the feline buddy does so:

Just For The Vibe

Like the lion is the king of the jungle, cats are the king of your house. At least your Russian Blue will think so. Even though it is attached to you and will wait for you at the door when you come back home, it still loves to climb to the top and feel that lion king vibe!

Easy Way To Scan The House

If you notice properly, the spots your furry friend climbs up to has the perfect view of every part of the house including the kitchen and the dining room. The very spot is so high that your cat can view it everywhere just at a glance.

I would say that the act is actually helpful. Only if we could do the same, I would be the first one to try it out! Russian Blue cats domesticate themselves quite fast and they have no fear of humans. So, climbing and jumping is their own way of having everything in control.

To Play With You Or Prey

Other cat breeds would jump and chase other birds and animals as well but a Russian Blue is not fond of preying. Though it will occasionally play with a fishing rod and you if you want to!

You have officially got the best of both worlds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Russian Blue Cats Lose Ability To Jump With Age?

Yes, as a cat age, their ability to jump recedes too. It is because the cats suffer from arthritis. Do not worry as the case is the same with all cats. The only thing you can do is take care of your cat and keep it warm.

Good food and diet can also help your cat to be healthy and happy.

Are Russian Blue Cats Indoor Cats?

Yes, Russian Blue cats are indoor cats. These cats love to stay with their owner and have a history as such. The furry animals belonged to the royal family in Russia. Hence, they are also called Archangel cats.

Your Russian Blue will travel with you here and there but it will always love to return to its home at the end. Besides, these cats are also safe indoors as they are cannot prey and do well with almost any human being!

Do Russian Blue Cats Like To Travel?

Yes, Russian Blue cats are quite curious pets. The cats will love to travel with their owner. However, it would be hard for the cat to travel internationally as it is a whole another process. However, if you want to ride with it somewhere near, you can definitely enjoy a peaceful time. All you have to do is train your cat!

Last Words

In a nutshell, you might have gotten the idea about how high Russian Blue cats can jump and why they jump or climb. These cats are the most sweet-tempered and lovely cats that you will find in the market.

Unlike other cats, Russian Blue cats are very sociable but they will also play with you. In other words, the cats know how to have fun with the appropriate space you need. Do not be surprised if your Russian Blue follows you everywhere in the house.

Not to forget, keep your Russian Blue happy with the evergreen Mona Lisa smile.

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