Where Can I Buy Russian Blue Cat Online [Complete Guide]

Where Can I Buy Russian Blue Cat Online

You might be wondering about buying a Russian Blue cat or having a pet, but pandemic may have bound your feet. It is okay and quite understandable to wonder about online sites to find your new pet. So, where can you buy a Russian blue cat online?

Don’t. It is never a good idea to buy a pet online so don’t rather find a breeder or highly reviewed pet shop around you. And it is even better to adopt a Russian blue kitten rather than buy them (Buying sounds cruel too). Pet finder, adopt a pet, ASCPA, etc. are few sites reliable for adopting a Russian blue cat.

Let’s know more about them and things you might have to consider before you buy a Russian blue cat online.

Where Can I Buy Russian Blue Cat Online?

Few online sites will help you find a Russian blue cat. Some abandoned Russian blue who are desperate to find a new home is available on these sites.

However, don’t buy Russian blue online, adopt one from a reliable website, or buy them from the breeder around you.

Russian blue cats are one of the oldest and the purest breed of cats so it is always good to go in person to see the cat and pedigree papers for assurance.

Many dummy websites sell Russian blue lookalikes however some websites will help you find your desired pet too.

Pet finder, ASCPA, adopt a pet, best friends, The humane society, and pet smart charities are few sites where you can find, buy/adopt a Russian blue cat.

Top Sites To Find Russian Blue Cat

Here are the names of a few websites where you can get, buy, or adopt a Russian blue cat from.

Pet Finder

This might be the first website that pops up when you search for adopting a cat or buying a cat. Pet Finder is one of the oldest pet adoption websites with a huge fan following and popularity.

Here is how you can find a Russian blue cat from this website: First of all, go to the website petfinder.com and fill out your criteria about the pet you want. Fill out the Breed, Age, Sex, size of the pet you want as well as your location to find your perfect pet.

This website, like most pet adoption websites, will visit your home to see if the cat you adopt will be comfortable there or not.


The very first organization to be established to help animals, ASCPA or The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals helps you to find your perfect pet match after learning about what type of pet you want, what animal needs, and your Personality.

You have to go to the website, fill a Feline-quality assessment form and they will match with your adoptable animal. If you are not near the NYC adoption center, look for a local ASCPA center near you.


This is a huge non-profit website for pet adoption that covers the whole of North America. Adopt-a-pet.com helps to advertise millions of pets from the different animal rescue centers, humane societies, adoption agencies, etc. every month.

You can go to their website, enter your zip code, and select the Russian blue cat option. This website will show you photos of many Russian blues and you can click on the one you like to know more about them.

Click on the ‘Ask About Me’ to know about the address and information about the pet rescue or shelter where your cat is.

Best Friends

The Best Friends Animal Society is more than 30 years old with a strong mission to bring a time where there are no homeless pets.

Go through their websites, search for Russian blue cats that are located near you. And even when there are no sanctuaries near you, this website will deliver the cat to you as they deliver all over the U.S. and Canada.

The Humane Society

The oldest animal welfare society in the U.S., The humane society, rescues, feeds and finds permanent homes for abandoned or homeless animals.

Here you can find Russian blue that might be homeless and in need of a permanent home. You can find The Shelter Set Project on the humane society of The U.S. website.

Now you can choose the pet i.e., Russian blue cat you want to pet/adopt, and enter your zip code. Once you do that, this site will find a shelter or rescue group around your area. Click on the ‘learn more about me’ option to know the specific details about the shelter. Go to the location and get a Russian Blue cat as your pet along with all the other information like Vaccinations, health issues, age, pedigree, etc.

Pet Smart Charities

PetSmart is one of the biggest pet supply shop chains in the U.S but people barely know about its charity work. They help to find permanent homes for 8 million abandoned animals.

All you have to do is go to their website, select a pet type (for you that is the cat), enter your zip code, select the breed i.e., Russian blue cat, gender, and age.

PetSmart charities will then help you find Russian blue that is in the adoption homes near you. Simple and Subtle!!!

