13 Best Supplies To Stock Up For Your Russian Blue Cat [Pet Essentials]

13 Best Supplies To Stock Up For Your Russian Blue Cat

Corona pandemic has not only raised issues for humans but also their pet friends like Russian Blue Cats. The most important question is about stocking up pet essentials for your Russian blue. Is stocking up essential? If yes, what are the best supplies to stock up for your Russian Blue Cat?

The answer is simple; just like you stock up food items, masks, sanitizers, etc. during the corona pandemic, the same goes for your furry little friend. Russian blues too have some basic needs to be met beyond homemade goods.

Russian blues need bed items to toys, food to litter- everything that is basically made for their use. And you, as a wise human friend, need to stock up these items that can last a few days to a few weeks.

In this article, you will find the answers to the most asked questions about supplies to stock up for your Russian blue cat; why, what, how much, when are the basic questions you’ll find answers to.

So, let’s dive in!

13 Best Supplies To Stock Up For Your Russian Blue Cat

Getting a cat, especially Russian blue is quite a job you acquire for yourself. They are quite strict about their daily routine and essentials.

There are a few supplies to stock up for your Russian blue cat for their everyday use. Here is the list:

Cat Food

Few things that you need to remember with cats are about their food habits. They don’t prefer drinking water. So, it comes down to you to act cleverly to make them drink water along with the food. Learn more, How Much Water Should Russian Blue Cat Needs To Drink In A Day?

You can feed them canned food mixing it with some water to overcome their non-drinking habit. Drinking less water makes your cat prone to kidney-related diseases and male cats sometimes have urethra blockage too.

Canned food is even better for matured cats as their variety tends to be light too. And this food not only has less fat but also helps you to keep your cat’s weight in check.

It is better to feed dry cat food which is supposedly grain-free. Cat foods like Halo, Orijin, etc. have more usable nutrients.

These foods can come a little expensive from normal cat food, but health benefits are way higher too. And you have to feed them even less which makes these foods last longer than usual. Learn more about the Russian blue cat diet.

Also, less feeding minuses the waste to half as well make your scooping work easier.

Scratching Post

Cats don’t really sit around all day. They are violent living beings when they are teased or struck. And sometimes for no reason at all, they like scratching things.

They also like to play around, jump, and climb, more or less be active.

So, it is better and wise to give them that space where they are playing and practicing all their tricks from climbing to jumping.

This space will be their space to fight off everything and making themselves active and happy.

So, providing the best scratching post for your Russian blue is necessary.


If you have Russian blue then there’s no doubt you have to acquire the cat that loves to play. The play, however, could be quite rough.

It is best to get them fur toys that they can probably bat, carry, and sometimes kill. They also need balls to play around with additionally with paper boxes where they will supposedly hide these balls.

The best home-based toy can be vacuum cleaner belts as it is easily tossable but big enough to be barely destroyable.

Also, Russian blue cats are a fan of puzzle toys, which indefinitely make them solve the puzzle to get food rewards. Here is the best toy for your Russian Blue which you can get.

But, yes, there’s a but here, you need to watch your blues carefully for the first few days with new toys. They can probably ingest some toys and this can lead to serious issues.

And you need to be strict about playtime to discipline your cat, so it is better to hide toys where they can’t reach.

You have to fix the time for the play section and as Russian blues are strict for a time-table, they will learn it quickly.

Cat Litter

The litter type, generally, depends on your choice. It isn’t rocket science here, anything will be quite okay.

But when you go for clay type of litter, kindly and wisely stay away from the scented variety and stick with unscented one.

The lightweight litter like pine pellet can be more effective and can last longer than clay as a small amount of pine does a pretty well job.

It also controls the odor as well as leaves no clay residue around.

Litter Box

If you need litter for your cat then the litter box is an obvious thing to get. But the position of it plays the key role here.

A simple litter box of covered variety available in nearby stores will do the job, but keep it in the area where your Russian blue can reach easily.

