Do Russian Blue Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

Do Russian Blue Cats Get Along With Other Cats

If you are a cat mom or dad, you keep wondering if you can adopt a few more. And when you have Russian blue Cats you definitely want to get it a companion. So, here is the root cause of all the questions. Do Russian Blue cats get along with other cats? What if your Russian blue hates the other at? Will they fight?

Yes, as long as the other cat has the same temperament as Russian blue, your Russian blue cats will let you adopt another one. They get along pretty well with most of the cats and even with other animals.

It might be scary to jump into another commitment and wonder if your Russian blue will adapt themselves to shared love and attention.

So, Let’s get started to know how your Russian blue will react to a new companion? And how you can make them more friendly? What are the things that you can do right by Russian Blues as well as another cat?

Do Russian Blue Cats Get Along With Other Cats?

Well, you are on the luckier side here, Russian Blue cats might be shy among strangers but friendly with other cats.

You don’t even realize how wonderful your blues can be. So, for the question you are asking, the answer is a big YES.

Yes, your Russian blue cats do get along with the other cats. These blues are very affectionate and will live with another cat if you introduce them well and under the right circumstances.

These cats are sweet-tempered and love their human family. When you add a new cat to the family, it will be another family member for Blues to love.

The other cat with the same temperament as Russian blues will act as a play buddy to each other. They will, with no doubt, accompany each other in all the activities.

However, there is a little bit chance that your cat won’t prefer another one in the house. You need to read this entirely to know what are the pointers you need to follow while adopting another cat.

Russian Blue Cat Temperament

Before you know what to do and what not to do, first have a look at this. While you are adopting another cat, you need to know the nature, behavior, and temperament of Russian blues first.

If you are here, that means you already have a Russian blue or either planning to get one. You probably know what Russian blues are like and how they are on their best behavior all the time.

Russian Blue Cats, a cat full of wonder, are very shy yet thoughtful and intelligent. You will be amazed to see how clever and affectionate a feline can be even when they are conservative.

But they will take their time before showering with love and affection. These cats need time to adjust to your home environment.

However, once they know you, you’ll find them waiting for you and greeting you at the door. Aren’t they the most adorable living being you can get?

Okay back to the topic here, what are they like? Let’s discuss their temperament. They are very peaceful and playful when they are in their safe zone or their home with known faces.

But these cats can get slightly aggressive among strangers and might attack a few. This will stop once they get to know the people.

How Can You Make You Russian Blue More Friendly?

If you are a cat mom or dad, you know the drill. It is not easy to make your cat familiar with the crowd as you can do with dogs.

There are few things you can do to make your Russian Blue friendlier as they already are friendly cats. Here are things you can do for your Russian blues: Firstly, introduce them to new people.

The only way to solve the problem with strangers is to get to know the strangers. People apart from the family can trigger the aggression with these cats.

So, go slow first, your skittish cat will love that, introduce him/her to a new person slowly and one by one. You’ll have your cat greeting people warmly in no time.

Secondly, get her toys, simple as that. When your cat is meeting new people, make that person carry a new and attractive toy. This will make your cat attracted to both person and the toy.

Now last but not least, let them be. You need to give them their space. Don’t rush them to meet people as you need to give them time to open up and come out of their hiding spot slowly.

Best Companions For Your Russian Blue Cats

Breeds don’t determine the compatibility of the cat, their upbringing and environment do. Russian blues are very shy but peaceful and playful cats, so you can’t go for aggressive cats or territorial cats.

You need to make sure the cat you are planning to adopt needs to have a similar temperament as Russian blue.

Research well about the cat you want to adopt and consult the experts for further decision. Don’t rush and pick any cat because that will lead to a never-ending war between your new cat and Russian blue.

Bengal cat and British shorthair are some ideal companions for your Russian blue.

Which Cats Cannot Go Along With Russian Blue Cats?

You can’t get a cat that keeps to themselves or are territorial to be a companion for Russian blue. They will end up fighting with each other.

Also, if the new cat is aggressive, then there is a 100% chance of chaos taking place in your home. So, please research well before adopting any cat.

Calico cats are the best example while talking about Russian blues’ worst companion. Calico cats like to keep socializing as low as possible whereas your Russian blue wants to play, explore, and bond.

These completely different sets of behavior will only invite chaos and fights in the house. Choose well and live well.

Do Your Russian Blue Cats Need A Companion?

Here is the thing with Russian Blues, they mind their own business and do fine alone. They don’t ask for a friend or another animal in their territory as long as they have you.

Even in your absence (which should not be longer than 6 to 8 hours), they will play around in the house with the toys you provide them.

Don’t dishearten yourself this soon. They don’t need another companion doesn’t mean they won’t like one. Who doesn’t like a company of another similar species?