Is It Safe To Buy Russian Blue Cat Online?

No, it isn’t. That’s why No expert will ever suggest you buy your cat online without seeing it in person. Thousands of fraud websites are known to cheat people and steal their money.

The Internet can help you look for the best furry friend and even tell you how to care for them. But buying a Russian blue cat, a pure breed, online is a ridiculous idea.

Looking for Russian blue online is very different than the regular shopping you do for things online. There are many things you need to look for including vaccination to a family tree while buying or adopting a cat.

Poor practices, deception, and disappointment are some of the results when you decide to buy Russian blue online.

But if you think you can go through and avoid all the risk factors, go for it, buy Russian blue online. But it is not recommended and safe.

Things To Look Out For If You Are Planning To Buy Russian Blue Cat Online

Even after so many warnings and risks involved if you want to go through this, here are few tips to look out for.

Follow These Things To Avoid The Risk As Much As Possible.

Make Adoption Your First Option

It is always better to adopt a Russian blue rather than buying it online. Visit sites like adopt a pet so that you can get a cat who is longing for a home.

They are various sites that let you adopt Russian blue of various age, kitten, adults or old along with the gender option.

Buy/ Adopt Russian Blue Cat Only After You See Them Properly In Real

Do not believe sites that reject your offer to meet the cat first. You need to make sure you meet your Russian blue cat firsthand and check the pedigree carefully.

Even ask to meet the parents of your cat and see if both of them are Russian blue or not. Do not go for an online delivery service without meeting the Russian Blue.

Only Use Authenticated Websites

Look for the websites that follow RSPCA guidelines. Or else avoid and never look back at these sites to buy a Russian blue cat.

Gather All The Information Related To Russian Blue Cat

You need to know all about Russian blue cats and the health issues they might have in the future. If the breeder from the online sites dismisses your concerns about getting the test done, or even acknowledges it, close that tab and never open it again.

>> Learn More About: Russian Blue Cat Pros And Cons

Do Not Deposit Cat Until You Get Your Russian Blue Cat

Most of the time, people deposit their money beforehand to start the process of delivery. But always choose cash on delivery option.

Pay them only after you get your Russian blue home and check their pedigree, health status, and other information properly.

How Much Does A Russian Blue Cat Cost?

Russian blues are not a rare cat breeds but are one of the oldest and purest breeds. The average cost price for a Russian blue kitten if you buy from a reputable breeder is around $400 to $600.

This price may vary with age, health issues, care level, etc. accordingly. You can go for the free adoption option rather than buying these cats.

Adoption is beneficial for both parties; you’ll get a pet you prefer for free and homeless Russian blue will find a permanent home. WIN-WIN!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the few FAQs about Russian blue cats and buying options.

What Is The Lifespan Of A Russian Blue Cat?

Russian blue cat has the record of surviving for 25 years however the average of these cats is 15 years. The key to making your cat live long is proper care, attention, and love. Make sure you provide Russian blue all of these and you will have a healthy, happy cat living its life to the fullest.

What Is The Best Cat For First Time Owner?

There are few cats you can pet if you are a beginner that is low maintenance. Here is the list of cats you can bet when you are new to it:

  1. Persian Cat
  2. Russian Blue Cat
  3. Ragdoll
  4. Scottish Fold Cat
  5. Maine Coon Cat
  6. Siamese Cat
  7. Exotic Shorthair Cat
  8. Bengal Cat
  9. American Shorthair Cat
  10. Abyssinian Cat


Briefly, Russian blue is one of the purest breeds of cats so it is good to buy them from a trusted and well-reviewed breeder. Online frauds are at the peaks so it is never safe to get your pet from a place you know nothing about. There are so many dummy sites that copy the details of the cat from authenticated sites.

These fraud sites even look very professional as something you can trust your money. It can be really difficult to distinguish the sites. That’s why Go to the real breeders, see your Russian blue cat yourself, check the paper, learn about all the vaccinations, needs, and everything else you need to know about them, then only buy or adopt a Russian blue cat.

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