You may not like the result when your cat doesn’t bother finding the litter box and choose other alternatives.

Litter Scooper

Most of the time you’ll get a litter scooper alongside the box, you just have to pick a simple one up. Another dilemma might be why you need it?

Well, you can’t clean the litter with your bare hands, you need a little assistance and one scooper can last through all the phases of a cat’s life.

Cat Nail Clipper

Russian blue has a pink vein in their translucent nail which makes it easier to cut their nail without hitting the pain.

Most of the time, cats get used to nail clipping within a small age. All you have do is, buy pairs of nail clippers that are good as well as well-rated.

A good pair of nail clippers assure a better and easy job for you. And if you know how to handle your cat while cutting their nails, you can be benefitted from normal nail clippers too.

Cotton Buds

Somethings are quite simple requirements you’ll probably have at home. One of them is the Cotton pad or Q-tip you need for the ears of your Russian blue.

You need to examine Russian blues’ ears weekly to know whether they are dirty or not. And if you find them dirty, take few drops of olive oil in a cotton pad or Q-tip and swab out their ear with it.


A comfortable cat bed which is a little bigger than their size is an appropriate choice for Russian blue. You need to get one that can last for years and don’t become small when your cat grows.

And it is even better to get few beds and put them in different corners of the house so that your blues can rest wherever they feel like.

Metal Cat Comb

Your Russian blue is one of the hairy cats you can get, so there is no question of the need for a comb. But you need to avoid normal combs and go for a metal cat comb.

You need to even examine the comb’s tooth properly, a medium to small toothed comb is a better choice for your cat. And they feel noticed and cared for, while you comb their fur once every few days.

This will not only make your cat look well-groomed but also minus the loose fur that your cat can possibly ingest.

Cat Toothbrush

One of the most essential things you must have when you get Russian blue is the toothbrush for them.

Your cat needs to have clean teeth as they have a habit of chewing and pulling things. Sometimes this action can result in serious complications.

Clean teeth and gums save lots of problems that can be brought with unhygienic teeth. It is quite similar to the thing why human needs to brush their teeth.


The microchip is mainly confined to the outdoor cats so that they are easy to track. It is barely necessary for indoor cats like Russian blues.

But it is never bad to take precautions before anything worse occurs. You have to take it to the nearby veterinary and ask them to add a microchip along with the collar for the cat.


Russian blues are quite easy on the supplements, they only need few medications and be okay with it.

The most common problem is the accumulation of hair on the cat’s stomach which makes it uneasy for the cat; due to this, hairball medicine is the topper of the supplement list.

Hairball Medicines like laxatone and femalt will help you solve this problem. These medicines help the cat lose accumulated hair and pass or throw that up.

And the other problem that commonly arises is dry skin or fur. This problem too has a simple solution, all you have to do is add a few drops of lipiderm or flax oil to a cat’s wet food, 2 drops to be precise.

Skin supplements like Lipiderm are enriched with omega fatty acids that help to make the fur and skin textures better.

You may prefer to go for oil here, but you need to stay away from this home remedy as vegetable oils harm your cat. These small cats breathe in the oil droplets that find their way through their nose to their lungs.

What Are the Effects Of The Pandemic On Pet Essentials?

No aspect of life remains untouched when the pandemic knocks on the door. The same is with pet and pet essentials.

High Demand

The demand gets higher as the lockdown extends because of the increase in pet adoption. Human nature tends to search for a company and no company can be better than a fur friend.

Increase In Production

The peak of the demand forced the product company to increase its production as well. The increment in production also indicates the success of pet product industries during the lockdown.

Increase In Online Order

As people can’t get out of their house to buy essentials, they are ordering everything online increasing the traffic in the online sites.

Stocking Up

The idea of lockdown has made people realize the importance of stocking up. They are purchasing and storing pet essentials that can last for more than a few weeks.