You have a wonderful, shy, and friendly cat at your home that will adjust well with other cats as well. Just be careful with the introduction process and don’t rush to mingle them.

How Can You Introduce New Cat To Your Russian Blue Cats?

This is a step where your whole plan might fall apart or get done. You need to be very careful when you are introducing a new cat to your Russian blue.

The first impression is the last here, so you can’t mess this up in any way possible. Stay calm and follow the instructions carefully and don’t throw another cat to Russian blue face.


You need to be very patient with your Russian blue, so please never rush things with this cat. They are very shy and see any new addition in the house as a threat.

They will sense it very soon that there is a new member of the family. So, it is your job to make them see that the new cat is not a threat.

Do not keep them near each other before your Russian blue adjusts to the fact about another cat being in the home.

Limit The Exploring

When you have two cats in the same house, there is a chance they will run into each other. Have you seen two cats meeting each other in an open street or the corner?

Oh boy, that is not a view you like, the famous catfight. Do you think that ‘Cat Fight’ slang just pops from the thin air?

No, absolutely not, catfights occur when both of them start acting territorial. Cat tendencies for survival and procreation are as high as any other animal.

So, make sure your cats don’t meet each other before they get familiar with each other’s scent. Give your Russian blue its own space where it has sufficient area to explore and play.

Create A Barrier

Here is another thing you need to do. Your Russian blue wanders a lot around the home. So, if you want to limit all these Dora: The Explorer phase, you need to create a barrier between these cats.

The barrier should not hide your view of both cats’ reactions. Basically, you need to create a barrier where you can see your both cats from.

They will sense each other with their nose and know the presence of another cat in the territory. Also, make sure you feed them on the opposite side of the barrier.

Once they feel like they can eat and drink together, the psychological barrier within them will go down slowly.

The best way to make cats comfortable with each other is to make them feed in close proximity. This closeness can be from either side of the doors or with the little visible barrier.

Visible Proximity

All of the above steps will make them comfortable with each other with scents and noise but not visibly. Therefore, this part is the most crucial of all because their closeness and face-to-face talk can get scary.

You need to take it very slowly and with enough patience. You can’t mess it up here.

Firstly, put the food bowl on either side of the barrier so that they can see each other while feeding. But make sure they are still apart with a certain distance between them.

You need to slowly move the bowl closer by a few inches towards each other every time you feed them. This will make them understand the situation and make each other comfortable with the presence of the next.

After a certain time, both of your cats will adjust to each other’s presence totally while feeding and for other chores too.

Cat Toys You Can Get For Your Cats To Play Together

When you have two cats in a house, you are basically raising siblings that are quite different from each other.

So, what do you do when two siblings want to play together? simply get them toys. It is not rocket science to know that you need to buy toys that can be played with a companion.

The few options you can choose from are:

Nylon Tunnels

Sometimes, you don’t even need to go outside the door to find toys for your cats. They will even play with a ball made out of socks when they will see you playing with the other one.

What Can You Do If Your Russian Blue Cats Don’t Get Along With Other Cats?

It is natural for cats to don’t like each other. Most of them are territorial and have strong tendencies for procreation and survival.

If one of them feels inadequate and neglected, they will start harming the other one. They will basically act like siblings that hate each other because they think the other one is better and the parents love the other one more.

Another factor might be the personality. Here you are petting two different breeds of cat, it is common to have certain highs and lows.

Don’t mind it much and overthink it. Give them time and proper as well as equal care, you’ll, undoubtedly, have happy and healthy cats.

The simple thing makes a difference, so you need to go slow and simple here. Start with the cats’ personal items.

You need to buy two sets of everything, food bowls, water bowls, and litter box so that cats don’t have to fight.

You also need to see how they react to each other. First, let them be familiar with the scent of each other, then only increase their visible proximity.

Play with both of them till they are exhausted. This excess energy they burn with you would have probably used against each other.

Now, coming to the treats and rewards, you cats love them, and giving them these when they behave friendly with each other will definitely do the trick.

Also, don’t force them to mingle and work things out as you do with your kids. Sorry to say but they are cats, not human beings. Treat them like one and let them be. They will mingle when they want to.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Russian Blues Be Left Alone?

Yes, these Russian blues do well independently for a long period but they will need you after certain hours.

Are Russian Blue Cats Aggressive?

No, they are not aggressive rather these cats are very friendly even with kids and other cats and dogs. These cats might be shy and distant but are very rarely aggressive.


In conclusion, you can’t get full closure on anything, can you? There is always be a maybe because biology is full of exceptions. Your Russian blue cats will get along with another cat you are planning to adopt. But if you mess up the introduction part and temperament familiarity, then there is nothing you can do. So, simple as that, don’t mess it up and you’ll be a happy parent of another cat along with the Russian blue.

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