Do Russian Blue Cats Bite?

Do Russian Blue Cats Bite

Cats and bite, most of the time, go sidewise, raising the question of which breed imbibe this nature. Cat bites are dangerous and result in infection if not treated well. That’s why the most asked question when you think to get Russian Blue Cats is: Do they bite?

Russian blue cats are the best-behaved and playful breed of cats; however, they can be aggressive as well. These cats can behave rationally and bite you when they are hungry, playful, or irritated. But, most of the time, they are very calm and bite very less.

These WH questions, the what, why, how, when, make it confusing for you to pet Russian blue cats. These bites are less scary than the questions they raise.

If you have your head around these many questions, do these cats bite? Why do they bite? What makes them do it? How can you avoid it? Then you can find the answer down below. Let’s learn about the biting habit of Russian Blue cats and furthermore.

Do Russian Blue Cats Bite?

These cats are very playful and calm, although, the playfulness sometimes results in biting others. And they can be aggressive to a quite extent as well if anything irritates them.

So the question has an affirmative answer; yes, they do bite sometimes when they get irritated or affectionate.

These are intelligent and curious cats, which often do things just to know what will happen. Sometimes the same goes for the biting and reacting.

If you bring a new stranger to the house, then these cats will throw tantrums and act defensively; they bite as a cautious measure to avoid trouble.

Their shy and aggressive nature to the changes leads to injuries and wounds on their owner as well as on others.

Are Russian Blue Cats Aggressive In Nature?

If you are new to this breed, then they may act differently around you. But these cats are the most loving, loyal, and devoted cat breed.

Once you become friendly to them, familiarity leads to strong and close bonds between the cat and you.

They are very shy and aggressive towards strangers; these cats would rather hide in the corner than interact with new people and even claw them when came close. However, it is active, energetic, and playful around their human friends.

Why Do Russian Blue Cats Bite?

If you have a Russian blue cat or planning to get one, then you probably know their characteristics.

These cats are intelligent and very cautious; they have keen senses and quick-footed which makes them prone to any kind of activity.

Russian blue cats are easily scared and startled, which is the probable reason for them to bite. That’s their reflex action to the danger, which they think is present.

Loud noises and making them uncomfortable lead to the bite and other different defense measures.

You need to be extra careful when you carry them, make sure you don’t suffocate them or hold them tightly.

Along with all this, you need to remember their reserved nature as well. These cats only open up with their fellow humans and strangers scare them off.

It may, as a defense, bite those people or run away to hide in its safe space. Either one of the actions may happen, but running off is more likely to occur.

Sometimes they also bite you to get your attention or if they are hungry playful or affectionate.

Is Their Bite Dangerous?

Most of the cat bites are normal if they are your pet and well-nurtured cat. The vaccinated cat can bite you without leaving any problem whatsoever.

You will, although, be safe from bites, but washing the wound immediately and first-aid is a must. Make sure you clean the bitten area and no dirt or bacteria can infect that part, or else infection intervenes.

But if you get rashes, swell, fever, or irritation after their bite, then get immediate help from the medical personnel.

You, the owner, should always make sure whether your cat is vaccinated or not. And you must be the one to look out for infection that follows the bite.

Generally, small nipping and bites don’t affect the person they bit. But the danger occurs when people start showing symptoms after the bite.

Is Russian Blue A Safe Cat For Your Family?

As far as I can tell, they are one of the safest to pet, even in the house with toddlers.

They take time to get attached to family members but once get to know everyone, they adore their human family.

These cats bond particularly with one person though they care about others in the family as well. They only act defensive when any member of the family scares them or makes them nervous.

Most of the time, they stay calm and playful, which makes them safe for family, older or young.

What Factors Induce The Cat To Bite?

Several factors make a cat bite you. And here is the list of them:


Small kittens are more likely to bite you rather than the old ones. These small animals have many things to learn along with the age.

After a short while, these growing cats stop nipping and biting as they realize that can hurt others.

Owner’s Behavior

The term copy-cat is exactly the context here. If you’re friendly and extra affectionate to your cat, then they will mimic the same.

The same things happen with your yelling, irritation, and aggression; they mirror your behavior resulting in scratching and biting.


Russian Blue Cats are known for their disciplined nature; they get irritated when changes occur.

The slightest change in their environment and other routines make them irritated inducing aggressive behavior. They show their anger and irritation through bites and scratches.

Even the new company as another fur friend can overwhelm them; they start acting weird and try to fight with that friend.


When you or anyone else continuously bothers the cat, they feel threatened and scared. And they start biting and clawing as a defensive measure to let you know they are irritated.

Cats have a mentality of “we are our own boss”. They will only do things they want to do; if you force them to do things, they will react negatively, and as a result, you might get hurt.


Cats are territorial and very playful in nature. When they want to play or cuddle, they will force you into it.

If you lack giving asked attention, then the consequences aren’t something you like; they will meow, bite, and claw you time and again till they get your full attention.

Even delayed food, water, or any other basic needs is enough to make them irritated and attack the owner. The attacking is their way to let you know, you did something wrong.


The place they are born and grown makes a huge difference in their nature. A street born cat always look defensive and ready to bite, whereas well-petted cats are friendly and playful.

The kittens those are grown near their mother and siblings tend to pick good habit sooner than others.

How Can You Stop The Bite From Your Russian Blue Cats?

There are few measures; you can take to stop your cat from biting.

Safe Space

If you’re inviting friends around, then it is wise to shift your cat to a private room. These cats do well alone for some time and probably react aggressively among people gatherings.

It is beneficial for the cat and the owner to give the cat a safe space for hiding and playing.

Determine The Bite Cause

Sometimes your cat’s bite is a symbol for the issues your cat is having. You can check it closely to know what is acting as a stressor.

They are very territorial and can bite anyone who comes near their marked space. Change in habits or minimizing the stressors makes it easier for the cat to stop biting.

Behavioral Changes

You might not realize when you are triggering a defensive action in the cat.

Loud noises, your yelling, and unfriendly nature stress these cute cats. This makes your cat aggressive and it starts reciprocating your attitude leading to biting and fights.

Keeping a low voice, an affirmative attitude and affectionate care can probably remove all their defensive signs.


Russian Blue Cats are one of few cats that crave attention. They are happy when their human friends spend more time with them.

If you give them food at the proper time regularly, then they are easily disciplined and calm. They are very strict about time-table and get irritated when you aren’t punctual.

Few changes in your behavior and punctuality can make your Russian blues calm and happy or irritated. This can go either way and depends on your behavior towards your cat.


Having a partner is always good for any animal on this planet and cats are no different.

The simplest thing you can do to make your cat stop biting is getting it a new furry friend.

These furry friends will then fool around and avoid attacking strangers. They might bite each other off but can go along as well.

When these cats find the other one friendly, they play with them; however, they act negatively if they don’t like the other.

Can A Cat Bite Out Of Affection For The Owner?

Yes, indeed, most of the cat bites are out of tender love and affection towards their human friend.

They bite you when they’re either in a playful mood or hungry. These Russian blues are very loving and devoted to their owner and choose bite as a symbol of love.


In conclusion, Russian blue cats, being as humble as they can be, are playful, loving, and active pet-friend. They do bite when they are scared or attention-seeking but never do that intentionally to hurt you. These are the ideal cats for those who are allergic or have a busy daily life. Even the biting habit can be controlled, giving you the best friend you never knew you wanted.

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