Change In Protocols In Facilities

The industries that deal with pet products have changed their protocols in the workplace. Everything is done to stay away from the pandemic.

The protocols include all the safety measures that workers need to follow while working in the facilities.

Why Should You Stock Up Your Pet Essentials?

Well, let’s start with an example here, shall we? Why stock up your supplies for your Russian blue cat during a lockdown?

This is as simple as that. You need to have pet essentials with you so that your pet doesn’t get affected by the changes or even worse starve to death.

Your Russian blue doesn’t prefer any change in their routine, and lockdown can change that for them. So, it is better to be prepared for the worse.

You have to have enough essentials at home so that scarcity doesn’t intervene.

What Are the Major Pet Essentials You Need To Stock Up For Your Russian Blue?

There are a few supplies to stock up for your Russian blue cat before the lockdown starts. These things can decide how well your cat is going to be in this stressful turn of events.

Cat Food

Food for your cat is the basic thing you must get before the store goes empty. Your Russian blue might not get used to new food sooner so you might need to stick up with a normal routine.

You have to buy food that can last for a few weeks. Just remember to not overdo shopping or overfeed your cat.

Cat Litter

Waste products need to be cleared out as soon as possible as Russian Blue prefers a clean environment. There is a chance you might run out of cat litter.

So, it is wise to stock up a few unscented clay varieties that can last till the pet shop opens again.


Your Russian blue is all about the brain, they want more mental activity rather than physical. So, you need to stock up varieties of puzzle games that have hidden treats.

Your cat might get bored by the same game and same feathery toys so it is better to have options in hand.

Order toys that are specifically designed for Russian Blue cats. And you can even DIY some home-made toys that may include a vacuum cleaner tube.

You need to buy toys that attract your cat, something with feathers and fur, but watch closely so that they can’t tear it up and swallow.

Grooming Products

Your cat prefers cleanliness for both physical and mental purposes. So, the absence of any grooming products can make them feel the change.

Russian blues get upset when their routine changes, so make sure you have extra pairs of cat toothbrushes, metal comb, nail clippers, etc.

If you don’t know anything about grooming a cat properly then you can read this article “How to Groom a Russian Blue Cat?


You can’t be sure about the accidents and incidents that might take place during the lockdown. It is better to stay prepared.

As discussed above, hairball medicines might be the most essential one for your cat. Make sure you have enough of it that can last till the pharmacy and the veterinary open again.

You need to get a few pain relievers, anti-inflammatories, and antiparasitic medicines after consulting an experienced vet.

And, of course, if your cat has a pre-existing problem then make sure you have enough medicines for that illness which can last for a few weeks with no issues.

Also, you can add insulin, atenolol, and pimobendane, and methimazole for diabetes, a heart condition, and thyroid hormone level respectively.


Your Russian blue doesn’t ask much in this case. They get most of the nutrients from their food but additional skin supplements like Lipiderm do their trick to keep your cat’s skin and fur better.

Are People Hoarding Pet Essentials?

Well, to be honest, yes people are hoarding pet essentials in the quest to get supplies to stock up for your Russian blue cat, although it is a baseless thing to do.

People are overstocking things so that they don’t have to suffer when things are the same after a few months too.

But this is wrong on so many levels, firstly you may be depriving someone else’s pet of essentials. Secondly, you are overstocking stuff you may not even need in near future.

People don’t have any idea about the permit pet shops have. They are allowed to open once in a while so that your pet doesn’t have to suffer.

What Should I Do Differently For My Russian Blue During Lockdown?

It is up to you to make your Russian Blue comfortable with you being at home all day. This can be quite strange and stressful for your cat as well.

Russian blue doesn’t prefer changes and the change in their entire routine with you being there can mess up their mood.

Here are the things you can do for your Russian Blue Cat during lockdown:

Give Them Space

You have a whole day free doesn’t mean you need to spend the entire day with your cat. Russian Blue is quite affectionate with their human friend, but they prefer alone-time as well.

