Is Russian Blue an Indoor Cat or Outdoor Cat?

Is Russian Blue an Indoor Cat or Outdoor Cat

Have you wondered whether to get an indoor cat or an outdoor cat? Do you think it matters when you own a pet? Well, I would like to say it sure does if you are new to the field! Since you clicked on the article, I am sure you are interested in the Russian Blue cat. Is a Russian Blue cat an indoor or outdoor pet, then? Let us find out!

A Russian Blue cat is a gorgeous awestriking beauty who loves to be indoors! It is easy going, and the intelligent creature will surely amaze you as an owner every day. Either it is with the ever attractive green eyes and its slender body with a shiny coat giving it a look to pray for, or it is with its intelligent remarks!

A Russian Blue cat will not show you any kind of bad behavior if you want to take it outside often! However, there are certain things you will need to consider before you do so. I will be discussing it today in this article.

Is Russian Blue an Indoor Cat or Outdoor Cat?

It might not come to you as a shock that your Russian Blue cat is an indoor cat! You can see the cat wanting to go through the same household and taking a lazy afternoon nap.

Moreover, the feline creature is pretty territorial when it comes to things it likes. My Russian Blue does not even let my dog touch its toys! Just imagine how much it is attached to the house itself!

Although Russian Blue cats are indoor cats, they can also be taken out every now and then with proper supervision. The Russian Blue will not willingly go out alone, too, which is a good thing!

Why Is Russian Blue An Indoor Cat?

Breaking the news to you that a Russian Blue is rather an indoor cat is not fair. If you are curious like me, you might want to know the reasons why.

Mainly because the Russian Blues are such easy-going pets, they seem to like the outside environment when with you. It might confuse you as an owner! I can understand because, at first, I was too.

Here are some of the reasons that I have listed below for you to understand your Russian Blue cat better!

Russian Blue Cats Are Bred to Be Easy Going and Suited to Inside Life

The Russian Blue cats are easy-going pets, and they love humans. From my experience, my cat even gets along with other pets! The history of Russian Blue cats gives away most of their behaviors.

The furry animal was first brought to Europe in the 1800s for cat shows. You can imagine how easy going, intelligent and peaceful cats they are! The Russian Blues are rather natured to be loving creatures. Hence, the cat’s lack of determination of who is right for them makes it an indoor cat!

Russian Blue Cats Are Not Designed To Be Outside

The Russian Blue cats are peaceful animals and are easy going with any other breeds. The feline creatures are somewhat territorial when it comes to their favorite toys or the human, but they do not readily put up a fight!

Because of this behavior, the cats are not able to differentiate between cats who are aggressive in nature! If they end up in a squabble outside the house, the Russian Blue cat will probably be the one to be hurt even though they fight back.

Russian Blue Cats Do Not Hunt Or Jump

If you own a Russian Blue, you might be conflicting with this idea. I did at first, too. It is hard to believe that the Russian Blue cats are not hunters or jumpers by the way they attack a toy or a fishing net that we play with.

However, the concept here is that there is a huge difference between attacking something known and non-living and something that has a pure intention of hurting you. It is like us humans can put up a fight in gaming consoles but cannot punch a human!

So, the cats do not put up a great fight even though they can argue with your other pet here and there to claim its toys. It is not the same when it comes to fighting for life.

Russian Blue Cats Are Expensive

It is hard to argue with the fact that Russian Blue cats are expensive. They come at a price of a whopping $1800-$2500. Besides, this price is what you get from the breeders.

However, if you are lucky enough to get the cats from a shelter, you might get it a lot cheaper and with risks associated.

Whether you get it from a breeder or a shelter, it is not worth losing the cat for a poor decision of letting it outside once. Besides, the cats cannot defend themselves from any threats outside.

Theft Is A Real Threat To Your Russian Blue Cats

Since Russian blue cats are very attractive and easy-going, the major threat of letting them out becomes theft. You would not want your cat not to return home forever.

To protect yourself from the grief of losing your beloved cat, you have to keep it indoors. Also, because it is a pretty generous cat with a bounty on its head, you must keep it safe indoors.

Besides, you can definitely take it outside with you. It is just a matter of safety and precaution.

Do Russian Blue Cats Like To Go Outside Or Stay Indoors?

Russian blue cats do love to go outside. However, I have already discussed the possible threats of letting it outside alone. I would say that you can take your Russian blue Cat with you on a trip or simply outdoors on a walk.

For this, you can get a leash and also train your cat to walk on a leash. If you are up for a long tour, then you can even get some carriers. Let me tell you that nothing beats the happiness of being able to travel with your pet.

If you train your Russian blue cat to be familiar with your car, you guys can even go on a ride of your life. Besides, it will be easier to take it to the vet once your cat gets familiar with the car!

Russian Blue cats do not readily put up a fight when you try to take them outside. It is just a matter of time until the cats are comfortable in the car with adequate training.