Let them sleep, play, and run alone for a while. Russian Blue love their space, they want to spend some time alone doing nothing or turning mischievous.

You need to let them be, or the best way is to fix certain routines where you make your cat understand as play-time.

In this time, make your cat play with you and after that let them sit alone giving enough space.  Your cat is quite clever and will understand the additional human-friend-playtime concept soon.

This is quite a both-way situation here, you will have your play-time and your cat will have their human interaction.

Buy Them More Toys

A little distraction from the changed course of events is quite good for everyone. Even your cat gets confused seeing you around all the time.

That’s why you need to find things that can keep your cat busy and occupied. These Russian blues may like their alone-time but that doesn’t mean they don’t prefer human company.

They become happy with the human company and when their human friend plays games with them. Your Russian blues are very intelligent and love puzzle games.

You can assign food rewards when they solve any piece of the puzzle. This way they’ll be motivated to play games along with you. Hidden treats with intelligence toys are, no doubt, a favorite game for everyone.

Additionally, small toys with feathers attract them as well, you need to buy enough of them so that you don’t run out of toys when your cat chews and destroys them one by one.

Teach Them New Tricks

Russian Blue Cats are quite intelligent than you think they are. They can learn tricks and even act along with you on them.

The lockdown has given you enough time to teach your cat new amazing tricks. Russian blues are quite known for their efficiency to learn agility tricks.

Tricks like jumping through the hoops are quite easier to teach, all you have to do is practice well for few times.

Another trick can be jumping onto the chair when you make a certain sound or word. Here again, practice makes a man perfect, and sometimes cats too.

Target training or click training method is quite an effective method to teach your cat new tricks. These methods keep your cat stimulated and amused as well. So, learn how to easily train your Russian blue cat.

Play With Them

Your busy schedule might have hindered your time to play with your furry friend. But during the lockdown period, you will have enough time to accompany your cat to play along.

You can play hide and seek, or throw and fetch with your cat. These simple games might be common for you, but your cat enjoys your company a lot.

Simple things make a few acts more special than you realize. These games and interactions make your cat more affectionate towards you.

Bathe And Brush

You tend to get lazy after a few days into the lockdown; your cat might feel the same. And this laziness might even result in their untidiness and hygiene.

You need to brush your cat’s teeth regularly and bathe them once a week. This makes them more active, fresh, and clean.

You are free as well to do this grooming more often. Clean teeth and a clean body tend to make your cat healthier.

Things You Should Remember While Stocking Up Your Pet Essentials During Lockdown

No Overstocking

People tend to get hazardous over simple things sometimes. It is necessary to understand overdoing things isn’t a good idea.

You shouldn’t overstock things, just buy goods that can last for a few weeks. It is a good approach even for your cat’s benefits.

Expiry Date

Medications, foods, etc. come with the expiry date. You should check the expiry date before you buy things for your pet.

Reasonable Purchase

You should only buy things that are essential and most important. Don’t go bagging all the stuff that you see down the aisle.

Responsible Shopping

You need to be responsible while purchasing things. You don’t have to clear the aisle and think that other people might be as desperate as you for these things.

No Overestimating

You shouldn’t overestimate the needs of your pet and hover around worrying about it. Overestimating results in over-purchasing which eventually turns out to be a waste.

No Overusing

Just because you have enough stock in your home doesn’t mean you can overdo everything and waste products on your pet. Act responsible and wise while using your pet essentials to make it last longer.


In conclusion, Russian Blues might be as friendly as any cat can get, but there are things you need to do to keep them healthy and happy. During the lockdown, their lifestyle may change slightly but most of the things remain the same. That’s why you need to act wisely and know the supplies to stock up for your Russian blue cat. You also need to maintain the same routine for them. You would also want their company as you have plenty of free time. You should take extra care of your cat during lockdown but should not overdo anything.

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