In contrast, the feline creatures enjoy their alone time at home playing with the toys and taking a nice afternoon nap!

Can You Let Russian Blue Cats Go Outside?

I don’t think that letting a Russian blue cat out on their own is a good decision personally. Like I have explained above, the reasons why they are an indoor cat, there are a few risks attached to letting them out alone.

Can You Let Russian Blue Cats Go Outside Alone?

Although your Russian blue cat is unlikely to put up the fight for going out alone, you might find it wanting to be free sometimes. The case is most familiar when you teach your cat to do its business outside.

You might even be taking your cat out for a walk daily. And someday, it might just be a lazy day for you but an energetic one for your cat. What should you do in such situations, then?

Build or Buy A Catio

If you have had a pet before, you know how much importance a catio has. It comes in various sizes. The theme here is that your cat will have their free space around the house but outdoors. Hence, the cats can be set free as any normal cat would.

You do not have to worry about the cats anymore. They will just come back to your house or if not, you can follow the catio itself! Look how a simple device can save you from big troubles!

If you are interested, you can even do DIY projects for your beloved Russian Blue cat. Your cat will enjoy its freedom while you will not have to worry much. In contrast to this, I always worry whether I used the correct material to make the catio or not!

So, I prefer not to take the risk of making one. Though it may save me some bucks, it might cause me to lose a huge amount if I accidentally lose my cat. Not only will I lose bucks if it happens, but I will also lose a family member! Hence, I buy a catio that is ready-made and dependable!

Enclosing Your Garden Or Yard

If you have a yard in your house or a garden per se, you can enclose your garden. It ensures your cat to be free and still safe inside your house parameters.

Undoubtedly, you and your cat can both be happy!

Other Ways Of Letting Your Russian Blue Enjoy Outdoors Safely

The best way to keep your cat safe is by taking it with you. Your pet is the safest with its owner, a companion. So here are the ways both you and your Russian Blue can enjoy going out!

Taking Your Cat For A Walk

The next option is taking your cat for a walk. You can give your Russian blue training on walking on a leash. But first, you have to own one.

Taking your cat for a walk is a good decision for both you and your cat. You can get all the fresh air you wanted and clear off some heat of the day.

Besides, it is also a beautiful option to spend some quality time with your pet. Adding to this, you might even start being healthy because of the small walk to the park! I like to call it “The Happy Walk with Mocha.” It is kind of a thing in my house.

Whenever I become slightly irritated, my family members refer me to go get a happy walk.

I would suggest the following leash:

Traveling With Your Cat

You can also make plans to travel with your cat in your car! You might need to invest a little time to train it, though. I suggest you not take the cat internationally because there is a whole new level of legal issues.

However, a trip here and there is all fine! Your cat will also enjoy the break with you. The Russian Blue cats are intelligent and curious cats. So. it will be nice to travel with them to places. Moreover, the feline creatures get along with both people and pets, which would undeniably make the task easier for you!

Get some calming treats and a full proof carrier for a safe ride!

For calming treats, I find the two alternatives very appealing for my cat:

For carriers, the following work pretty well:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should You Get An Indoor Cat?

There are reasons why Russian Blue cats should be kept at home, but they also love their alone time. So, the feline creatures are indoor cats. Besides, it is good to have indoor cats. Here are the reasons why:

  • The cats have low chances of catching untreatable and fatal diseases from other pets. Some diseases might even be communicable to you!
  • Your cats will be safe from catching fleas or worms from vermin.
  • Your cat will be safe from car accidents.
  • There will be fewer chances of theft from others.
  • Any unplanned pregnancy will be altered.
  • Your cats will have less fear and anxiety due to confidence in the surroundings.
  • Preferably safe from attacks or kills from other animals.

Why Should You Not Get An Indoor Cat?

If you are looking for taking in a cat, then you need to know what you are signing up for. There are some reasons why you should not get an indoor cat. Here are some reasons why indoor cats might not be your choice of pets.

  • A cat who is grown up outdoors will be sad to leave its freedom.
  • The cat will be healthy weight wise as it will be exercising itself. An indoor cat will only be playing with toys.
  • Indoor cats require more toys and other objects to engage themselves. So, technically you will need more investments.
  • You do not have to spend on the litter box or care for the smell as your cat will do its business outside.

Last Words

Hence, my parting words would be that your Russian Blue is a versatile cat that can be taken outdoors with you. However, it is an indoor cat for the most part.

You can make plans with your Russian Blue to anywhere. To make the decisions easier, think of your Russian Blue cat as a toddler. The decisions you would pass on your toddler will surely work for the Russian Blue cat when it comes to deciding whether it is an indoor or an outdoor pet!

I hope you have grasped the essence of what to do and what decisions to make for your Russian Blues when it comes to their personality of being indoors or outdoors.

You can share your experiences in the comment section below! If you have any tips I have missed, I would be very glad to hear them out.

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